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24 Dragon Tattoo Ideas To Release The Power Within You

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Dragons are probably one of the most tattooed designs out there and it doesn’t surprise us. Their meaning is truly powerful and probably one of the main reasons why you’re looking into dragon tattoo ideas, trying to figure out what to decorate onto your body next.

These mythical creatures have been present in different cultures for as long as there’s a world which is why they carry different meanings. To some people, dragons are symbols of power and strength. To others, they represent guardians and protectors.

Even if you choose to get a dragon tattoo for completely different reasons, we’re sure it’s going to have a special place in your heart.

Now, the real issue is figuring out which design to go for and where to place your new tattoo. Once you sort that out, you can easily schedule an appointment at your favorite tattoo studio.

What are the best placements for your new dragon tattoo?

We believe that tattooing a dragon onto your skin is a great way to remind yourself of your inner strength. As far as the placement goes, there are a couple of options that will make your new tattoo stand out.

If you’re into big and bold tattoos then your back is a great choice. Your arm and leg are perfect spots as well since you can easily adjust the size of your tattoo and enhance all the details as much as you want. And for a smaller dragon tattoo, consider getting it on your ribs.

Now, here are some cool designs, suitable for different spots on your body.


Credit: _chez.tattu

Are you looking for something big? Something that’s going to stand out and make all other tattoos seem too simple? Then this design is made for you. These red and black dragons create both contrast and balance all over your back. This tattoo is going to be a real show-stopper.


Are you into trash polka tattoos? Then you’re going to love this one. Even though it’s way simpler in design than the previous one, its meaning still remains the same.

Credit: a.j.tattoos

Here we have another option with two dragons, but this time we’re talking about a black and gray tattoo style. This is a perfect design for all of you perfectionists out there who are obsessed with symmetry.

Credit: cachinhostattoo

The red dragon is often seen as a symbol of love and luck. That being said, it deserves a spot on your back where your tattoo artist can enhance all of its details using only red ink.

Credit: joytattoo_

This abstract dragon is also a piece of art that will fit perfectly onto your back. Once you get it tattooed, you’ll truly feel like it always belonged there.


Credit: elias.ap

This design is for all of the fans of a watercolor tattoo style. Your dragon(s) will definitely draw a lot of attention once you pull up the sleeve of your shirt.

Credit: petervincenttattooer

Dragon is a bold and powerful creature but who’s to say that you can’t mix it with other more feminine elements such as flowers? This design is proof that you can make your tattoos as bright and bold as you want to, and nobody can tell you what is right or wrong.


Cartoon-like dragon tattoo may not seem like the first choice but it’s definitely a cool way to ink this symbolic creature onto your skin. You can easily adjust the color pallete to your liking and make your new tattoo as unique as you want to.

Credit: cats.inks

Have you thought about a fine-line dragon surrounded by flowers? This is a great option when you’re looking for a tattoo with contrasting elements.

Credit: serenayakcicekx

This dragon looks so real that everyone will have to pay a second glance at it just to make sure it’s a tattoo and not a sticker. If you’re a fan of realistic tattoos, this is a way to go. Especially if you opt for bold colors such as gold and blue.

Credit: anthonytattooer

Do you like Japanese-style tattoos? What about getting a sleeve tattoo with a dragon as the main character of it? It’s definitely an idea worth considering.

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Credit: mammon_black

This design is proof that your arm is a perfect spot for a dragon tattoo. Your mythical creature can easily wrap all around your arm, making itself visible from each and every angle.


Credit: dinhkhang.wrk

This small, cartoonish dragon is a great tattoo for your ribs. It’s adorable and meaningful at the same time and we’re sure you’re going to love it.


You can also go with a black, minimalistic tattoo to convey the symbolism behind it. Even a small dragon is still a dragon, right?

Credit: kaannetasli

Everything about this tattoo screams unique. From all of the ink colors that slowly shade into each other to its abstract design. It’s a great choice for all of you who are looking for something one-of-a-kind.

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Credit: laho_tattoo

Graphic design tattoos have been growing in popularity but we’re aware that they’re still not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re into this kind of style then this colorful dragon tattoo may be a good choice.

Credit: jerry_tankuro

Here we have another red dragon just so you can see how it can look on a different part of your body.


Credit: vanessadannik

What about a smaller black and red dragon tattooed right above your ankle? This is something you should consider if you don’t feel ready to commit to a huge tattoo.

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Credit: meat_at_animalhousetat2

This gradient orange and red dragon is definitely a piece of art you get to carry on your skin for the rest of your life. We don’t know what we like more about it – its unique design or the meaning behind it.

Credit: spottitattoo

Did you say big, bold, and colorful? Does this tattoo seem like everything you’re looking for and more? This design is definitely for the brave ones and we love it.

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This neotraditional new school tattoo won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. But if you’re into these kinds of designs then it may be a good option for your new dragon tattoo.

Credit: tobi_tattoo

Dragon tattoos don’t have to look masculine and rough all the time. You can make them as aesthetically pleasing as you want to and this is the proof. The combination of delicate flowers and a powerful dragon works like a charm.

Credit: ezgikar_

Have you ever thought about getting a small, realistic tattoo of a dragon? We’re sure that it doesn’t get any cuter than this one.

Credit: nickyjudstattoo

Traditional tattoos are all about bold colors and stunning designs. If that’s something you like then you should definitely consider this cool idea.