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25 Hearty Handwriting Tattoos That Will Last You A Lifetime

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With the popularity of word and phrase tattoos gaining traction, we can’t help but daydream of beautifully designed, simple, and sleek handwriting tattoos. Small-scale, fine-line tattoos are an accessory the same way a Dior handbag, a Chanel dress, or a pair of Gucci socks are, oddly enough.

Whether you opt for an empowering phrase like “believe in yourself” and “follow your dream” or a favorite song lyric that reminds you of something you went through, you’re guaranteed to walk out of the tattoo parlor with an accessory that will last you a lifetime.

What’s great about hearty handwriting tattoos happens to be the fact that they’re wearable, versatile, and custom-built. Unlike enormous portraits or boring, basic designs, handwriting word and phrase tattoos can be placed someplace visible to be daily reminders of sentiment, inspiration, and strength.

On the chance that you’re captivated by scripophily and are a tattoo enthusiast, these unique handwriting tattoos might tickle your fancy and inspire your next ink.

1. A collarbone handwriting tattoo

Credit: @ee_ink

Starting with the most popular handwriting tattoo, a little note that reads “I love you” can make a world of difference to how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. Whether you opt for a handwritten note from your partner, a parent, or even a child, you’re going to adore these tattoos.

2. A “love yourself” tattoo in your parents’ writing

Credit: @wildeblumetattoo

Sometimes you need a reminder to be gentle to the one person who means the most to you – yourself. Get a tattoo of a handwritten note by your parents that reads “love yourself” to remind yourself what (and who) matters the most to you.

3. A “be happy” handwriting tattoo

Credit: @elle.tats

Similarly, you might need a little nudge in the right direction when you’re having a hard time at work or when you’re struggling with keeping your head up. Get a tattoo of a handwritten note that reads “be happy” to act as a guide of what you want your day to look like.

4. A (mis)matching tattoo with your sibling

Credit: @crownandcrowtattoo

A matching tattoo with a sibling, a partner, or a BFF might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s why we’re huge advocates for (mis)matching tattoos. The sentiment is the same, but each of the tattoos is done differently to accentuate the meaning and the message. That’s what we’re talking about!

5. A ribcage handwriting tattoo

Credit: @groovyyouink

A ribcage tattoo might be the right way to go when you’re on the hunt for something only you (or someone close to you) can see on a day-to-day basis. A reminder that you are loved might be the one thing you need to see in the morning to have a great day ahead of you.

6. An embellished “you are my sunshine” tattoo

Credit: @rebelandrosetattoo

Incorporating a little drawing into a handwriting tattoo can totally change or amplify the meaning you’re going for. It’s a great way to add more interest to the tattoo and wow everyone who dares wonder “What does it mean?”

7. A tattoo of a handwritten note by your mom

Credit: @cekatattoo

Small, simple handwriting tattoos are all the rage these days, but that doesn’t mean that you need to conform to what’s trending. Opt for a tattoo of a handwritten message by someone who matters to you and you’ll know that you’re doing the right thing – for yourself.

8. A tattoo of a handwritten note by your mom and dad

Credit: @bittenink

Get your mom and dad to write a little note for you on a piece of paper and run to the nearest tattoo parlor. We can’t think of a better way to honor the relationship you have with the two of them and to have something to remind you of them when they’re gone.

9. A “you can do it” tattoo

Credit: @mollypaigetattoos

“You can do it. I believe in you.” Argh, how can you not do whatever you’re supposed to do when you see these words written on your body? At the end of the day, handwriting tattoos are meant to move you, inspire you, and push you in the right direction.

10. A handwritten tattoo from yourself to yourself

Credit: @bertanonal

When we’re talking about handwriting tattoos, we’re typically referring to notes written for you by someone you’re close to. Why, however, wouldn’t you want a tattoo of a note written by yourself for yourself? You need a reminder that you’re loved by the one person that matters the most – you.

11. A matching tattoo with your sibling

Credit: @ee_ink

We’ve mentioned beforehand that you might not be a fact of matching tattoos, but what if you are? If you and your sibling are on the same page about liking the idea of getting a matching tattoo, throw a glance at the one we included above – it’s a great testimony of your love for your family.

12. A tattoo of the word “always” in your mom’s handwriting

Credit: @francielitattooart

Whether you want to honor the memory of your mom or you want to surprise her for her birthday, you might want to get a tattoo of a word or a phrase written by her. Handwritten tattoos are a perfect way to bond with your family without going above and beyond – it’s the thought that counts.

13. A handwriting tattoo of “I am our memories”


When we stumbled upon this particular tattoo on Instagram, we were taken aback by how powerful it is. Whether you’re devoting an ode to a loved one, reminding yourself of the power that you hold within yourself, or getting someone else’s words tattooed on your body, we support you.

14. A tattoo of a handwritten note from all four of your grandparents


Grandparents deserve all the love in the world, there’s no question about that. When you’re looking for ways in which you can show your grandparents how much you love and admire them, you might want to get a tattoo of a handwritten note by all four of your grandparents. Go!

15. A “I love you to the moon and beyond” tattoo in your mom’s handwriting

Credit: @andyoutattoo

“I love you to the moon and beyond!” says everything you need to know when you’re down in the dumps. Whether it’s a note from your mom, dad, sibling, or even a BFF, hearing (or reading!) those words can only ever have a positive impact on you.

16. A tattoo of your grandma’s handwriting


Grandmas hold a special place in our hearts for a reason, and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor your grandma than to get a tattoo devoted to your guys’ relationship. Get your grandma’s handwriting on paper and you’re good to go.

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17. A tattoo of “I am so proud of you” in your mom’s handwriting

Credit: @cactusmomtattoos

When you have a letter or a note written by your parents, you can always get a tattoo of something that moved you when you were reading that letter. “I am so proud of you” can be the most powerful reminder of what you’re capable of doing when you’re set on your goals.

18. A “my sunshine” tattoo

Credit: @chloetattoo

You are someone’s sunshine, aren’t you? You can never go wrong with a handwriting tattoo of something your partner, your parents, or your BFF says to you every day. “You are my sunshine,” “You make my day better,” or “You’re everything to me” might be the one thing you need to read to get through the day.

19. A handwriting tattoo of “It’s amazing what you can remember”

Credit: @carlyjademason

When you decide to get a handwriting tattoo, you can go whichever way you want to. Whether you opt for a phrase that means something to you, a word, or even an entire letter, you’re free to experiment with diferent designs, embellishments, and placements.

20. A “carpe the diem” tattoo

Credit: @bittenink

We all know what “carpe diem” means, but you might have a handwritten note from a member of your family or a friend that reads “carpe THE diem” and means so much more. You don’t need to explain your tattoos to anyone and that’s why you can get whichever handwriting tattoo you want.

21. An “all deserving” tattoo in your mom’s handwriting

Credit: @lexibkip

We adore the simplicity of a forearm tattoo that features two or three words that mean the world to you. “All deserving” sounds like something you’d love to read every single day, but you can go for whichever two, three words carry the most meaning for you.

22. A “darling” tattoo in red ink

Credit: @pollytatttoo

23. A “love you” tattoo in your dad’s handwriting

Credit: @tattoobychang

Get the best of both worlds with a gorgeous illustration to accompany your word of choice. Whether you have a note written by your dad or you can get your dad to write you something meaningful to get tattooed on your body, why wouldn’t you want to go for it?

24. A “I love you “infinity” tattoo in your grandma’s handwriting

Credit: @circatattoo

A personal note from someone who means the world to you can never be tacky, that’s a fact. And that’s why we suggest getting a handwriting tattoo of a meaningful message from a loved one rather than a word or a phase tattoo that means nothing.

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25. A tattoo of a sequence of hearts drawn by your parents

Credit: @vibetattoo.ut

We’re ending the article with a handwriting tattoo that’s a little different from the rest. While it’s always a great idea to get a tattoo of a note or a message your loved one left you, it’s also fun to get a tattoo of a little drawing or an illustration they made. A tattoo of a sequence of hearts screams “I love you!”