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22 Butterfly Hand Tattoos That’ll Give You Endless “Ink-spo”

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Butterfly tattoos have become a firm fixture in the tattoo studio, with more and more women and men opting for sweet winged creatures and delicate designs – and there’s little wonder why. Before you go to the nearest tattoo artist, we suggest you consider getting a butterfly hand tattoo. Why?

Where do we even start? Butterfly tattoos are strong symbols of transformation, positive change, and freedom. Whether you’re going through a tough time, focusing on becoming the best version of yourself, or letting go of everything that’s weighing you down, you might want to get a butterfly tattoo.

A butterfly hand tattoo, on the other hand, might be the right placement for you, too. While the ever-so-popular back and shoulder tattoos offer you more real estate to work with, you’re going to adore the chic placement and the simplicity that comes with a hand tattoo – worry not, they’re equally captivating.

Considering that your hands are rarely covered (depending on the time of year and your profession), they’re always visible to you and the rest of the world. When you’re on the lookout for a simple or super detailed, bold and brightly colored, or delicate and monochromatic butterfly hand tattoo, check us out.

1. A big and bold butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @covenant.lisboa

Starting with one of the most magnificent butterfly hand tattoos we’ve ever seen, we’re more than happy to get a matching one. Whether you’re on the hunt for a statement tattoo or a butterfly tattoo that guarantees to attract attention and turn heads – look no further.

2. A delicate and dainty butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @pollytatttoo

On the off chance that statement tattoos don’t stand a chance, you might want to opt for a delicate and dainty butterfly hand tattoo. Simple and sweet, a small butterfly tattoo can only bring you a sense of peace and progress whenever you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror.

3. A fine-line butterfly hand tattoo


With a fine-line tattoo, you’re guaranteed to be on-trend. Whether you’re a first-timer searching for a tiny tattoo or a tattoo connoisseur who wants to experiment with different styles, a fine-line tattoo might be the one for you.

4. A matching butterfly tattoo on the thumb

Credit: @kasstattoo

Matching tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s not to say that they’re basic and boring. A matching tattoo might be your way of letting your BFF (or your partner) know that you’re obsessed with them – we’d be ecstatic to get the same set of butterflies on our thumbs, too.

5. A butterfly tattoo on the finger

Credit: @ellejaytattoo

A cute butterfly on the finger? Absolutely! Butterfly tattoos are great because they’re wearable and versatile, and you’re allowed to experiment with them in whichever way you like. We suggest opting for a baby butterfly tattoo on your finger as a permanent addition to your jewelry collection.

6. A whimsical butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @tattoosca

Who would’ve thought you could get a butterfly hand tattoo that’s far from basic and boring? We love the idea of combining the general outline of a butterfly with elements that mean something to you – little dots, waves, or eyes can completely change or amplify the meaning of your tattoo.

7. A butterfly tattoo with a little reminder to “be you”

Credit: @tattooboutiquelarissa

Whenever you’re on a hunt for a pick-me-up, go to the nearest tattoo artist and get a butterfly hand tattoo. We’re kidding, we’re kidding – but we’re not kidding about getting a tattoo that’s going to remind you of what you’re worth. With a butterfly and an empowering phrase, who could be sad?

8. A butterfly tattoo on the back of the hand

Credit: @woorin_tattoo

We’re rooting for realistic tattoos, too. While black-and-white tattoos are guaranteed to be elegant, effortless, and chic, we can say the same thing about realistic butterfly tattoos. Go for a butterfly on the smaller side of the spectrum and you’re safe.

9. A statement butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @ulaluart

Now, there’s something about big, beautiful butterfly tattoos that makes us want to get a tattoo ASAP. Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with a tattoo of a stunning winged creature that guarantees to make you the talk of the town.

10. A collection of butterflies, sparkles, and finger ornaments


When you’re planning on getting a butterfly hand tattoo, don’t shy away from adding a few of your favorite elements to spice things up. Butterflies are pretty freakin’ cure on their own, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get away with throwing a few sparkles and ornaments into the mix, too.

11. A watercolor butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @tattooist_dang

Watercolor tattoos are some of the most magnetic tattoos we’ve ever seen and they’re a great way for you to experiment with colored tattoos – rather than black-and-white ones. With a watercolor butterfly, you can play with the placement or choose the back of the hand for showing off.

12. A butterfly hand “norigae” tattoo

Credit: @tattooist_mate

“Norigae” happens to be a popular design for tattoos considering that the design can be quite feminine, whimsical, and elegant. It’s a traditional, knot-based jewelry accessory with tassels that can be incorporated into a butterfly hand tattoo.

13. A swarm of butterflies scattered across the hand

Credit: @daniel_pant

See, placing a few butterflies along the arm gives the impression that they’re flying upward and that’s exactly what’s making us think that this is the best placement for a butterfly tattoo of the sort. So, consider that next time you’re getting inked.

14. A beautiful butterfly design on the hand

Credit: @mkirkuptattoo

If you’re not a fan of butterflies flying away, you might be interested in getting a butterfly hand tattoo that consists of fewer butterflies – but more sparkles. It’s about time we started putting sparkles on all our tattoos, right?

15. A matching butterfly tattoo on the hand

Credit: @jooyoung_tt

Argh, matching tattoos have never been better, don’t you think? When you’re planning on getting a matching butterfly tattoo with your partner, your BFF, or even your sibling, you might want to click “save” for this tattoo, too.

16. A flowy and floral butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @jooyoung_tt

Butterflies and flowers are the perfect match, there’s no question about that. When you’re on the hunt for a hauntingly attractive and appealing tattoo, you might want to experiment with these two elements – a butterfly and a flower of your choice are guaranteed to make a statement.

17. A butterfly hand tattoo with an angel number


Angel number tattoos are all the rage these days, and there’s a way to make them even more meaningful. A butterfly tattoo typically represents transformation, positive change, and freedom, and that’s exactly what you need to think of when you’re planning on getting another tattoo.

18. A mandala butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @anais_chabane

A mandala butterfly hand tattoo might be the one for you. Whether you go for a small, simple butterfly on the back of the hand or a statement butterfly combined with all the elements that make you smile, we’re 100% sure that you’re going to appreciate the boost of confidence you get.

19. A tiny butterfly tattoo on the back of the hand

Credit: @tattooer_jina

A tiny tattoo might not be the biggest statement you’re ever going to make, but that might not be something you’re trying to achieve, anyway. With a tiny butterfly hand tattoo, you can get the design you want without the price tag, time spent at the tattoo parlor, or pain.

20. A butterfly hand tattoo (quite literally!)

Credit: @zalanaxink

We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to include an “actual” butterfly hand tattoo, too. With details like the barbed wire that represents strength and bravery and little dots that add to the overall design of the tattoo, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

21. A fluttery butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @tattoobymeg

If you want a more realistic tattoo, butterflies can be designed to look as though they’re about to fly off your skin. It might be a good idea to add the little details around the butterfly wings to make it seem like the butterfly is moving.

22. A dreamy butterfly hand tattoo

Credit: @lucygarland

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with a dreamy butterfly tattoo. Whether you’re a fan of fine-line tattoos, stars, or sparkles, you’re going to appreciate the beauty (and the simplicity) of a butterfly hand tattoo that doesn’t require too much time and energy.