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27 Moon Tattoo Ideas To Represent The Magic Within You

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So, you’re thinking about getting a moon tattoo?

You believe that your body is a canvas that deserves to be inked with artwork! Sometimes, it’s just pretty, but other times it has a deeper meaning. Because of the fact that tattoos are eternally inked onto your skin, you really don’t want to go into a tattoo shop with no ideas at all!

You want something with meaning! For example, getting a tattoo of a moon symbolizes immortality, enlightenment, and the dark side of nature itself. This is such a magical and enchanting meaning that you should take into consideration.

Well, this must be your lucky day, because we’ve gathered a combination of the most captivating moon tattoo ideas out there. You’ll be set and ready when you walk into that tattoo parlor to get this tattooed.

Realistic moon tattoo

Source: @soapy_tattoo

A realistic moon tattoo is black and gray, most of the time. This tattoo design is quite simple, but the details show where the meteors hit the moon and the craters that it has created. It’s perfectly shaded and the white lights give it dimension.

Source: @lanena_tattoo

The best thing about tattoos is that you can choose whether they’ll be dark or light. Here we have a realistic tattoo that’s much lighter than the previous one, but it’s still obvious what the tattoo is representing. With the little stars around it, it even looks magical.

Source: @jiro_painter

You can add your little personalized touch to your design. A girl that’s standing on the moon can have so many different meanings, but it looks like she’s watching over someone.

Minimal moon tattoo

Source: @janapadar

Minimal tattoos don’t have to be small in size, they’re simply void of too many details. In the photo above, you can see a crescent moon that’s surrounded by fine lines, and an arrow. This could mean that the person is a Sagittarius, but it could also be a simple design choice.

Source: @alexherndzstudio

In this example, we have a design choice that’s unique, but still very dainty. When you’re a lover of the night sky, just as much as you’re a lover of the sea and the waves, you’d want to get a combination of both of those things. Just like this person wanted to combine it.

Source: @bo2_universe

This also falls under the category of minimal tattoos, even though there’s more detail in this one. The crescent moon is fully detailed, and the little heart at the bottom looks like a shadow. The fine lines create a wonderful composition that follows down the forearm.

Source: @n_mishka_tattooer

A minimal tattoo with fine lines doesn’t have to be boring at all! There’s so much going on in this tattoo, considering the lines, the dots, the stars, the eye in the middle of the crescent moon, and so much more.

Pagan moon tattoo

Source: @orma_tattoo

The pagan moon symbol has a very special story behind it. It shows a full moon that’s surrounded by two crescent moons. This represents the three stages of the Pagan Goddess (the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone). It’s been a representation of female power for centuries, and women are finally stepping into that power and getting those tattoos done. Just like the little commemoration that this woman inked.

Source: @trikona.tattoos

The Pagan Goddesses can also be represented in such an artistic way. The leaves follow the shape of the moon phases, and they look dainty and feminine.

Tattoo of the moon phases

Source: @picasso.tattoos

So many people who love the moon also love to get all the phases tattooed on them. This is an example of detailed moon phases that are quite dark, but they’re still easily readable.

Source: @heetus_tattoo

Adding certain designs to your moon tattoo can make it even more authentic. Just like in the photo above, where the design includes small dots and geometric shapes.

Source: @taylorthetattooer

Or, you can turn one side of your forearm into a wonderful tattoo of moon phases. This tattoo is a little bit lighter, but the shading is still immaculate.

Moon tattoos with butterflies


Combining the meaning of a moon tattoo with the meaning of a butterfly tattoo into one design is astonishing. A butterfly tattoo represents freedom and transformation, so adding it to your design is a great choice.

The purple hues in this example only make the crescent moon come to life!

Source: @tattooist_giho_

A dandelion tattoo represents the freedom and ability to let go of things. So, incorporating it into your design would be an amazing addition to the family of tattoos you have.

Source: @neosian_

How about we put the butterfly into the middle of the design? This striking dark red ink is done with a combination of thicker and finer lines, but the full moon on top and the crescent moon on the bottom still hold true to the meaning.

Cat and moon tattoos

Source: @blvckmoon_tattoo

People have always seen a special connection between cats and the mystical things in the world. One of them being the moon. In this example, you can see a fully black cat that’s gazing at the moon. Isn’t this one of those tattoos that you’d want to get on your skin?

Source: @tattooist_giho

Or you can do a smaller cat and moon tattoo, just like this one. There’s a lot of symbolism in this tattoo, just like the small commemoration of the Sagittarius zodiac sign at the top.

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Floral moon tattoo designs

Source: @onepunchperry

Adding floral images to your moon tattoo will make it even more whimsical. In the tattoo above, you can see that almost an entire side of this crescent moon is done with floral images, which makes it quite feminine and mystical.

Source: @tattooist_yeon

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be black and gray, nor does it have to incorporate any lines. Here you can see a detailed crescent moon with cherry blossoms all over it. It’s really magical, and the saturation is immaculate.

Source: @enjoytattooco

Or how about a fully designed floral moon tattoo? The linework in this tattoo is fine and dainty, but it’s still detailed and doesn’t look chunky.


You can even add birth flowers to your design. The meaning can be authentic to you, but it can also look like an actual piece of art. This black and gray linework tattoo shows a stem of flowers with a crescent moon rising behind them.

Source: @tattooer_jina

Lotus flowers have a very special meaning, that represents the ability to move through different obstacles and still get out gentle and beautiful. Combining these wonderful flowers, with a dark moon tattoo will create a gorgeous contrast.

Source: @inksanity_in

Floral tattoos or not, your moon design can incorporate everything that you wish for. Here you can see a moon design, with a butterfly, geometrical shapes, flowers, and even jewels that are falling from the crescent moon. The linework is dainty, but it’s still well-saturated.

Moon face tattoo

Source: @megartica

There are so many people who think that the moon has a personality of its own. That’s why they add a face to their design! This one in particular looks like something straight out of a fairy tale book.

Source: @andyoutattoo

And here we have another great example. The moon is gazing lovingly at the small star that’s dangling in front of its face. There’s even some dotted shading that gives this tattoo more dimension.

Source: @laurbo_ink

For a more animated look, there are a couple of design choices. Just like this moon tattoo that seems to be surrounded by swirly clouds. The long lashes give this moon a personality!

Source: @studio_jaw

If you want something more extravagant, there are a couple of ways that you can achieve that. A crescent moon tattoo with jewels and pendants, that is completely done with a style that makes it look like an actual piece of artwork on your skin. The white details are made to look like the light is hitting it perfectly.