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22 Patchwork Tattoos That Take Body Art To The Next Level

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When you’re on the hunt for a wearable and versatile tattoo that offers you the freedom to try out multiple designs (without looking like a fool!), you might want to check out patchwork tattoos. What are patchwork tattoos, you wonder?

Patchwork tattoos, for lack of a better term, are a current and creative style of body art that combines a myriad of elements, designs, and motifs to create a cohesive and visually stunning composition. With artistry taken from patchwork quilts, patchwork tattoos are made to create something striking.

Whether you opt for patchwork sleeve tattoos, finger tattoos, or minimalist tattoos scattered across the entire body, you’re guaranteed to attract attention – but you’re going to appear elegant and effortless although you’re sporting tens of different tattoo styles, themes, and symbols.

Patchwork tattoos don’t need to be acquired all at once, and there’s no need for you to freak out because you’re not able to get a million little tattoos on your body right away. Without further ado, we’re bringing you a few of our favorite patchwork tattoos to get you started on your collection.

1. Patchwork tattoos on the inner side of the arm

Credit: @softboyink

Patchwork tattoos exude confidence and experience. Whether you get a bunch of patchwork tattoos all at once or collect them over a couple of months (or years!), you’re going to end up with a work of art that attests to your greatness. A butterfly, a sun, or a cloud – you choose.

2. Patchwork tattoos on the leg

Credit: @softboyink

We can’t get enough of patchwork tattoos that scatter across the entire leg because they’re big, bold, and beautiful. With flowers, mushrooms, snakes, and a tattoo of a sun and moon embracing each other, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads.

3. A patchwork tattoo on the back


When you’re planning on collecting a couple of patchwork tattoos, you might want to start getting them tattooed on your back. Back tattoos are wearable and versatile, and they’re one of the best ways to ensure you have plenty of space to experiment with different styles and symbols.

4. A patchwork tattoo on the hands

Credit: @serahsubmarine

Whether you’re a first-timer or a tattoo connoisseur, you might want to stay on top of trends by getting a few of your favorite patchwork tattoos on the hands and fingers. A statue, a Roman column, and an olive branch make for a perfect tattoo for an art enthusiast, don’t you think?

5. A statement patchwork tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @serahsubmarine

Patchwork tattoos are universally adored because they’re one of the best ways to experiment with whatever tattoo styles speak to you the most. You might opt for simple, sleek tattoos that don’t take up too much space or statement tattoos that exude confidence. You can start with something like this, right?

6. A simple patchwork tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @yagotats

We mentioned beforehand that simple, sleek tattoos might be your thing, and that’s why we suggest opting for smaller patchwork tattoos on your thighs or arms that aren’t going to overwhelm you and make you question your decisions. We want to match with you already!

7. Patchwork tattoos on the upper arm

Credit: @yagotats

What’s different about patchwork tattoos when you compare them to regular sleeve tattoos happens to be the fact that you don’t need to get a bunch of elements to fill up the space – you can go as classic and chic as you want. With a cat, a butterfly, and a couple of sparkles, what could go wrong?

8. A patchwork tattoo sleeve

Credit: @inkster

You can opt for a patchwork tattoo sleeve, too! Patchwork sleeves are perfect for people who don’t have the time to sit through hours and hours of work. You can collect little tattoos over a longer period to end up with a striking work of art. You might want to add a strawberry, a leaf, or a word – who knows?

9. Minimalistic patchwork tattoos on the back


Minimalistic tattoos are all the rage these days, but you might think that patchwork tattoos aren’t meant to be minimalistic. Worry not, you can opt for the tiniest tattoos you’ve ever seen and go from there – the more tattoos you get, the closer you are to being happy with the way your patchwork tattoos look.

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10. A patchwork tattoo sleeve on both arms

Credit: @chloejanetattoos

Whether you’re obsessed with tattoos or you simply want to wear your heart on your (tattoo) sleeve, we suggest opting for a patchwork tattoo sleeve on both arms. Once you start adding the flowers, birds, snakes, butterflies, numbers, and words – there’s no going back.

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11. A fine-line patchwork tattoo sleeve

Credit: @chloejanetattoos

We can’t get enough of fine-line tattoos and we couldn’t be happier to suggest getting a fine-line patchwork tattoo sleeve. When you’re working on your sleeve, you’re allowed to get whichever style of tattoo you want – but you might want to keep things cohesive by opting for fine-line tattoos.

12. Another patchwork tattoo on the back

Credit: @spacetats

We’ve got another patchwork back collection for you! With a “la dolce vita” mantra, a tall glass of champagne, and a single-line fish, you can see that your patchwork tattoos don’t need to be connected or tell a story – they simply need to work with whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

13. A crowded patchwork tattoo sleeve

Credit: @merakitattooco

Patchwork tattoo sleeves might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re a great way to check whether you’re more of an “elegant and effortless” tattoo getter or an “overcrowded” one. Whichever way you decide to go, don’t shy away from collecting tattoos that mean something to you.

Go big or go home!

14. Ocean-themed patchwork tattoos

Credit: @merakitattooco

What about ocean-themed patchwork tattoos? Because patchwork tattoos are meant to be whimsical and nonsensical, you might think that you’re not allowed to pick a theme. But that’s not the case – you can get an entire sleeve of tattoos that go together because they’re on theme.

With a mermaid, a bikini on a string, and a hibiscus flower, we’re getting the sense that we need to go on a vacation.

15. Cottage-core patchwork tattoos

Credit: @merakitattooco

Who wouldn’t want a cottage-core patchwork tattoo sleeve? While you’re free to interpret the theme whichever way you like, we suggest getting a tattoo of a little jar of strawberry jam, a carton of cherry juice, and a bunny. What screams cottage-core more than that?

16. Pretty patchwork tattoos on the hand

Credit: @chloejanetattoos

When you’re unsure of whether you’re ready for a patchwork tattoo sleeve, you might want to opt for patchwork tattoos on your hands and fingers. They’re smaller. They’re going to require a lot less effort and energy. They’re going to get you the same results. What are you waiting for?

17. A nature-themed patchwork tattoo sleeve

Credit: @ulaluart

We’re going back to themed patchwork tattoos! A nature-themed tattoo sleeve might be the coolest design we’ve heard of, and that’s why we’re rooting for patchwork tattoos of butterflies, bees, and a bunch of crawling creatures we don’t know the names of.

18. Patchwork tattoos on both hands

Credit: @gabrielepalma_

When you start your patchwork tattoo collection, you’re going to continue adding onto existing tattoos for months (and even years) to come. While you might think that your back or your chest offers you more real estate, your hands are a pretty great placement to start with, too.

19. A botanical patchwork tattoo sleeve

Credit: @trudy_lines_tattoo

A nature-themed or a botanical patchwork sleeve? Whether you’re an animal lover or a plant enthusiast, you might want to get a patchwork sleeve that reflects your love of all things natural. With a few plants, flowers, and leaves scattered across your arm, you’re going to be the coolest nerd ever.

20. Dreamy patchwork tattoos

Credit: @merakitattooco

When we’re talking about patchwork tattoos, we’re typically talking about a million different tattoo sleeves. Arm tattoos seem to be the favorite starting point among tattoo lovers, and we’re here for that. Get a few patchwork tattoos of things that bring you peace, and go from there.

21. A trendy patchwork tattoo sleeve

Credit: @annadwilliams

What better way to stay on top of trends than to play with patchwork tattoos? We’re aware that a tattoo sleeve might take you years and years to complete, but getting a few patchwork tattoos here and there might be worth your while.

22. Whimsical tattoo sleeve

Credit: @chloejanetattoos

We’re ending the article with the cutest patchwork tattoos we’ve ever seen. Minimalistic, fine-line flowers, snakes, and tigers scream “I know what I’m doing with my body!” and we’re here for that. What do you think?