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25 Decadent Dance Tattoo Designs That Are Truly Works Of Art

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Getting a tattoo requires a great amount of confidence, consideration, and research. Whether you’re leaning toward something delicate or bold, fun or sentimental, decadent dance tattoo designs are a great way to pay homage to something you’re passionate about.

What’s great about dance tattoos seems to be the fact that you’re able to choose between a myriad of styles. Maybe you want to get a tattoo of a ballet slipper as a symbol of your grace and femininity. Perhaps you’re more drawn to a tattoo of the numbers five, six, seven, and eight to remind you of the sacrifice you needed to endure to succeed.

Whatever your reasons are, getting a dance tattoo might be your way of entering your new ink season in style. We’re aware that dancers aren’t always able to display the tattoos they’ve worked hard on, and that’s why you have a hard decision to make. Will you go for something simple and sleek or a statement work of art that’s going to take up most of your back? Will you go big or go home?

With enough internet memes of ink gone wrong to scare any ink-shy person, you might be overthinking the thought of getting a dance tattoo as a way of celebrating your dance career. We’re bringing you a few of our favorite dance tattoo designs that fit the bill, no matter what your aesthetic might be. Let’s go!

1. A floral line art tattoo

Credit: @trish__ink

What better way to give an ode to your dance lifestyle than with a line art tattoo of a dancer embellished with a bouquet of flowers? We’re obsessed with the way the tattoo flows and moves with her legs.

2. A “five, six, seven, eight” tattoo

Credit: @nunislama

A tattoo of numbers five, six, seven, and eight anywhere on your body can remind you of what you’re capable of. Whatever style you decide to go with, know that a tattoo of the number sequence that dancers typically use represents struggle, determination, and devotion.

3. A tattoo of your favorite dance quote

Credit: @helenalloretart

“Dance is my soul’s language” might not be your cup of tea, but you get the picture. Go for a quote that speaks to you, motivates you, and makes you want to be the best version of yourself.

4. A tattoo of “The Dance” by Henri Matisse

Credit: @sharp_pokes

Dancers around the world know and adore “The Dance” by Henri Matisse and that’s why this work of art makes for the perfect tattoo. We don’t know what we like more, the placement of the tattoo or the fact that it’s a handpoked tattoo.

5. A tattoo of a ballet relevé

Credit: @nothin.tooit

Ankle tattoos are all the rage these days, and we can’t get enough of this tattoo of one of the most famous ballet poses. Relevé represents a rising movement onto the balls of the feet and the tattoo can remind you to rise to the occasion. And the dancing ballerina adds to the whimsical nature of the tattoo, too.

6. An ode to Pulp Fiction

Credit: @lizardqueentattoo

We’d argue that every dancer knows and adores Pulp Fiction. If you’re a fan of the movie and a fan of realistic tattoos that make the characters look like they’re dancing on your arm, you came to the right place. It’s a great option to consider!

7. A geometric tattoo of a dancer

Credit: @rosie_seventyeight

A dancer getting a tattoo of a dancer? Groundbreaking! But, when you opt for something that’s not that obvious, you might get away with a dance tattoo design that attracts attention and demands answers.

8. A notable nod to Dirty Dancing

Credit: @la_amicale

Yes, we’ve got another classic coming your way! If you’re a dancer who wants to “have the time of his/her life” getting a tattoo, we suggest you check this one out. It’s simple and sleek, and it’s a great way to give an ode to your favorite dance movie.

9. A minimalist dance tattoo design

Credit: @carotecannella

We get it, you want the world the know that you’re a ballerina. With a tattoo of the word “plié,” which happens to be a French word for “bend,” you won’t have to worry about someone not knowing what you do for a living.

10. A maximalist dance tattoo design

Credit: @kinseymillertattoo

A tattoo on your ribcage will almost always be a showstopper. Whether you go for a tiny tattoo of the word “dance” or something a little more elaborate, you’re guaranteed to get a question or two. With this particular tattoo, you’re going to be the talk of the town.

11. A ballerina slipper

Credit: @gosiniec

While the ballerina slippers might not be your favorite equipment, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to get a cute tattoo of them on your ribcage. Ballerina slippers are the epitome of a dancer lifestyle and that’s why they’re a perfect pick.

12. A flowy, floral dancer

Credit: @edlitamtattoo

Oh, you want something you’ve never seen before? We’re bringing you a combination of a daring dancer and a blooming, blossoming flower that seems to be a part of the dancer’s dress. What a unique dancer tattoo design, right?

13. A line art tattoo of two dancers

Credit: @tattoo.rotem.neeman

Line art tattoos are made for dancers who aren’t able to commit to bigger, bolder ink. Lovely and minimalistic, this line art tattoo might be a great way to page hommage to your dance partner without getting you in trouble with your dance teacher.

14. A colorful tattoo

Credit: @elias.ap

Black and white tattoos are much more mainstream, but you might be on the hunt for something a little more catching. Not only is this tattoo beaming with color, but it’s also taking up the majority of her upper arm and shoulder. Now that’s a great tattoo!

15. A fine-line tattoo

Credit: @ga_rolll

Fine-line tattoos are a growing trend these days, and we’re not surprised by that. They’re incredibly intricate and delicate, and they’re an interesting way to spice up your dance tattoo collection (or start a new one!)

16. A multicolored work of art

Credit: @by_vas

When you’re not sure whether you want to get a black-and-white tattoo or a colorful one, you might want to get both and bamboozle everyone around you. We’d say that this tattoo deserves a spot in the spotlight. What do you think?

17. A subtle dance tattoo design

Credit: @trikona.tattoos

When you don’t want your tattoo to be the most obvious dance tattoo, you might want to opt for a couple of handpoked symbols that carry different meanings. One of the symbols in the picture, the Ivy Geranium flower, was historically offered as a gift to invite someone to dance.

18. Another line art tattoo

Credit: @olatattoo13

You can’t go wrong with a line art tattoo of a dancer, right? Now, you might be searching for something simple and sleek or something that’s not going to give your dance teacher a heart attack. With a silly little tattoo like this one, you have nothing to worry about.

19. A dance shoe tattoo

Credit: @bebe_tattooer_28

If ballet slippers aren’t your thing, you might be more interested in Salsa dance shoes. It’s about time you got a tattoo that represents who you are as a dancer, and these delicate dance shoes might be the right way to go.

20. A watercolor tattoo

Credit: @chrystal_leigh

Watercolor tattoos are some of our absolute favorites. When you’re not afraid to stand out, opt for a watercolor tattoo of a dancer and know that you’re going to be noticed and celebrated.

21. A tattoo of the word “dance”

Credit: @aleksartee

We can’t think of a better way to let the world know that you’re a dancer. A tattoo of the word “dance” combined with your favorite flower will make you want to dance right away.

22. A dancing skeleton

Credit: @ediebea

When you want to let the world know that dancing is in your bones, go for a tattoo of a dancing skeleton. It’s funny. It’s a conversation starter. It’s everything you need and more when you’re on the hunt for inspiration for your next ink.

23. A dancer on the pole

Credit: @laura_b_art

We don’t know what your preferred style of dance might be, but we do know that pole dancers deserve a tattoo that represents them, as well. We’re obsessed with the floral wreath around the dancer, as well as the rest of the details that make this tattoo worth your while.

24. A tattoo of a dancing flower


If you don’t take yourself too seriously, we recommend going for a silly tattoo like this one. It’s a great representation of the fun you have when you’re dancing and you’re guaranteed to get warm around your heart every time you see it.

25. A “let’s dance” tattoo

Credit: @marcelles.electric

Last but not least, we have a tattoo of the phrase “let’s dance.” Whether you want something simple or the phrase “let’s dance” means something to you, you’re going to love having that little reminder on your ankle.