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23 Full-Back Tattoo Ideas: Pieces Of Art On Your Skin

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Getting a full-black tattoo is not for everyone and we totally get that. But if you’re looking for that “wow” factor and you love detailed designs, then this is the way to go.

Your back definitely offers a ton of space which is why it’s a great spot for complex designs. This area of your body will make all those intricate details stand out and tell a full story, without any interruptions.

Now, as you’re looking into full-back tattoos, trying to figure out the style and the design you would like to go with, you realize that it’s not that easy. Your thoughts are running wild and at this point, you have way too many options on your mind.

The most important thing is to figure out what’s your aesthetic and what tattoo style you usually like. This will make it easier to find that one ink that speaks to your heart.

In order to help you choose the perfect full-back tattoo, we’ve made a selection of different designs. That way, you’ll be able to rule out those you don’t like and focus on those that feel like a good fit for you.

1. Ornamental tattoo


An ornamental tattoo will fit perfectly onto your back. It’s symmetrical and detailed and those two things will stand out on this wide area of your body. So, what do you think? Does it seem like a good choice for you?

2. Flaming tiger

Credit: fox_mulder_tattoo

What about a flaming tiger? If you’re into bold and colorful tattoos, then this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, if you want to, you can add some additional details and that way cover your back completely.

3. Japanese style back piece

Credit: bennymactattoos

Japanese-style tattoos are highly detailed. So, getting one on your back will allow all those fine elements to stand out. If you’re feeling brave, you can let your new tattoo spread all over your arms as well. That way, you’ll get a cohesive design.

4. Album cover

Credit: littlemiketattoos

This design is a cover of the album Hypernova by The Browning. We’re not saying that you should get this exact tattoo, but if you’re obsessed with music and if you have a specific album that makes you happy every time you listen to it, you can always choose to get their cover tattooed all over your back.

5. Foo dog and snakes

Credit: terraoldskull

If you’re looking for a black and gray tattoo, you may like this one. Foo dog as a symbol of protection together with snakes and all the other details will give you a one-of-a-kind tattoo that everyone’s going to love.

6. Poisonous woman

Credit: carlosfarinha13

What about a realistic tattoo? This bold woman surrounded by snakes may not be for everyone. But if you’re feeling bold enough and if you can sit patiently while getting it done, then it’s definitely an option worth considering.

7. Japanese-themed tattoo

Credit: wayan_ink

Here we have another Japanese-style tattoo that uses red details as pops of color. It’s edgy and bold so if that sounds like you, then give it a go.

8. Gypsy queen

Credit: deyus_angelinkbali

Black ink, thicker lines, and a tiny bit of shading are elements that make this design stand out. Again, we’re talking big and bold!

9. Scattered flowers

Credit: annappley

Flowers are one of the most popular elements that people choose to get tattooed. Even though they’re considered to be feminine and delicate, this design proves that you can make them as daring as you want.

10. Patchwork-style back tattoo

Credit: grandavenuetattoo

What about getting a patchwork of tattoos that together function as one? This is also a great option. And the fact that we appreciate the most about this design is that everything is perfectly symmetrical. The perfectionists out there will understand the pleasure it brings.

11. Cherry blossom tree

Credit: tattoosbytiareililani

A woman shaped like a cherry blossom tree is a romantic and more delicate tattoo, even though it’s massive in size. If you want to, you can place it in the middle of your back so it spreads out nicely, reaching all the way to the shoulders.

12. Details, details, details

Credit: danieledelligatti

This design shows just how many details you can get with your back tattoo. It will take a couple of sessions to finish something like this but it’s all going to be worth it in the end.

13. Siren from Love, death & robots


Do you like mythical creatures? Are you obsessed with sirens? If that sounds like your cup of tea, then this is a tattoo for you. Of course, you can always pick out your favorite mythical being and let it rest on your back forever.

14. Full-back frame

Credit: cywtattoo

Again, we have a mythical-themed tattoo but this time, the whole design is done in a fine-line style. You can see how many possibilities you have when you choose to get a tattoo on your back.

15. Snake and flowers


What about a snake that spreads all over your back? As an additional touch, add some flowers and leaves and you’ll get a unique design.

16. Symmetrical back piece

Credit: luna_sea_tattoo

If you love the way shading brings life to the tattoos then you’re going to adore this one. It’s a combination of ornaments and flowers which together create a perfect symmetry all over your back.

17. Abstract back tattoo

Credit: tattulu

Do you love abstract-style tattoos? Even though this one isn’t crazy on the details and is a bit toned down than all the other options on the list, we still like how it looks on the back. How do you feel about it?

18. Intricate piece

Credit: laurensmithtattoos

By the mere look at it, you can tell that this tattoo is a work of art. You can only imagine how much patience and attention to detail it takes to get a piece like this. Honestly, we love everything about it!

19. Magical universe

Credit: summer_t_

Are you tired of black and gray tattoos? Are you looking for something colorful and magical? We’re sure this tattoo is everything but boring and it’s a perfect choice for all of you who are looking for something different.

20. All the dark elements

Credit: bradlee_brixx

Do you like dark and edgy tattoos? A skull, an enchanted castle, snakes, and all the other details on this tattoo definitely scream “edgy”. What do you think? Would you get something like this?

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21. Butterfly and flowers

Credit: kal.hashart

This tattoo looks romantic and fairy-like. There’s something about it that makes it feel so gentle, even though it’s a full-back piece. It’s definitely a great choice for all of you who are looking for a more feminine tattoo.

22. Animals all over your back

Credit: acmayc

Animals are another symbol that people often get tattooed. In this case, we have geese which are often seen as symbols of family so they’re a great choice when you’re looking for something that represents the importance of family in your life.

23. Fierce lion

Credit: boneandink

Lion, on the other hand, should be your animal of choice if you’re looking for something that will represent your strength and courage. Together with floral elements, this tattoo looks like it always belonged on your back.