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24 Magical Ideas For Your Next Witch Hands Tattoo

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One of the most magical tattoos that you can do is a witch hands tattoo. It’s one of those things that have a wonderful story that you can get to combine your true power into a gorgeous tattoo.

People will always ask you why you got this specific tattoo, so you’ll have a reason to tell them about yourself. That’s why the hands of a witch are just as interesting as they’re mysterious and enchanting.

Usually, the tattoo of a witch would represent spirituality, a connection to deities, as well as enlightenment. The same meaning can be transferred to the hands of a witch, especially considering that the hands are a witch’s most powerful tool!

We have more than 20 different ideas for your witch hands tattoo, to inspire you and make something that’s unique and represents the Enchantress that you’re holding within yourself.

Spooky witch hands tattoo

Source: @saturnesept

This is a big tattoo, but the design is unique and truly represents the hands of a witch. The long nails have always been something that was put into the stories. The huge rings have pretty crystals on them, but the black fingers give it the spooky vibe that you’re looking for!

Source: @veronikarupf

Witches are known for having familiars. They have a connection to the earth that’s beyond anyone’s understanding. That’s why incorporating a snake into your tattoo would be amazing! In this example, the two witch hands are reaching to the moon and to the sun, to represent the duality of everything in nature.

Source: @xandthedeath

Another spooky witch hands tattoo is this one with the black fingers and the flame coming from it. It’s magical, and not just because of the perfect shadows that are done with small dotts.

Source: @addeworthless

This witchy hand is perfectly done with the outlines, but the shadows look like there’s magic coming from it to cast a spell.

Source: @hvytattoo

Another combination of two witch hands that point in two different directions. The black nails and the shadows on the fingers genuinely give it a creepy vibe that can spark some amazing stories.

Source: @abradark

If you’re the type of person who likes witches and wizards because of Harry Potter, then you may want to consider getting something like this. The photo of Hogwarts would make a great addition to the simple hand design.


This witch hands tattoo has the same elements, but they’re spreading a thread that’s supposed to be cut with these rusty-looking scissors. The body fingers are really creepy, but the thread can represent whatever you’d like. My first thought was to show the inevitable connection between life and death, and how it can be cut at any moment.

Source: @wilkey4

You know that witches have always used crystal balls to see into the future. Even these witch hands have tattoos on them, representing the elements, the sun, and the moon, and the magic that’s spilling from the fingers is an amazing design choice.

Source: @leabrdstattooer

What’s spookier than the outline of the devil? People have always said that witches are working with evil forces, even though it’s mostly not true. If you’re someone who wants to keep this correlation alive, then you should consider this design.

Source: @hungryxhound

The only spooky things about this tattoo are the nails and the tips of the fingers. However, the little details only make it more witchy. For example, the crystals, the plants, and the moon in the middle are all gorgeous additions to your tattoo.

Simple witch hands tattoo

Source: @justintattoosnc

You don’t have to do a huge and extremely detailed, if anything, you can make it as simple as you’d like. The simplicity of this tattoo is seen in the simple linework, and there’s not too much imagery, but the meaning is there.


Another witch hands tattoo with a snake, however, this time there’s not a lot to take away your attention from the main design. The snake is the main focus, but the witch’s hand is the one who’s holding all the power.

Source: @ananatattoos

This is probably the most simple witch hands tattoo that you can choose for yourself. You don’t have to complicate anything, you can just choose the long black nails, and everyone will know what they’re supposed to represent.

Source: @spookynk

A simple tattoo design can also show simple lines and the most simple shadows. The pentagram and the web show the world the message you’re trying to convey.

Celestial witch hands tattoo

Source: @rachelannatattoo

Witches have always had a connection with the universe. That’s why there are so many Celestial witches among us! These two witch hands tattoo designs hold the moon and the sun, and the sparkling stars around them make the best combination.

Source: @justthetiptattoo

This tattoo is just done with outlines. There are no shadows, which makes it look like the artist put it straight from the sketchbook onto your skin. So, as a Celestial witch, you may appreciate the simplicity of it.

Source: @sara_ccroche

Is there a more simple design than some hands and a black moon? The outlines are crisp, and the message is clear.

Source: @alexandrafische

You can also do a much more detailed design for your celestial tattoo. A witch hands tattoo can have everything in one place, from the crystals, the phases of the moon, and the stars, to some amazing shadows. It looks like artwork that you could put on your wall!

Source: @rachelannatattoo

This celestial tattoo has a cartoonish vibe to it! If you’re someone who likes these thick lines without putting too many shadows into them, then you’ve found the perfect design for yourself. Even the details, like the moon, the stars, the web, the magical lines, everything came together to make this unique tattoo.

Source: @lixi_sickandnormal

The pathway to another galaxy can be right on your back, between some witchy hands. The celestial parts of it make it look like an astrologist’s dream, but it’s the hands of a witch that are opening these portals.

Source: @sara_ccroche

Here we have an example of another simple celestial tattoo. These hands hold the moon and the sun between them, and the magic is absolutely undeniable.

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Colorful witch hands tattoo

Source: @chasing.rabbits

There’s also a way to incorporate different colors into your witch hands tattoo. Here you can see a moon that almost looks golden. This is an illusion, as this color is achieved with dots of white, and different shades of yellow.

Source: @lollipoptattoos

You can also do your entire tattoo of witch hands with different colors. Even the outline of the hands is purple. The small trinkets that are falling from the hands show all the things that you can bring into existence with your magic.

Source: @klaudia.tatuaz

A combination of colors and black and gray ink can look absolutely astonishing. The hands are dark, but the things that they bring to life are colorful. The flowers are done to look like they were drawn on with watercolors, which takes some skill. Nonetheless, the design itself is beautiful.