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22 Etheral Sun And Moon Tattoos For Effervescent Night Owls

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Whoever considers getting a sun and moon tattoo might be searching for something more spiritual than a simple crescent moon on the wrist or a smiley sun on the collarbone. Sun and moon tattoos represent two opposing powers – life and death, good and bad, femininity and masculinity.

Sun and moon tattoos are super similar to yin and yang tattoos – except way cuter – and that’s why they’re getting more and more popular across cultures, geographies, and genders by the day. Some of our favorite sun and moon tattoos combine the two symbols together.

When combined, sun and moon tattoos represent coming to terms with the fact that opposing powers exist within all of us and finding peace with that truth. Now that you’re thinking of biting the bullet and getting a sun and moon tattoo, you might want to take a closer peep at your options.

Whether you’re drawn to combined sun and moon tattoos, separate sun and moon tattoos (one near the other), or minimalist tattoos, we’ve got your back. We’re bringing you a few of our favorite tattoo designs to make sure you’re informed before you start searching for inspiration for your next ink.

1. A minimalistic sun and moon tattoo

Credit: @mirandaroseart

Minimalistic tattoos are always welcome, whether you’re a first-timer or someone who gets a new tattoo every time life gets hard. With a dainty and delicate outcome, you don’t need to worry about your mom freaking out over the fact that you got a tattoo, either.

2. A single-needle sun and moon tattoo


Single-needle tattoos are all the rage online, and we’re more than happy to recommend them. They’re a variation of fine-line tattoos – they’re pretty much the finest of fine-line tattoos. The results are almost always stunning, detailed, and dainty pieces of art.

3. A separate sun and moon tattoo

Credit: @pikanjee

When we think of a sun and moon tattoo, we typically think of them together – because that’s the best way to represent the duality that comes with a sun and moon tattoo. With that in mind, though, you can always opt for a separate sun and moon – to keep things interesting.

4. Matching sun and moon tattoos

Credit: @wildgardenstudio

Matching tattoos are a great way to showcase your affection and appreciation toward someone – whether that’s your BFF, your sibling, or even your SO. Matching sun and moon tattoos represent how different the two of you are, as well as how great you work together.

5. A simple and sleek tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @hollywilcoxtattoo

A moon tattoo on the inside of the wrist speaks volumes of the delicacy of the area. Pairing it with a sun, like this design, speaks of the femininity and masculinity of the symbols combined.

6. A statement tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @stefdhc

Statement tattoos aren’t always big, “in your face,” and bold. Statement tattoos can be comprised of fine lines and details that emphasize the nature of the tattoo rather than hide the true meaning behind a myriad of colors and shapes.

7. A tiny sun and moon tattoo on the shoulder

Credit: @oztattoom

We’re fans of tiny tattoos and we’re not ashamed to admit that! Tiny tattoos are a great way to experiment with different designs without committing to a bigger (and more expensive) work of art. That being said, though, this tiny tattoo deserves all the hype it can get.

8. A sun and moon tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @rany_boskie

Oh, you’d be surprised at the number of sun and moon tattoos with human faces. Whether you’re a fan of that or would prefer to keep your tattoos face-free, we suggest keeping an open mind and giving this particular tattoo a chance to prove itself – it’s quite whimsical, isn’t it?

9. Delicate and dainty sun and moon tattoos

Credit: @btn_tattoos

A sun and moon tattoo with a freakin’ floral touch? Absolutely! When you’re on the hunt for something feminine and fierce, you might want to opt for a separate sun and moon tattoo that stretches across both arms and features the sweetest florals you’ve ever seen.

10. Detailed sun and moon tattoos

Credit: @caseymarietattoo

Now, you might not be into the lovey-dovey sun and moon tattoos we’ve been bombarding you with. Needless to say, you’ve got options aplenty that include details like snakes or spiders to make the tattoo a little more – intimidating. Snake tattoos represent a personal journey of transformation, after all.

11. Sun and moon tattoos above knees

Credit: @mandalatattooleicester

What about a sun and moon surrounded by clouds? Sun and moon tattoos typically represent something positive, although they’re associated with duality – life and death, good and bad, femininity and masculinity. Combined with clouds, they represent harmony between the two opposites.

12. A sun and moon tattoo with a face


We touched upon sun and moon tattoos with faces, but we couldn’t resist talking your ears off with this one, too. With a bigger canvas to work with, this sun and moon tattoo promises to attract attention and turn heads everywhere you go.

13. A sun and moon tattoo with a mantra

Credit: @tinten_johi_

Oftentimes tattoos speak for themselves, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to experiment with different messages you want your tattoo to send. Add a mantra to your sun and moon tattoo and see what happens. At the end of the day, you’re the one who might need a pick-me-up.

14. A tattoo of two hands holding the sun and the moon

Credit: @marvelous_tattooer

By adding a small hand holding the sun and the moon, this tattoo puts extra emphasis on the delicate feel of the symbol. Before you decide on the final outline of your tattoo, consider adding the two hands, too.

15. A sun and moon tattoo with a Zodiac sign of choice

Credit: @taniastartattoo

Oh, we could go on and on about our adoration of Zodiac tattoos. When you’re unsure of whether a Zodiac tattoo might be too cheesy for you, you might want to opt for something a little more subtle – a sun and moon tattoo with your (and your SO’s) Zodiac symbols.

16. A dotwork tattoo

Credit: @huamary

Dotwork tattoos are some of the most delicate, detailed tattoos out there. They’re created by inking a series of dots that come together to create the desired image, and they’re simply stunning. They’re a great way to add some interest to your, otherwise, boring sun and moon tattoo.

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17. A sun and moon back tattoo

Credit: @nasarastudio

Back tattoos are bold and beautiful! Whether you opt for a statement back tattoo with a myriad of details, styles, and color combinations, or a simple fine-line tattoo with a sneaky sense of whimsy, you’re guaranteed to appreciate the beauty of sun and moon tattoos.

18. A geometric sun and moon tattoo

Credit: @cunningbearz

Geometric tattoos are on a whole other level because they’re able to completely change the meaning of the tattoo with a single line. Geometric tattoos represent structure and order and can communicate efficiency, discipline, and solidity.

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19. A tattoo of a person holding the sun and the moon

Credit: @ellie_tatts

What’s not to adore about a fine-line tattoo that represents the true meaning of a sun and moon tattoo? Whether you’re the one dwelling on the significance of the two symbols or trying to decide between the two opposites, that’s up to you to figure out.

20. A floral sun and moon tattoo

Credit: @tokatattoos

We went above and beyond to prove our devotion to floral tattoos by digging up a statement sun and moon tattoo that makes us gasp for air. What do you think?

21. A sun and moon tattoo on the ribs

Credit: @natalie.pinzauti

Rib tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart, but they do hold a special place in our hearts. With a sun and moon rib tattoo, you’re bound to feel like you’re on top of the world every time you catch a glimpse of your ribs in the mirror.

22. A fine-line sun and moon tattoo

Credit: @alex.smirnova_

Fine-line tattoos are some of the most popular, prominent tattoos at the moment and that’s why we’ve given them the space to speak for themselves. With this sun and moon tattoo, you can bank on the fact that you’re going to be the talk of the town – in a good way. Good luck!