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26 One-Word Tattoos That Attest To The Power Of Simplicity

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When you’re considering getting a word tattoo, you might be stuck on whether to opt for one word that represents something to you or a whole matra everyone can understand. We’ve got your back, boo. One-word tattoos are all the rage these days and we’re more than happy to rave about them.

What are one-word tattoos? Now, they’re exactly what you think they are – they’re tattoos of a single element of speech or writing that might or might not mean something to you. One-word tattoos seem pretty straightforward, but you do need to decide on a couple of things before you get one.

What style are you going to go for? Will you be happy with a traditional-style script or opt for a fine-line design? What about the placement of the tattoo? Will a simple, sleek shoulder tattoo be enough or will you prefer a statement tattoo across the entire back?

All tattoos are beautiful, whether they’re minimalist or maximalist. One-word tattoos typically lean toward the minimalist side of the spectrum, but that’s what makes them stand out even more. We’re bringing you a few of our favorite one-word tattoos for daily reminders of sentiment, inspiration, and strength.

1. A “grounded” tattoo on the foot

Credit: @inkster

What better placement of a “grounded” tattoo than the foot? Whenever you need a reminder to keep doing what you’re doing, take a look at your foot and you’ll know what to do.

2. A one-word tattoo of a number that means something to you

Credit: @stefano__mazza

You could get a number tattoo, but there’s something much more appealing about a one-word tattoo that features a number that means something to you. Whether you opt for your lucky number, the number of children you have, or your age when you did something special – go for it.

3. A one-word tattoo of your Zodiac sign

Credit: @tattoosbyric

We can’t get enough of Zodiac tattoos, but we’re especially obsessed with Zodiac tattoos that feature a simple, sleek word. Whether you’re Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces, we’re pretty sure you’re going to appreciate the way your Zodiac sign makes you feel when you’re down.

4. A “serendipity” tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @ofmudd

Getting the word “serendipity” tatted somewhere on your body might not be your cup of tea, but we’re here to argue that the word stopped being basic a long time ago. What’s so wrong about wanting to be reminded that everything happens by chance?

5. A “simplify” tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @loko_lines

Simplify your life. Simplify your wardrobe. Simplify your mind. Whatever you decide to do, know that a tattoo of the word “simplify” might be the one thing keeping you away from your dream lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

6. A “patience” tattoo on the hand

Credit: @tattooedbyq

Whatever you’re doing with your life right now, you know that you need to be patient. Whether you’re waiting for a promotion or for the love of your life to call you back, you need to calm down, focus on yourself, and be patient. Get that tattooed on your hand, why don’t you?

7. An “angel” tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @inkster

Whether you’re naughty or nice, sometimes you need the rest of the world to be on the same page with you. Getting a tattoo of the word “angel” might be your way of letting the world know that you’re focusing on being the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

8. A “blessed” tattoo on the arm


When you’re having the time of your life and everything’s working out for you, you might be on the hunt for a tattoo that represents how happy and appreciative you are. Getting a tattoo of the word “blessed” might be the one thing you need to show how grateful you are for everything in your life.

9. A “golden” tattoo on the neck

Credit: @little.tattoos

“You’re so golden…”

Whether you’re a Harry Styles enthusiast, a Golden Gate Bridge devotee, or someone who simply wants to celebrate the beauty of the golden hour, you might be on the market for a one-word tattoo. “Golden” can carry a million meanings, after all.

10. A “lover” tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @little.tattoos

Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, why wouldn’t you want to get a tattoo of a word that represents who you are? Whenever you’re beaten down and sad, you can take a look at your tattoo and remember your strengths and weaknesses. What’s wrong with that?

11. A two-for-one tattoo on the arms

Credit: @hula.tatts

When you can’t decide between two one-word tattoos, you might want to get both – you’re clearly enamored enough to question whether you should get one or the other. A world without “justice” and “inspiration” wouldn’t be a world worth living in, right?

12. A “fools” tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @katepokes

“Wise men say,
only fools rush in,
but I can’t help falling in love with you…”

When you’re searching for the perfect one-word tattoo, you can always turn to your favorite artists and see what they’ve got to say. “Fools” can represent different songs, stories, or even events from your life – it’s up to you to decide which meaning you like the most.

13. A one-word tattoo of “amor” on the hand

Credit: @hula.tatts

We all need a little “amor,” don’t we? Whether you’re a Spanish speaker or admire the art behind the word “amor,” you might be the right candidate to get a tattoo of the same word on your hand.

14. A tattoo of “always” on the upper arm

Credit: @hula.tatts

Maybe you want to dedicate an ode to your significant other on your wedding day. Maybe you want to get a permanent reminder that you’re always going to stay true to yourself. Whatever the reason might be, getting a tattoo of the word “always” might be your way of honoring someone or something.

15. A tattoo of “love” on the ribcage

Credit: @hula.tatts

We can’t live without love. Getting a tattoo of the word “love” might be a little basic or boring, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get away with putting the same word on your body. Opt for a ribcage tattoo and elevate the meaning (and the design!) of the “love” tattoo.

16. A “loyalty” tattoo on the back of the elbow

Credit: @hula.tatts

We’re over the moon to suggest getting a tattoo on the back of the elbow. Whether you go for the word “loyalty” or a different word that means something to you, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and raise a question or two.

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17. A “chaos” tattoo on the chest

Credit: @emilie_ricada

A tattoo of the word “chaos” might be the cutest (and coolest!) tattoo we’ve ever seen, especially when we focus on the fact that all the letters are mirrored. When you’re going for a small, simple tattoo, you might as well go all out and opt for mirrored letters.

18. A “now” tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @daniellebattistelli

“If not now, when?” We’re hitting you with a myriad of quotes, phrases, and words to choose from because we’re aware of how hard picking the perfect tattoo can be. With the word “now,” you can bank on the fact that you can get the tattoo while you’re still on your lunch break.

19. A “lady” tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @illisit

You’re a lady and you want everyone to know that? You might as well get a tattoo of the word “lady” to ensure you’re getting your point across.

20. A “muse” tattoo on the chest

Credit: @hula.tatts

We can’t decide what we adore more – the word “muse” which represents a source of inspiration or the placement which leaves little to the imagination. When you’re on the hunt for a sensual, seductive tattoo, opt for a one-word tattoo of the word “muse.”

21. Matching one-word tattoos

Credit: @richi.tats

Getting matching tattoos might not be everyone’s way of bonding, but we suggest biting the bullet and getting tattooed with your BFFs. You can opt for a word that represents your friendship or a word that reminds you of something funny you did together. You do you, boo.

22. A “divine” tattoo on the ribcage

Credit: @richi.tats

You’re one in a million. You’re a catch. You’re divine. When you’re going through a tough time, you might want to refresh your memory and remember who you are and what you’re capable of.

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23. A “gratitude” tattoo on the ankle

Credit: @mayoanj

What are you grateful for today? Whether you’re grateful for your career, your love life, or your cute, cuddly pet, you can get a tattoo of the word “gratitude” to represent your affection and appreciation.

24. A “love” tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @nk.tattooing

We already raved about getting a tattoo of the word “love,” but the placement of the tattoo makes the world of difference. Ribcage tattoos are all the rage these days, but we can’t forget about shoulder tattoos. With a shoulder tattoo, you get to show off your ink right away.

25. A “never” tattoo on the finger

Credit: @inkster

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, you might have a soft spot for finger tattoos. Finger tattoos are perfect for first-timers who want to experiment with a tiny tattoo or seasoned tattoo “getters” who want to squeeze a tattoo appointment between two meetings.

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26. A tattoo of “enjoy” on the hip

Credit: @hula.tatts

We’re ending the article with a one-word tattoo that doesn’t need an explanation. Whether you want to spice things up a bit or get a suggestive tattoo because you’re bored – we’ve got your back. A tattoo of the word “enjoy” with the right placement might be the right thing for you.