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Quote On Thigh Tattoo Ideas: 21 Rad Options

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When you fail to verbalize your feelings, quotes can be of great help. There’s a chance that someone already said some wise words that you can relate to so you can get them inked on your skin. What do you think of getting a quote tattoo on your thigh? It definitely sounds like a cool option.

Honestly, quote tattoos are easy to place on any part of your body. But they fit on the thighs perfectly, especially when you wish to get a longer saying.

Now, when it comes to choosing a perfect quote, you may already have something in mind. But maybe you don’t know which style to opt for. How do you want your new tattoo to look like? This can be a tough question when there are so many options you like. So, which one do you go for?

We’ve gathered a list of possibilities that will inspire you. If you’re still unsure about which quote to get tattooed on your thigh, don’t worry. We also made sure to give you a number of options to choose from.

1. Quote in cursive

Credit: vectory_tattoo

Quotes in cursive look romantic and sleek. They’re a great choice for everyone out there who’s looking for a more feminine tattoo. “We shall overcome as we’ve done before” is also a great quote when you’re looking for something inspiring.

2. Three-line quote

Credit: kmttats

In order to grow and move through life, you’ll have to face some unpleasant moments and work your way through them. We love this saying but we also love the style of this tattoo since it’s nice and easy to read.

3. Dissolving text

Credit: babysfirstcig

This isn’t exactly a quote but it’s definitely a statement you can wear on your skin. However, if you don’t like the sound of it but love this dissolving effect then you can easily replace it with your favorite quote. The end result will still be amazing.

4. Quote in Arabic

Credit: tappintatts

If you’re going for something unusual and have always been a fan of the Arabic alphabet, you can use it as the base for your tattoo. Pick a quote you love and make it different through the unusual choice of characters.

5. From the hip to the ankle

Credit: infernoinktatto

Your thigh tattoo can spread all across your leg; from the top of your hip to the bottom of your ankle. This is a great option for all of you who are looking for something bold and daring. If you’re a fan of religious quotes then you may also like the one on the picture above.

6. Simple quote

Credit: eudaemonica__

This design is all about simplicity. The quote is simple but meaningful and the position of it radiates the same vibes. It’s also perfectly proportioned which is something a perfectionist inside of you will appreciate.

7. A reminder of mortality

Credit: chriskeenertattoos

“Memento Mori” is a Latin phrase that’s supposed to remind us that we all must die. So, why not use your life wisely and enjoy every second of it while you’re still breathing? It’s definitely a meaningful quote that will make you realize you shouldn’t waste your time on things you can’t change since everything will pass.

8. “Everything is as it should be”

Credit: youareyouthful

This quote will bring you comfort. The realization that things happen for a reason will prevent you from beating yourself up. Even if you were to do something differently, at one point, you would still reach the same destination.

9. A powerful statement

Credit: alyssagracetattoos

Again, not a quote but it’s a powerful statement that you may want to wear on your thigh proudly. This design shows how you can add some other elements such as this butterfly to your quote and make it even more special.

10. “Control the controllables”

Credit: missstabsalot

There are some things in life that you can control while there are others that will drain your energy and cause a myriad of negative emotions inside of you. So, in order not to waste your time, focus on the things you can control and enjoy every second of life. Sounds like a great quote for a tattoo, right?

11. Thigh script

Credit: imarea_rivera

This design proves that your thigh is a great spot for long quotes since it offers just enough space for everything to fit there nicely. Who knows, you may fall in love with this quote and choose to proudly wear it on your body.

12. Full-circle quote

Credit: jjjaylud

Are you looking for a different approach to quote tattoos? Do you like the design above? It’s different and will stand out from all of the other ideas you’ve already seen. At the same time, it’s simple and great for all of you who aren’t into bold and daring body decorations.

13. A tattoo on the back of a thigh


The back of a thigh is also a great spot for a tattoo. “Walk by faith, not by sight” could be a good choice if you’re looking for something religious that speaks to your heart.

14. Quote in capital letters

Credit: smile.d.esigns

You are art and if you want to remind yourself of that each and every day, this tattoo is a great way to do so. It’s simple, feminine, and will mean a lot to you.

15. Song lyrics


Song lyrics are always a great option when you’re looking for a new tattoo idea. If you aren’t a fan of Taylor Swift then skip the one from the picture above and opt for some other lines that mean a lot to you.

16. Quote surrounded by flowers


When you don’t want to get a plain quote and are looking for some extra details, you can always spice things up with floral elements. This will give your tattoo a more feminine and elegant feel.

17. Simple but meaningful

Credit: saffronfowlertattoos.x

Okay, we know it’s not groundbreaking but you can add something different to your tattoo by changing its position. Instead of horizontal spacing, go with a vertical one. Also, we love the saying “Be afraid and do it anyway”. So, if you feel the same way about it, feel free to go for it.

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18. Thick letters quote

Credit: humancanvas_

Quote tattoos tend to be written in thinner and more delicate fonts. But you can change things up by thickening your letters and opting for something bolder and more noticeable.

19. Handwritten tattoo

Credit: pinkcosmetictattoo

Do you have a handwritten message from a person who means the world to you? You can always choose to get it tattooed onto your thigh. Just make sure to use the message as a stencil since you want to copy the handwriting as well.

20. A thin line between these two

Credit: inkparktattoo_kop

If you’ve lost belief in love, this kind of tattoo will be a perfect description of your current emotions. There’s a thin line between a lover and a loser and once you cross it, you feel like you’ll never allow anyone to come closer to you.

21. “Don’t touch my soul with dirty hands”

Credit: inkbyny

Again, we have a simple design but what we love about this tattoo is the quote. “Don’t touch my soul with dirty hands” is definitely a statement that you want to proudly wear on your skin.