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20 Cat Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate Your Furry Friend(s)

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If you’re aware that this is a cat’s world and you’re just living in it, the chances are that you own a feline or at least had one at some point in your life. These furry friends may not be for everyone, but as a cat person, you know there’s no greater love than the one with your pet. For that or any other reason, you may consider getting a cat tattoo.

A kitty is usually seen as a symbol of intelligence, independence, and a rebellious spirit. If you ever shared a home with a cat, you can confirm that these traits describe them best.

From the moment you get them, they act as if they own the whole place. They scratch your furniture, climb up the curtains, and sleep in your bed even though they have their own.

These furry monsters know what they want and are not afraid to meow for it. But once they sit in your lap and start making biscuits on your legs, you forgive them for all their sins.

If you’re looking to get a cat tattoo to celebrate your favorite pet or to engrave your love for these furry monsters, then you’re at the right place. We’ve gathered 20 cool ideas that you’re going to love.

1. A moon cat

Credit: bailey.parke

Your experience tells you that cats are creatures of the night. So, what better way to show that than to get a cute tattoo of a cat sitting under the moon? We’re sure she’s plotting her next adventure.

2. A pretty face cat tattoo

Credit: toretattoos

Felines are adorable and this tattoo shows that. Even when they bring you gifts in the shape of rodents, you still want to cuddle them.

3. “Hooman, help me”

Credit: mokoo_tt

How many times have you caught your cat doing something she shouldn’t be? How many times have you had to untangle her out of something or pull her out of the box because she was stuck? This tattoo describes exactly one of those situations.

4. An ode to your cat

Credit: uvedesign_tattoo

If you had a cat, the chances are that she changed your life for the better. If she crossed the rainbow bridge, you may consider getting a tattoo of her face so you can remember her for the rest of your life. This is how you can do that.

5. A floral kitty

Credit: tattooer_amy_serrano

Are you into aesthetic tattoos but want to get something in the shape of a cat? This is the perfect example of how you can combine those elements.

6. Best pals forever

Credit: tattooistina

Not all cats are loners! When you want to create a lasting memory of your two favorite felines, this is how you can use your skin as a canvas.

7. “I’m pretty and I know it”

Credit: frufru.tts

Admit it! You’ve never seen a cuter cartoon-like tattoo from this one? You know it’s just an ink, but at the same time, it feels so alive.

8. A kitty warrior

Credit: bowerytattoo

If you’re into fine-line tattoos and would like to get something detailed to celebrate your furry warrior then this is a great idea. Even your cat is going to like it.

9. Furry little explorer

Credit: elleustrates

Cats are real explorers and they will want to get into every nook and cranny of your home and your garden. This design is a great way to represent that when you’re not the biggest fan of bold and colorful tattoos.

10. Zen mode on

Credit: mrokat

Some cats love to have their own space where they can chill and relax. If you have (or had) a kitty like that, then this is a great idea of how to engrave her on your arm forever.

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11. Cat outline

Credit: justincariaga

Are you looking for a simple and minimalistic cat tattoo? What about this cat outline? We believe it doesn’t get any better than this.

12. Autumn kitty

Credit: blckflwertattoo

Black cats aren’t the most loved animals in the feline world. But they’re great for big and bold tattoos since your tattoo artist will be able to focus on all the details that will make this skin decoration stand out.

13. The cutest furry family

Credit: mint_hontattoo

Once you get a taste of feline love, the chances are that you won’t be able to stop adopting. After you get your first cat, you’ll keep wanting more. Once you feel like your furry family is finally complete, you can get a tattoo such as the one above to mark their importance on your skin forever.

14. Black cat tattoo

Credit: mahell_tattooer

For some reason, people still aren’t the biggest fans of black cats. We’re sure they don’t realize how adorable and loving these mysterious creatures are. If you own this dark-colored fur baby then you’re going to love this tattoo.

15. “Scratching is my favorite activity”

Credit: janechocho

If you want to get a tattoo of a mischievous cat then you don’t have to look elsewhere. This design speaks more than words ever could.

16. Traditional cat tattoo

Credit: loganisaacson

What about a big and bold traditional tattoo? If that sounds like something you would be interested in then we have a perfect design for you.

17. Just two kitties taking selfies

Credit: oat.miilku

Simple, fine-line style tattoos have been growing in popularity. But we’re sure none of them can compare to this one.

18. A punk cat

Credit: rightinthetrash

If you’re looking for a tribute to your cat but don’t want something simple and boring then we have exactly what you need. This design is perfect for everyone who wants to take their cat tattoo to the next level.

19. A lucky cat

Credit: annedekkertattoo

What about a simple lucky cat tattoo? We’re sure this symbol is going to bring you fortune and prosperity.

20. Half-face outline

Credit: pleso_tattoo

If you don’t mind getting a forearm tattoo but you never really liked in-your-face designs, then this is a great solution that’s going to fulfill all of your wishes. Linear-style tattoo with bold, blue cat eye is definitely going to become a conversation starter.