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24 Frog Tattoo Designs For Your Protective Familiar

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A frog tattoo isn’t a conventional tattoo choice. There’s a lot of thought that goes into these tattoos, and even though it’s so unusual, it’s still something that means a lot to people.

The frog represents purity, fertility, wisdom, protection, and so many other things. It’s quite a meaningful tattoo that can represent whatever you want it to! However, you can also have this tattoo done and not even consider any meaning, but just get it because you believe it to be quirky and different.

Here are 24 frog tattoo designs that will leave you enchanted and you’ll definitely find something that fits your taste.

Traditional tattoo style

Source: @benoztattoos

A hitchhiking frog tattoo is a unique design. Traditional tattoos are usually presented with thick lines and bold patches of colors, just like this design. There’s a lot of detail that goes into these tattoos, and it would be a bold tattoo.

Source: @benlickspaint

This traditional tattoo of a frog is a little less colorful, but it’s still amazing. There’s a lot of detail, and it’s one of those unique tattoos where you can incorporate a lot into it. The skull, the flames, and the gun, are all little trinkets that make the tattoo very special.

Source: @tdaveytattoo

This is a fine example of the traditional tattoo style. There’s not a lot of shading going on, but the frog is filled with such saturated colors that it’s an eye-catching tattoo.

Source: @timchildstattoo

Who wouldn’t want a cowboy frog tattoo on their leg? The negative space is used as a highlight, but the rest of the frog is perfectly saturated. The position of its body is unusual, so it can inspire your next ink.

Source: @sarahcarrtattoos

If you’re more into feminine images, you may like a fairy frog tattoo. This frog is perfectly contempt with while he’s sitting on his little mushroom and smelling his little flowers. The fairy wings are there to give it an even more magical feel.


Who’s ready for a ride? If you love Harley-Davidson motorcycles, then you have found your winner! This tattoo is a biker’s dream come true! The artist made sure to make the frog realistic with the specks of dark green even though it’s so cartoonish.

Source: @baki_ots

Japanese traditional tattoos have similar characteristics as usual traditional tattoos. The main difference is in the art style! As you can see here, we have a warrior frog that’s fighting off a villain. The entire design flows perfectly down the thigh!

Colorful frog tattoo

Source: @tattooist_irae2

You don’t have to use a traditional tattoo style just because so many people choose it! You can do whatever you like on your body! For example, this colorful frog has so many saturated colors that it’s definitely an eye-catching design. If you love something more unusual, than this is the perfect choice for you.

Source: @tamagore_tattoo

If you didn’t think that frogs could be cute, here is a frog tattoo that may prove you wrong. This orange frog, with its big eyes, is holding a tea bag! This tattoo is an ode to autumn and the colder weather.

Source: @skylar_rose_art

Another adorable frog tattoo that you could get on your body. This time, the little frog has a mushroom hat! The colors are well-saturated, but what’s most impressive is the shadows that cover most of the tattoo. Even though it looks animated, it’s still quite realistic because of the amount of shadows that it has.

Source: @amyorchard_tattoos

Or how about a big frog with a sprout on its head? If you’re someone who loves nature, then you’ll be happy to have this inked on your body forever.

Source: @muetattoox

But if you don’t want a chunky frog, then you can get a small frog tattoo with leaves. The frog looks adorable, and the contrast of colors is remarkable.

Source: @amyorchard_tattoos

The thing that you should always remember is that you can decide the entire design of your tattoo! You can add whatever elements you’d like to your design so that it represents your personality. For example, this frog tattoo incorporates a flower hat and the frog is coming out of a banana peel. If that doesn’t scream uniqueness then I don’t know what does.

Source: @the.gutter.goblin

A big toad with butterfly wings that’s sitting on a bunch of leaves and blueberries? Now, that’s something that could make everyone stop in their tracks to take a look. Your toad will catch everyone’s attention with its bright colors and unique design.

Black and gray frog tattoo

Source: @alyssajadetattoo

Black and gray tattoos are extremely popular. So, you can do your frog tattoo in this design as well. This tattoo, for example, is a wonderful combination of highlights and shadows. The contrast is immaculate, and the leaves behind the mushroom have no outlines, which gives the tattoo a lot of depth.


Even though the frog appears to be angry, it’s actually adorable with his little mushroom hat, with the bows on the bottom. There’s a lot of shading in this tattoo, but that’s what makes it so detailed.

Source: @spkydrws

Everyone deserves to have a warm home! Even a big toad! There are not a lot of shadows in this tattoo, the outlines are crisp and clean, which makes the tattoo so simple yet stunning.

Source: @kerrie.emtattoo

You can add some simple colored details to your design, just like this design has little chubby pink cheeks. The frog even has a little froggy umbrella! There are a lot of shadows here, but the tattoo is very bright and happy.

Source: @kerrie.emtattoo

A happy frog is coming out of the TV! This tattoo also has some pretty linework, but the little shadows are what make a huge difference. Even though it’s probably supposed to represent the little girl from the ring, this tattoo is everything but creepy.

Source: @alyssajadetattoo

He was a skater boy! Your little frog tattoo can have all the SWAG that you’d want it to. The dark cap on its head makes a great addition to the light frog tattoo design. The most eye-catching thing is the smoke coming from the cig, there are no outlines, just the smoky shadows.

Witchy frog tattoo

Source: @corycartwright

Frogs have always been connected to witches. They were thought to be the familiars of witches, they protected them and brought them knowledge. That’s why it would make sense to have witchy frog tattoo design like this one.

Source: @leahrose_tattoo

A warlock in the form of a frog? Now, if that isn’t unique, then I don’t know what is. There’s so much detail in this tattoo that it’s breathtaking. From the mushrooms and stones at the bottom to the dotted magical light at the top of the tattoo. Everything is perfectly designed to fit into this image.

Source: @_volz_

A frog tattoo that’s supposed to represent a witch can also have a lot of colors incorporated into it. This tattoo is based on Halloween colors, as you can see. The colors are well-saturated, and the shadows are immaculate.

Source: @alyssajadetattoo

An adorable little witch in the form of a frog tattoo is sitting on its little mushroom somewhere in the woods. What makes this tattoo so special is the small stars all around it. However, I can tell you with certainty that the shadows in this tattoo are immaculate. There’s a perfect balance between shadow elements and light elements.

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