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25 Moon And Stars Tattoos For Everlasting Enchantment

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Moon and stars tattoos can be very dainty, but they can also be extravagant. There’s something for everyone’s taste in these designs.

There’s a lot of meaning behind these tattoos. Even if you didn’t know what you were getting the moment that you put that ink on your skin, there’s a meaning that you’re carrying with you.

The moon symbol represents magic, purity, eternal enchantment, dreams, and mystery. Combined with that, the stars have also been a sign of guidance. Mostly, it’s a representation of one’s love for the Universe.

In this article, we’ve prepared a wonderful collection of tattoos that will definitely inspire you to get your own design to decorate your body with.

Minimalistic moon and stars tattoos

Source: @hannahsenoj

Minimalist tattoos are beautiful and dainty. They represent your personality while still leaving enough space for other tattoos. In the photo above, you can see a moon and stars tattoo that’s put into a line on the ankle. The fine lines with the dotted work creates a wonderful design that’s not too flashy, but still decorates your body.


A tattoo on your shoulder is a feminine choice. In this photo, you can see a tattoo with spread-out stars, designed in dots and bigger images. The moon is the most solid part of the tattoo, where all of the attention is drawn. However, the small stars create a fading effect.

Source: @zgtattoos

Moon and stars tattoos can also be designed with constellations. This is important for many people, as constellations represent their love for the Universe and their connection to their Zodiac signs. The realistic crescent moon design is very detailed, and it puts the entire tattoo together.

Mandala moon and stars tattoos

Source: @charlottetattoo

Mandala tattoos are a representation of balance. This meaning combined with the meaning of the moon is something that a spiritual person knows how to appreciate. In the photo above, there’s a big design that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But every part of that design is filled with intricate details, with the moon in the middle, with a mandala circle. The mandala is the representation of the stars here.

Source: @shannontrudeautattoos

A mandala doesn’t always have to be a full circle. Here you can see a design where the moon is the main focus, it’s easily readable. The little trinkets that are hanging off of the moon are the stars. The mandala design in the middle of the moon is like the sun, with the intricate details that dainty and feminine.

Source: @ugo_zuccaro_tattooer

Another similar mandala tattoo design. This design is quite minimal, which shows that for a tattoo to be beautiful, it doesn’t have to take up too much space. The moon and stars tattoos that are combined with mandalas definitely add uniqueness to your body.

Maximalist moon and stars tattoos

Source: @jenniferfrancestattoo

Maximalist moon and stars tattoos may not be for everyone, but they’re definitely gorgeous. Here you can see a design that’s quite extravagant. The colors aren’t your usual colors of the sky, which makes the tattoo itself very androgynous. The pink clouds perfectly surround the main design to give it a more complete look. The centerpiece is what catches your eye immediately.

Source: @jennie_kiebler_art

Moon and stars tattoos really can have many different designs. In this photo, you can see a watercolor background that splashes all around the main star of the show. The details in this tattoo are beautiful, but they’re also easy to read.

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Half-sleeve galaxy tattoos

Source: @kaleighhface

A half-sleeve galaxy has everything your moon and stars tattoos should become if you want something on a greater scale. In the tattoo design above, there’s even an astronaut incorporated into the tattoo. The planets, combined with the moon and stars takes up a lot of space, but it’s still gorgeous.

Source: @isabel_ink

Crackling skin that shows the Universe underneath is a wonderful combination that makes your body seem like a Universe experiencing itself. So, in this design, you can see a crescent moon, a star, with Saturn at the bottom.

Matching moon and stars tattoos

Source: @caseymarietattoo

Matching tattoos are a wonderful way to commemorate a friendship or romantic relationship. In the photo above, there’s a combination of the moon and stars tattoos that have snakes coming around them. The contrast between the light moon and star, combined with the dark snake, really is gorgeous artwork to add to your body.

Source: @tavi_tattoo

Here, with the small moon and stars tattoos you can see a couple who commemorated their love with their tattoos. The solid black moon with the fine-line stars is the type of design that’s dainty, but it’s an ode to your love.

Source: @tattooist_sigak

Matching tattoos don’t have to be that simple. This anime-style tattoo represents your friendship as well as your love for anime. If Card Captor Sakura is your favorite anime, then go ahead and get this matching set of kittens with the moon and stars tattoos.

Spine moon and stars tattoos


The spine is a very popular placement for moon phases. Moon and stars tattoos are gorgeous when they’re aligned like this. In the photo above, you can see a semi-realistic tattoo design, with big moons. Even though the design is this big, it’s still elegant once you understand the combination of the contrast that’s behind it.

Custom line-work tattoos with details

Source: @inking.cryptid

You don’t have to use a simple design, but rather something unique and custom-made. Here you can see a potion bottle, that adds to the magical component of the moon and stars tattoos. The fine lines, with the small black-out of the potion itself, it’s an enchanting design on the ankle.

Source: @jenuine_leigh_art

In this tattoo design, the hair of the woman is creating the shape of the moon, and it’s filled with little stars that are magical. Even the silhouette of the body follows the shape of the crescent moon.

Source: @yeowool_tattooer

Japanese imagery is also quite a popular design choice. The Sakura leaves, with the little charm that’s hanging off of the end of the moon, is a very feminine thing. The flowers create the illusion of stars that are spread through the moon itself.

Source: @inchiostrocuore

Here, we can see another example of moon and stars tattoos with a woman’s silhouette in the center of it all. The flowy ending points are gorgeous, and they make an amazing transition into other tattoos if you want any. The star on the woman’s face is quite disproportionate, which gives this tattoo personality.

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Moon and stars tattoos with floral details

Source: @ziv_tattooer

Combining flowers with moon and stars tattoos is also a popular option. In this photo, the entire side of the tattoo is a combination of small flowers and vines. The fine lines are what gives this tattoo a very feminine look.

Source: @zoefrasertattoo

Here we have an example of this design with a rose in the center of everything. Besides the fine outlining, the shadows were created with small dots that spread out into a gorgeous design. The moon and the stars are around the rose, the moon isn’t that solid, which gives it a very magical look.

Source: @gorae_tattoo

Flowers in the moon and stars tattoos can also be combined with your zodiac sign. Even in a sensitive spot like behind the ear, it’s still possible to create details and get the meaning across.

Moon and star tattoos with animal images

Source: @cheyannemarietattoos

For the animal lovers, there are also many options. For example, in the tattoo design above, you can see a huge moth that’s surrounded by stars. The bottom of the moth is a dotted moon design, and at the top there’s a small moon. You definitely get to incorporate everything you love into this design.

Source: @megluantattoo

Again, an ode to your zodiac sign can be incorporated into the moon and stars tattoos. Even though the big stars are spread out widely, and the moon is in the center, it’s still a very coherent design. That’s mostly because of the two fish, that represent the Pisces zodiac sign.

Watercolor moon and stars tattoos


Watercolor tattoos have a great reputation. In this example, you can see a circle-like design, that’s filled with the night sky. The colors are a bit unnatural, but sometimes that’s what we want. The realistic moon design with the stars that spread out through the dark sky are a great composition for the ones who want to commemorate their love for the Universe.

Source: @purinntattoo

However, these tattoos can also be small. This tattoo shows a color-packed example of the tattoo you’re looking for. It’s small, but it catches everyone’s eye. Even the small drop of color at the end makes the tattoo look like it was drawn on paper, rather than on actual skin.

The small stars around, which are represented by shapes and dots, are what give this design the finishing touch.