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22 Mom And Daughter Tattoos To Symbolize Never-Ending Love

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Your daughter is your friend for life. She’s that one person who’ll take your side no matter what; a person who’s going to appreciate you for exactly who you are. What are some unique mom-and-daughter tattoos that can embrace the bond the two of you share, though?

Your new ink can contain all the elements you want. Your favorite song, a landmark of the favorite place you visited together, or literally any other symbol of love between a parent and a child.

The relationship the two of you have is something special. We’re talking about the unconditional and unbreakable connection; something that can’t be replaced.

Because of that, we made a list of some of the most beautiful and emotional tattoos that will have a special place on your body. Here’s to the mothers and daughters, the ones whose love knows no limits.

1. Simple heart tattoo

Credit: aurora.tattooo

Mother and daughter share an unlimited love. And what better way to symbolize that than to get two matching hearts that will always remind them of each other?

2. “You’re my star”

Credit: vic_tattooist

Stars are objects that brighten up the sky even in the darkest of nights. That’s exactly how a mom feels about her daughter and vice versa. If you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo, this is it.

3. Sun and moon tattoo

Credit: small_tattoos_by_rino

The sun and moon can’t exist without each other. That’s why this tattoo is a great way to honor the person you love the most, the one you couldn’t live without. It’s a perfect choice for all moms and daughters out there.

4. “Forever”

Credit: mint.tats

The love between a mother and a daughter is something that never ends. This tattoo is a perfect way to represent that. For + ever = forever!

5. Mrs. Potts and Chip

Credit: rebel_girl_ink

You may like this design because it represents the connection between a mother and a child. Chip never leaves his mother’s side and the two of them share an unbreakable bond. On the other hand, this may be your favorite film, the one that you loved watching together. Anyway, we love the meaning behind this tattoo and maybe you’ll feel the same way about it.

6. Mom and baby elephant

Credit: tattoosbykaze

Elephant mothers are extremely protective of their young. That’s why we believe this would be a great matching tattoo for mother and daughter. It’s cute and tells a story of how much you love each other.

7. Bumblebee tattoo

Credit: evas_ink

Bumblebees are often portrayed as symbols of community. Get this tattoo when you’re looking for something that’s going to symbolize the love between a mom and a daughter. The two of you rely on each other the same way bumblebees do it.

8. Matching fingerprints

Credit: maria.calm

Getting matching fingerprints is definitely a unique way to symbolize the love between a parent and a child. Even when you’re far away from each other, her fingerprints will remind you just how strong your connection is.

9. “Where you lead, I will follow”


This is a beautiful quote that can be turned into a tattoo for a mother and a daughter. If you don’t like this saying, you can always choose the one that speaks the most to both of you and use it as an inspiration for your new tattoo.

10. Two butterflies for mom and daughter

Credit: mracetattoos_

At this point, we’re getting emotional. A mother definitely gives you the wings after which a daughter learns to fly by observing her role model. This tattoo is a great symbol of that strong bond and we’re sure you’re going to love it.

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11. Hummingbird tattoo

Credit: lighthousetattoo.medellin

Hummingbird has the power to brighten up your day. Some people also consider it a symbol of love. In both cases, it’s a great option for a mother-and-daughter tattoo.

12. Mom and daughter as one

Credit: gimez_ink

Okay, maybe this one is the best one on the list. Connected silhouettes of mom and daughter? Yes, please! We’re sure your new tattoo can’t get any more personal than this one.

13. Two halves that turn into one

Credit: hio.spirit_ink

Moms and daughters are two halves. You can easily symbolize that by each one of you getting half of a butterfly which turns into one once you put your arms together.

14. Heartbeat tattoo

Credit: cfancyink

A mother’s heart beats for her daughter and vice versa. When you’re looking for a tattoo that’s going to represent how much you love each other, this is an option to consider.

15. DNA strands

Credit: vellichortattoo

A daughter carries half of her mother’s gene. So, these DNA strands are a great option for a matching tattoo between a mom and a daughter. Plus, they will be extra cute if you combine them with your favorite flowers.

16. Lilo and Stitch

Credit: leejacktattoo

These two characters proved to us how important your family is. That’s why they’re a perfect choice when you’re looking for a mother-daughter tattoo.

17. Pinky promise

Credit: reo_ht

The pinky promise could be interpreted as a symbol of everlasting love. And what better way to engrave the connection between a mom and a child?

18. Matching palms

Credit: ikova_ink

Do you have a favorite memory from a holiday? What if you decided to turn it into a matching tattoo? You can easily personalize it and choose whichever symbol you want. As a result, you’ll get a tattoo that tells a story.

19. Celtic knot

Credit: inkittymisha

Celtic knot is a common symbol of love which is why many parents use it when getting a matching tattoo with their child(ren). This knot can’t be broken and people opt for it when they’re looking to dedicate their ink to someone special.

20. Carnation and forget-me-not flowers


Carnations and forget-me-not flowers are symbols of love. So, you can definitely use them to portray the connection that mother and daughter share.

21. Dandelion flower

Credit: bluebell.tatts

This is another beautiful option for all mothers and daughters out there. Without the lost petals, the mature dandelion will never feel complete. That’s exactly how a mom feels when her daughter isn’t around.

22. Floral bracelets


This tattoo is going to become your forever bracelet. The one that you won’t take off; the one that will match your every outfit. And the reason for that is the fact that it has the most special meaning for both a mother and a daughter.