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27 Resilient And Unique Semicolon Tattoo Ideas With Meanings

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When you’re looking for something to raise awareness about mental health, suicide, or self-harm, a unique semicolon tattoo is a great meaningful piece that you can wear on your skin forever. It doesn’t matter if you want to get it in order to honor yourself or someone else, this simple punctuation mark is definitely going to become your favorite tattoo ever.

Grammatically speaking, a semicolon is used when you choose not to end your sentence even though you could. That’s the reason why people use it to talk about the struggles they or someone close to them has been through.

Even though these tattoos are usually simple, they carry a big meaning with them. They remain the ultimate reminder of the importance of mental health and the challenges many people face throughout their lives.

This tattoo can easily rest on every part of the body and you can make it as small or as big as you want to. What you can also change about it is its design.

Let’s see what are some cool and unique semicolon tattoos that you can cherish on your body till the end of your life.

Animal semicolon tattoos

Credit: lyss4ink

A butterfly can be seen as a symbol of growth and new beginnings. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people combine it with a semicolon for a meaningful tattoo that’s always going to remind them of human strength.

Credit: honeybunnytattoo

Here we have another design idea with a butterfly for those of you who are looking for something more than just black ink. This calming blue color works perfectly well with other elements of this tattoo, making it a great choice for anyone who is struggling with mental health.

Credit: karianne.tattoos

For some people, simple things like a daily dose of coffee and their favorite furry friend are the main reasons why they’re still alive. So, this tattoo is a perfect example of how you can show the world what kept you sane through the hardest moments of your life.

Credit: true_gent

This exploding semicolon that turns into birds is another way you can incorporate animals into your tattoo design. The great thing about it is that you can adjust its size however you want.

Unique semicolon tattoos

Credit: becca_tattoo

This tattoo is a dream come true for all of you who are looking for something unique. A silhouette of a dog and a butterfly with a semicolon body is a great way to combine these two adorable elements and give them a new meaning.

Credit: brittachristiansen

Here we have another idea with a butterfly semicolon. This one also contains a cute flower with a heart rhythm going through its stem. What better way to celebrate mental health?

Credit: fun.tattooing

This dotted semicolon out of which a flower is growing is another way to make this meaningful tattoo even more special. It’s proof that even hard and dark moments of your life can turn into something beautiful.

Credit: gilltattoos

This is a unique piece of art that you get to carry on your body forever. Colorful flowers sculpted around the semicolon are definitely going to get people asking about the meaning behind your tattoo.

Credit: _aramoonlight_

Sun and water – two essential things without which life wouldn’t be possible. When you make a semicolon out of them, you receive a meaningful tattoo that you’ll never get bored of.

Credit: martinpalmer

Opting for a big and colorful watercolor feather is a great way to make your tattoo more unique. The same way this quill pen adds a semicolon, you can also add a new chapter in your book called “Life.”

Flower semicolon tattoo

Credit: emilia_paw_arts

If you’re looking for a semicolon with a flower, then adding a sunflower instead of a dot is a great way to make your tattoo a bit more different.

Credit: amandactattoos

This tattoo design is a great way to honor two important people from your life. Adding a semicolon in between the flowers will give it a more personal touch.

Credit: cassandrarobinart

This watercolor-style flower is a great way to add some color to your tattoo. The semicolon on top of it is going to deepen its meaning and make it more unique.

Credit: clairyfloofstattoo

Lotus is a symbol of strength and resilience. It’s a flower that grows out of mud but remains beautiful whatsoever. It’s a perfect way to deepen the meaning of your semicolon tattoo.

Semicolon tattoo with text

Credit: theuncannie

Sometimes, you need something simple to verbalize your emotions. Tattooing the word “Always” right next to a semicolon carries a meaning that’s going to be obvious to everyone.

Credit: whopokedyou

This is also proof that simple tattoos don’t have to be boring and meaningless. Using a semicolon instead of the letter “I” will make all the difference.

Credit: inkedupbyjosh

If you’re looking for a bolder version of a previous tattoo, then this is exactly what you can do. Adding a crown on top of the semicolon is a lovely detail you’re going to appreciate.

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Credit: leedsinkandbeauty

It doesn’t get more obvious than this one. If you’re looking for a sentence that’s going to signify everything you’ve been through, this is a perfect choice.

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Credit: jerryluckycat

Here we have another idea with the lotus flower. Its stem is made out of a powerful sentence that’s going to change the way you think. “Life is tough my darling, but so are you.”

Small but meaningful semicolon tattoo

Credit: tattoowithkay

This tiny semicolon with a symbol of the sun instead of a dot is a great way to keep things simple. It’s going to remind you that the sun never stops shining, no matter how tired it is.

Credit: three_jacks_tattoo

A semicolon in the shape of a mermaid? It doesn’t get any cuter than this and it’s a great way to cherish someone who used to be a huge fan of the sea.

Credit: min_zi_tattoo

This gradient semicolon is the easiest way to make your simple tattoo different and unique. It’s perfect for those of you who aren’t looking for anything over-the-top.

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Another butterfly but this time, we’re making things even simpler. Wings made out of one continuous line and a semicolon that represents its body are both great ways to add meaning to something seemingly small and insignificant.

Credit: _jose_g_p_

This one is for all of you who wouldn’t be able to live through your struggles without your pets. A paw-shaped semicolon? Yes, please!

Matching tattoo with a friend, partner, or family member

Credit: belle_tattooist

If you and your friends are looking for matching semicolon tattoos, then check this one out. Does it seem like a cool design idea?

Credit: naleak_tattoo

A cat semicolon is a great way to make your favorite pet a part of your most special tattoo.


A heart semicolon on one hand and an arrow semicolon on the other one. Sounds like a strong love story that’s never going to end.