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26 Butterfly Tattoo Designs To Inspire Your Rebirth

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A butterfly tattoo is gorgeous. It’s a popular image that so many people are looking to get tattooed on their skin forever, but it’s also hard to find a design that’s unique!

Because of the fact that there are so many butterfly tattoos out there, you’re confused about what you can do to make yours seem different and rare.

Either way, this image is more than worth it. It stands for the beauty of rebirth, freedom, and transformation. If you’ve just gone through a bad patch in your life, you’ve only grown into a better person. Now, you deserve to commemorate your growth with a gorgeous tattoo.

Black and red butterfly tattoo

Source: @tattooist_hoji

I believe that black and red make the best combination of colors. On a tattoo, these colors are perfectly saturated, and they look amazing on the skin. This butterfly tattoo for instance is a gorgeous combination of shadows and very saturated ink.

Source: @offtattooer

A fully red butterfly would also make a beautiful tattoo. In this tattoo, the red is used to create shadows, but still have fine lines that let everything look crisp and clear.


This butterfly looks like it’s actually on fire. The butterfly itself is done with black ink and well-filled with shadows. However, the surrounding flames are red. That’s what creates a gorgeous image that definitely tells the world that you’re ready for a transformation.

Source: @chacha.suzi

A black butterfly with red flowers is a gorgeous combination. There are no shadows in this tattoo, if we don’t count the flowers. The fine lines are so dainty and feminine that this design could become the best piece on your skin.

Source: @mio_ryung

This black and red butterfly tattoo looks like a Japanese charm. The saturation of the red ink is immaculate, it’s very potent so there’s no way to deny the artistry behind this tattoo.

Colorful butterfly tattoo

Source: @forest__tt

Another way to add a unique touch to your butterfly tattoo is to add more color and make it a representation of your personality. The wings of this butterfly are made out of images of waves and a water dragon. Can you see its head?

Source: @peria_tattoo

One of my personal favorites is when artists are able to make an image on someone’s skin look like actual jewelry. This design for instance shows a charm in the shape of a butterfly, the wings look like they’re made out of actual crystals.

Source: @studio_jaw

Another jewel for your skin. The shadows and the little specks of light really show the depth of the design. The colors make it look like a realistic piece of decor.

Source: @myszata_tattoo

This colorful tattoo is actually done in a very realistic way. Also, the placement is perfect, when the arm is being moved it looks like the butterfly is moving its wings.

Source: @forest__tt

Another black and gray tattoo with gorgeous flowers! The blue flowers show just how good the saturation of ink can actually become. Your birth flower should definitely be incorporated into your tattoo!

Tattoos with multiple butterflies

Source: @wittybutton_tattoo

Multiple butterflies in one tattoo are probably better than a single butterfly tattoo. These two are small, but they’re friends! Do you know how butterflies fly around one another in the fields? Well, they represent the rebirth of a new love story!

Source: @tattoo.haneul

Pink and purple butterflies, with black outlines, can become the new jewels on your body. This tattoo is really pretty and feminine, and you can turn even the lightest colors into a pretty image.

Source: @tattoo_chamsae

Or you can simply choose to do a black and gray tattoo, with a lot of shapes to make it look like a sketch. These two butterflies look like they were done in a sketchbook!

Source: @mancu.poke

A good rule of thumb would be to let your imagination run wild with your design. These tattoos look like the wings of the butterflies are fluttering.

Black and gray butterfly tattoo

Source: @blanco_tattoo_

Black and gray tattoos will forever be fan favorites. They’re simple, yet they’re strikingly beautiful. This back piece is done to run down the spine, and to look like the wings of the butterfly are actually the wings of the person wearing the tattoo.

Source: @yojogrim

The shadows that are done in this tattoo look like the wings are moving, and the butterfly was caught in motion. The fine lines really create a design that’s well outlined, yet it’s very whimsical.

Source: @tattooist_hoji

Adding the moon to your butterfly tattoo only adds more to the magic of the design. This butterfly was designed to look like it was created out of magical powers, and the way it flows down the arm is majestic.

Source: @olivia_tattooist

A black and gray butterfly tattoo can also be created with just a fine outline and small details around it. The dots and the geometric shapes really add a whimsical touch to the rest of the image.


And here we have another gorgeous tattoo design that’s made to look like the decor in your room just as much as it looks like jewelry on your skin. The shadows and the details are immaculate, and you should definitely consider getting something this gorgeous on your skin.

Floral butterfly tattoo

Source: @tattooist_hyuna

We already had a couple of tattoo designs that incorporated flowers into the image of a butterfly. However, I genuinely do believe that it’s important to create a special part to just talk about this.

When you create an entire wing of your butterfly tattoo out of roses and leaves, then it really makes a huge difference.

Source: @o.ri_tattoo

Pink is a gorgeous color that can be turned into a wonderful and realistic tattoo. Especially when your artist is able to create wonderful shadows. Here, there are no outlines on the roses which makes them look even more realistic.

Source: @forest__tt

You can incorporate so many different images into your tattoo! Just like you can see in the tattoo above, which incorporates flowers, leaves, a butterfly, as well as the gorgeous owl within the other wing.

Source: @honey.bea.tattoos

The most important thing for you to realize is that you don’t have to make it tiny or simple, you can turn it into something extravagant and colorful. Just like the thigh tattoo that you can see in the photo above. The colors are perfectly saturated even in such a huge space.

Source: @ninja.v.herr

This is a traditional tattoo style that showcases something as simple as a butterfly tattoo with a couple of flowers. Traditional tattoos are done with thick lines and vibrant colors, all of which can be seen in this example.

Source: @chacha.suzi

In this tattoo, we can see that the flowers aren’t outlined, but the butterfly has fine lines, and it’s the center of attention. The soft purple shades are elegant and dainty.

Source: @janapadar

A representation of your new beginning and your transformation could be in the form of cherry blossoms that are incorporated into your butterfly tattoo. Here, the shadows are minimal, but the tattoo still looks well-done!