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26 Dark Feminine Tattoos To Unleash The Power Within You

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Dark feminine tattoos are a representation of female power in its truest form! It’s not about being feminine in the traditional sense, but rather being a menace to a society that has always seen us as less than.

So, when you decide to take this step in your life, it’s important to make sure that you’ve decided on the perfect tattoo option so that you can commemorate those battles. You’ve been through so much, and you simply don’t identify with the archetype of the holy and pure woman.

You identify with the other side of the story. Your favorite stories are those of Medusa, Hecate, Lilith, and Persephone. You don’t want to fall in line with the expectations of women, which is why you’ve found the perfect way to rebel against this system.

We’ve compiled some examples of dark feminine tattoos. You’ll be inspired to unleash the goddess and the witch within you, to show the world that you’ll never be what they expect of you, and that you’ll always be a thorn in their eyes.

Dark feminine demon tattoo

Source: @dziaram.sobie

Demons aren’t the first thing that you may think of when you think about dark feminine tattoos. However, a female demon is exactly what you need to represent you right now. Just like this black and gray female demon, with the creepy hand and the dainty rose.

Source: @tessa.von

Or how about we go a little bit darker? This is spider-demon-witch-woman that’s the incarnation of the “dark feminine” movement. You could even interpret this as a way to say that even though they’ve bound our eyes, we still see through our intuition.

Dark feminine tattoos of flowers

Source: @_annabellemeister

The best dark feminine tattoos are definitely the ones with floral images. Here you can see two half sleeves with wonderful floral designs. The dark shading and the thick lines show you just how dark the feminine images can get.

Source: @zittenofart

Another representation of dark feminine tattoos is the flowers that are flowing down this woman’s leg. The red petals are a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the design, where the black leaves create a wonderful depth to it.

Dark mermaid tattoos

Source: @domwileyart

Mermaids and sirens have always been the perfect representation of what the dark feminine can actually do. They loured the sailors into the sea with their song and beauty, just to eat them alive. You can turn that into a metaphor that will eternally show your strength.

Source: @rodim_v

This black and gray siren tattoo is quite creepy, which is why it’s a representation of the dark feminine. It’s still a feminine figure, but the darkness is alluring.

Source: @inkalexcash

This mermaid/siren tattoo is much more feminine than the previous two, however, this one is just as unsettling. You can see that the hair is the darkest part of the tattoo, but the shading creates depth that lets the white eyes on the mermaid steal your heart.

Dark fae tattoos

Source: @psychara_art

You know that fairies and the fae aren’t the same thing, right? Well, in mythology, the fae are much more malevolent and mischievous than the fairies. That’s probably why you should look for dark feminine tattoos of fae! Just like this dark creature that you can see here, with the fairy wings, but a very eerie look on his face.

Source: @julita_golebiewska

This fae is still quite dark, but she’s also extremely feminine. You can see the evil on the face of this design, but it’s also elegant considering the amount of detail that took to create this design.

Source: @wrendragon

Dark fae tattoos can also have a lot more details, just like this example. You can see the webs on the wings, but also the mushrooms, the moon, and all the other images that were inspired by the dark feminine.

Dark animal tattoos


What actually makes tattoos dark feminine tattoos? It’s a combination of whimsical images that are quite creepy, just like this little deer. It’s dark, the shading is quite heavy, the face is scary, but the moon above adds a very mystic element.

Source: @nell_nebula

This is one of the dark feminine tattoos because bats actually represent rebirth. It’s important to note this, as your dark feminine era is actually a representation of a new beginning in your life! That’s why a bat would be the perfect tattoo for you.


Another great tattoo for this era of your life would be a goat with little bat wings. If you’re easily scared, then this is quite creepy to you, but to some, this is actually a cute design.

The goat has always represented the female reproductive system, but throughout the ages, it has become a symbol of satanism. Which is just to show that the world will turn everything that’s related to women into something evil.

Feminine skull tattoos


Dark feminine tattoos are usually a combination of dark images with feminine details. In this tattoo, you can see a feminine flower design with a skull emerging from the middle of it. The shading is immaculate, but the negative space makes it look like it’s going to pop out from the skin.

Source: @highwaterstattoo

Another example of dark feminine tattoos is a combination of animal skulls with flowers. Just like this skull of a bird that’s surrounded by dark leaves and gorgeous flowers.

Source: @psychara_art

The surrounding leaves of this tattoo make it look like a wonderful combination of everything mysterious. The skull in the middle is a stark contrast to the leaves, but it’s also done with such fine lines that it’s dainty and delicate.

Witchy tattoos

Source: @cbriggstattoo

What better representation of dark feminine tattoos is there? Women have always been called witches for being independent and fighting for themselves. So, when you want a token for your dark femininity, this little design is the perfect tattoo choice for you.

Source: @countessofscratch

A broom, a hat, and the moon. The light shading of the moon makes the crisp lines of the broomstick stick out. The hat is a wonderful detail to remind everyone that something wicked this way comes.

Source: @joanie.psychedelia

Dark feminine tattoos are always so majestic. These two tattoos are a combination of everything that is sacred. The moon, nature, the stars, knowledge, crystals, and so many other things represent the feminine side of darkness.

Source: @anneryantattoos

Or, how about we’re straightforward about the message? You don’t have to hide behind deep meanings. Here we have a tattoo design of a witch with a black cat and surrounding flowers. This design was made for the ones who want to embrace their dark feminine.

Source: @cbriggstattoo

A witchy mouse above a cauldron? Dark feminine tattoos don’t have to be scary. This is actually adorable, but it still conveys a message.

Source: @awall_art_

There’s nothing more feminine than the love for nature and the things it brings into the world. For example, crystals and flowers are perfect design choices. Here you can see a big peace, that, even though it’s not too shaded, still has wonderful contrast.

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Dark feminine tattoos of Medusa

Source: @deborahleall

There are many stories about Medusa. However, the entire world has decided to make this tattoo a symbol of all survivors of assault. A specific assault – if you know what I mean.

So, now, if you’re looking for dark feminine tattoos and you want to show the world that you’re stronger than the things that have happened to you, Medusa would be your perfect choice.

Source: @laurbo_ink

This Medusa tattoo is enchanting, and attractive, yet mystical. The moon surrounds her face and the snakes fall flawlessly. The shading makes it look like the snake will actually attack you.

Source: @deepblack_tattoo

Dark feminine tattoos, especially the ones depicting Medusa, don’t have to be huge to have meaning. This example is quite small, but the eyes are striking. The snakes look like they’re protecting their mistress.


A Medusa tattoo can be done in any type of design you please. For example, dark feminine tattoos only have to represent strength and femininity in the darkest shades. In this design, you can see an anime-style Medusa. She’s stunning, but she’s venomous.