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24 Bow And Arrow Tattoo Ideas To Let Go Of Tension and Conflict

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A bow and arrow tattoo can be designed in so many different ways, and still stay an iconic statement piece that tells a gorgeous story.

Besides the fact that a bow and arrow tattoo is a representation of the people who are born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, it also has a much deeper meaning.

This tattoo where the arrow is pulled in the bow represents tension and conflict, however, it also stands for the struggles that life gives all of us every day. If you choose a design that shows an arrow that lies on the bow, it shows peace, and calm, and also that you went through the rough times, and you’re done with fighting life.

Whatever you choose when it comes to this design, you can tell the story of your life easily. So, I hope you find something for yourself and get inspired by these different examples.

Elegant and simple bow and arrow tattoo

Source: @inkedbychloe

I believe that even a tattoo can look extremely elegant. An arrow and bow tattoo can look absolutely stunning, even with very few details. In this tattoo, it’s an ode to the Zodiac sign. There are some very subtle shadows added to the tattoo, and the constellation is a wonderful detail.

Source: @bycourtneymather

This is also a very elegant and simple tattoo. There are many details, only the fact that the bow was drawn through leaves. There are no shadows added, and the entire linework is perfect.

Source: @joeysneedle

This tattoo is meant for lovers of the minimalist aesthetic. The only thing that’s unusual is the design of the bow, which is very elegant and feminine.

Source: @btn_tattoos

This bow and arrow tattoo is a wonderful representation of the fact that you can add whatever details you want into your design. Here, it looks like the arrow has wings, but actually the they’re part of the bow.

Colorful bow and arrow tattoo

Source: @danielelugli

You can also add a lot of color to your bow and arrow tattoo design. In this example, the bow and arrow are done with black and gray ink, and the only color can be seen in the pink flowers and green leaves.

Source: @tattooist_solar

This is quite a majestic tattoo that should be on every woman’s wish list. Especially if you like whimsical things. The yellow ink looks like actual gold, and the small butterfly has so many details that it could easily be mistaken for the real-deal.

Source: @lilyjtattoo

This is a chunky tattoo, and I understand that this isn’t everyone’s style, but if it’s yours – then you’ve found your winner. The bow is done to look like actual wood, the flowers and butterflies are also a wonderful contrast to that.


Sometimes, one arrow isn’t enough to get through all the struggles in life. But, how about three? The design in this example looks animated. But even the green heart in the middle of the bow is a good detail, considering how well the colors contrast each other.

Source: @sophieannisontattoo

This tattoo looks quite similar to the traditional tattoo style. A bow and arrow tattoo can also look like that, and it can complement your other pieces. Here you can see very saturated colors and very thick outlines.

Source: @tattooist_solar

This is another whimsical tattoo. The bow is done to look like a crescent moon, but the arrow still has some golden details. However, the flower has such gorgeous transitions between the shades of blue, and the highlights.

Source: @jcalenzotattoo

Another bow and arrow tattoo with a lot of blue in it. The bow is done with so many little flowers, that it looks like something out of a fairy tail. There’s even a little crescent moon added, and that detail really makes this a masterpiece.

Big bow and arrow tattoo


Just because some people aren’t brave enough to make this step, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take that step and get a huge tattoo. This black and gray tattoo has some immaculate shadows and highlights, and it definitely follows the shape of the torso perfectly.

Source: @maladja_tattoo_art

This is a very elvish design. It’s black and gray, again, but the little leaves are a wonderful detail. Even the strings are an obvious sign that the artist knew what he was doing.

Source: @hemi_tattoo

This is quite a huge piece, as well. The horned angel is shooting an arrow! This isn’t your usual bow and arrow tattoo, but the artistry behind it is so good that you should definitely consider this design.

Source: @sidtattoos_

This is a magical design choice. All these elements tell a story, and combined they’re genuinely gorgeous. The shadows are mostly within the arrow, while the rest of this tattoo is done with some very dainty outlines.

Source: @ljctattoo

An armed bear is truly something that you don’t want to come across! But, just maybe, you’d like to get it tattooed on your skin? The light shadowing in this design is so gentle and creates a sort of depth that makes you look at this tattoo for hours.

Source: @anubisloktattoo

This is another very unique tattoo design. For a bow and arrow tattoo, this probably isn’t something that you thought about. However, this big tattoo is also quite special. You can’t see that it’s a bow and an arrow right away. But the rib cage in the middle, the purple flowers, the gory details – everything brings this image to life.

Unique bow and arrow tattoo

Source: @katclarke_tattoo

If you’re a fan of geometric tattoos, but you still want to get a bow and arrow tattoo, then you may want to consider something like this. This is a simple tattoo that turned into an actual compass tattoo.

Source: @shan.6tattoo

The true readers among you know that we appreciate warriors using bows and arrows more than anything. So, when you want to commemorate your love for reading, there are a couple of things that you should add to your design. A bow and an arrow should genuinely be on that list.


This is quite a heartbreaking tattoo to look at, however, it tells a story that should be heard and seen. The skin and the trousers of these two are completely black, but the rest has some details. The most important thing here isn’t the artwork, but rather the story.

Source: @lornetattoos

Considering that the bow and arrow tattoo is there to represent the fighter in you, you can do exactly that tattoo. This warrior woman has so much texture in her gown, but some light shadows are creating a very gentle design.

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Source: @dan_tattoosp

If you want a unique tattoo, then you can also incorporate a quote or a special word into it. This whimsical bow and arrow tattoo has that quote designed into the body of the arrow.

Source: @_papa.b_

This is, again, a wonderful representation of how easy it is to incorporate geometrical shapes into every tattoo. This is a little study of how the bow actually stretches to fire the arrow.

Source: @___soyboy

A Centaur has always been represented with a bow and arrow. So, this tattoo tells a heartfelt story of strength and loyalty. This is a much darker tattoo than the previous ones because of the dark shadows that are put into it, and it’s one of the reasons why it’s so unique.