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20 Chest Tattoo Ideas For Men That Will Turn Heads

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Whether you’re looking to get a tattoo that will cover half of your chest or you’re brave enough to go with a huge design, we know how hard it can be to find something that works for you. With all the chest tattoo ideas that keep popping up everywhere, men can have a hard time figuring out which one to go for.

Honestly, any tattoo could look great on this part of your body. It’s just a matter of preference and the style.

You have to realize what’s your aesthetic, how big and daring you want your new ink to be and what’s your color preference. Once you have that in mind, it will be easier to select the design that works for you.

In the meantime, we’re going to give you some of the coolest options we could find. Hopefully, they will make your quest for the perfect chest tattoo even more simple.

Get ready because, by the end of the article, you may have to call your favorite tattoo artist and schedule an appointment.

1. Mandala-style tattoo

Credit: tommbirchtattoo

Mandala-style tattoos are always a good choice when you’re looking for something with a wow factor. Designs such as this one stand out on your body with no effort. Just imagine yourself walking down the beach shirtless. We’re sure that people are going to stare.

2. Cross chest tattoo

Credit: javi.nomasters

Are you a religious person and do you want your tattoo to reflect that? This design is a great way to achieve that. Even though crosses are a common tattoo element, we love how unique and different this one is.

3. Fine-line leaves

Credit: whatreiley

Maybe you’re not a huge fan of big, in-your-face tattoos and would like to keep things simple. In that case, we love this fine-line tattoo because even though it’s not overly complicated, it still looks amazing on the chest.

4. Simple saying

Credit: r.simgeguleryuz

Would you be willing to get a saying tattooed on your chest? You can always opt for a statement that you try to live by. At the end of the day, you’re going to wear it on your skin forever so you’ll want something meaningful and inspiring.

5. Abstract chest tattoo

Credit: collapsion333

Abstract tattoos are perfect for those of you who are willing to play with unusual designs. This option is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but as long as you’re looking for something unique, it could be your tattoo of choice.

6. Skull tattoo

Credit: ari.inks

Maybe you want to get a tattoo that’s going to cover only a part of your chest. In that case, this is a cool and edgy option. It’s much smaller than some of the other options on the list but we love all the little details and the shading of it. It definitely looks amazing.

7. Sacred Heart and Grim Reaper

Credit: ___soyboy

The Sacred Heart is a symbol of God’s love and Christian faith while the Grim Reaper represents death. This tattoo may seem unusual at first but when you think about it, it actually has a deeper meaning that some of you may love.

8. Snake tattoo

Credit: laurafraoula_tattoo

This design speaks for itself. It’s bold and daring and we love how neat it looks. Even though it’s made only with black ink, it still appears incredibly detailed which is always a plus.

9. Detailed owl tattoo

Credit: lukecirca

The owl is considered to be a symbol of prosperity, wisdom, and good luck. So, it definitely has a great meaning. Now it’s only up to you if you love this daring design that will cover the majority of your chest.

10. Intricate animal tattoo

Credit: f.danisch_tattoo

There’s something about this tattoo that screams “Wow!” Even though it’s bigger in size, it still looks incredibly subtle and intricate. It’s probably due to all the soft lines that give it a delicate look.

11. Simple daggers

Credit: le_gamin_tattoo

A dagger is a symbol of protection and is a regular element on different tattoos. We love this idea because even though it appears simple at first, as you get closer, you’ll appreciate all the shading that’s achieved through the dot work.

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12. Patchwork-style tattoo

Credit: wolfirish_tattoo

When you’re looking for something completely different, you can choose to get a patchwork of tattoos on your chest. This is definitely a unique idea that looks amazing on everyone and it’s going to make people turn heads.

13. Microrealism-style tattoo

Credit: odb_blackwork

We love this combination of straight and curved lines with a realistic element in the middle. In the end, you get a tattoo that stands out on your chest even though it’s much smaller than what you usually envision for a chest tattoo.

14. Pegasus chest tattoo

Credit: megwahh

Pegasus is a majestic creature that represents the ability to rise above the physical world. It’s a great choice if you’re an artistic person and love the idea of letting your spirit roam into the unknown.

15. Abstract deer tattoo

Credit: dominic.costoiu

Here we have another abstract tattoo that plays beautifully with the effect of the brush strokes. It creates such an unusual design simply through the usage of thicker and thinner lines.

16. Butterfly tattoo

Credit: kieran_cant

A butterfly is one of those elements that’s a safe option for many people who are looking to get a new tattoo. And honestly, we can’t blame them. It’s a design that allows you to play with it however you want to which gives you an option to personalize your tattoo.

17. Peony chest tattoo

Credit: tattoosbyadamv

When it comes to men, they either love the idea of getting flowers tattooed on their bodies or they resent it completely. We adore this intricate peony design but the real question is how you feel about it.

18. Dotwork chest piece

Credit: tattooyourface

Dotwork is a tattoo style that requires a ton of patience and a steady hand but the end results are always impressive. If you love this method then you’re going to love this design as well since you’ll know how much effort it takes to achieve something like this.

19. Phoenix tattoo

Credit: dynozartattack

Phoenix is a bird that symbolizes renewal and a new beginning. It has a beautiful meaning that many of you will be able to relate to. When it comes to this design in particular, we love the trash polka style that combines black and red ink which makes the tattoo stand out.

20. Neotraditional tattoo


In the end, we have something with a bit more color. This neotraditional tattoo is a great option for all of you who want to make an impression but don’t want to achieve that through the size of a tattoo. This design will make your dream come true.