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23 Blessed Tattoo Ideas To Keep You Going During Hard Times

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A representation of your faith could truly be a blessed tattoo. This simple word can give you hope to keep going when you feel like giving up on something that was once important to you.

It’s really a blessing to have the things that we do nowadays. That’s a representation of Divine kindness, and everything that’s happening to you could be a blessing in disguise. There’s something bigger coming your way, and all you have to do is trust that things will fall into place.

It doesn’t matter what you think of your past or what someone else may think of it, it’s in the past. You’re so much more than that, and you can commemorate your journey by tattooing this word onto your skin. This way, you’ll always remember that someone’s watching over you and that everything will fall into place perfectly.

So, we have some examples of a blessed tattoo that could inspire you to get your own.

Blessed tattoo on the neck

Source: @byarttattoo

The neck is quite a popular placement for this tattoo. You can curve it in different ways, you can use different fonts, and it’ll still get the message across. Just like this gothic font that runs down from the ear.

Source: @evelyntattooartist

This tattoo design is a little different from the previous one, but only by the difference in the thickness of the letters. Here, the lines are much finer, they’re very crisp. It’s simple but beautiful.

Source: @mperetti_tattoo

How about a chunky piece on your neck? No one said that you had to do something small! This design is done in a way that shows a graffiti style. The entire design follows the shape of the neck, and the little halo on top adds a nice touch.

Source: @abrahamink

An important thing to note would be to understand that you don’t have to use black ink all the time. You can also do your blessed tattoo in red, which would make it unique and quite romantic.

Blessed tattoo on the hand

Source: @benditotatuaje

Another popular placement for the blessed tattoo is the hand. Specifically, the upper side of the hand! The design can’t be too complicated for this body part, but it can still be elegant.

Source: @meticcio_tattoo

This blessed tattoo was perfectly incorporated into the already existing tattoo. Here you can see the way the font of the letters compliments the tattoo of the wire underneath.

Source: @poramoralarte_tattoo

If you want a more feminine design, then you can opt for a font that looks more elegant and whimsical. Just like the one in this tattoo. The letters are crisp but still look like they’re flowing.

Source: @art_fromann

I also thought that it would be good to incorporate a wrist tattoo here. The wrist is such a wonderful area to get tattooed, especially when the design compliments the placement as well as this one does.

Huge blessed tattoo

Source: @brenoparisitattoo

If you’re not a minimalist, no one’s here to stop you from getting a huge piece. This tattoo has huge letters, that are surrounded by lines that bring it out even more!

Source: @mm_tattooer

This font in particular looks like it represents thorns. The letters are big and chunky, but they still show the true message that you’re trying to convey. The tattoo itself is more masculine than anything.

Source: @tralha_tattoo__mc

You can also have your blessed tattoo done on your abdomen, as you’d have a lot of space here. This tattoo has a lot of details, swirly lines, and outlines that show the artistry behind the design.

Source: @kathrills

Another tattoo that’s done with a Gothic font! This time the words were perfectly aligned with the ribs, to create that artistic feel.

Minimalistic blessed tattoo

Source: @skattytattys

However, if you’re not one of those people who like to be in-your-face, then you may want to consider getting a minimalistic blessed tattoo. Just like this one! It’s simple, yet it’s effective.

Source: @feel_ink_urdorf

This is almost the same tattoo design, however, here you can see it being done in lowercase letters. Some people believe that using lowercase letters can actually make the tattoo seem even more whimsical.

Source: @atar_bar

You also don’t have to stick to black ink when you’re getting a blessed tattoo that’s minimalistic. It’ll still look just as elegant with red ink, it may simply add more character to the design.

Source: @hugocaldeira.tattooartist

Also, different fonts can give your tattoo different vibes. This one is very feminine and delicate, even though it’s so minimal.

Unique designs for your blessed tattoo

Source: @carlinhatattoo

A blessed tattoo doesn’t have to be so simple, you can also add some designs to the word. For example, this design has a simple cross next to it that just adds a little more faith to your heart.

Source: @sebastian_tattoo

Or how about you add an entire rose to add something magical to the entire design? This way, you’ll have two tattoos in one. This rose looks like glass more than anything. The dark letters are still the center of attention.

Source: @inkgarage_brooklyn

If you don’t like huge tattoos that are too dark, then an outlined blessing tattoo would be perfect for you. These lines are crisp, but there’s nothing to fill the lines, so they’re the center of attention. Even the rose looks pretty even though it’s simple.

Source: @tattoo_villa

Some other ideas would be to add the things around your blessed tattoo. In this tattoo, there’s a gorgeous dove and a string that shows a heart. Even the dots that lead down to the OM symbol is so unique. Your tattoo doesn’t have to be boring, but rather perfectly rare.

Source: @h.r.sketches

The best way to make your blessed tattoo come to life is to have a big background and to turn your letters into a negative space, that’s outlined by thick and bulky lines. The shading of the flowers creates a wonderful background to make the word pop into existence your hope.

Source: @pedro_tatuajes98

When you need some Divine intervention in your life and your faith isn’t as strong as it once was, it’s important to have a reminder that everything will fall back into place. So, Jesus on a cross above your blessed tattoo would be the best reminder to get you back on track when you need it.

Source: @azalea.inknz

A very meaningful way to bring your tattoo to life is to have someone important to you write it down so you can get their handwriting printed instead of having it done with a typed-out font. Combining the word with two doves, like in the tattoo that you can see above, should always remind you of this undying connection.