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23 Warrior Tattoo Sleeve Ideas To Cope With Hardships

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A warrior tattoo sleeve isn’t for the weak. It’s a representation of every hardship that you went through in your life, while you’re still coming out strong!

This tattoo is a symbol of courage, strength, and power! I mean, you wouldn’t tattoo a strong character like this on your body to represent something gentle, would you?

You’re here to find inspiration to commemorate all the hardships that you’ve gone through! You want to make sure that you’re looking through all the options to see what to put on your body forever. You care about this process, and you definitely don’t want something that would look tacky.

That’s why we have a couple of options for you to have an eternal reminder of your strength on your body.

Spartans and Gladiators

Source: @camachotattoo

Spartans and Gladiators have always been a representation of strength. They fought through wars, and they were bred for battle! So, this warrior tattoo sleeve design would be perfect for you.

This one in particular has a wonderful composition, the head of the warrior is sitting on the shoulder, while the rest of the tattoo flows perfectly down the arm.

Source: @thortattoo

This is a fine line design, where the artist only used black ink for the linework and the shading. It looks like the warrior is coming home from the battlefield and the squiggly lines on top look like the sun itself.

Source: @mroytattooart

This warrior tattoo sleeve is definitely one that people would remember you by. The face of the Spartan is hidden behind his helmet, but you can see his devotion. Also, it’s quite dark, which makes the thunders pop out even more.

Source: @artisan_shankey

This Gladiator tattoo is one that everyone will remember you by. The red on the shoulder actually creates a wonderful filler, so that it doesn’t look empty. Even some of the shading of the tattoo has been done in red, which is a unique choice.

Source: @dmitriy.tkach

Spartans were known for their wars, and they would always ride horses during that time. So, how about a Pegasus? I mean, a divine creature that was tamed by a mere mortal? If that doesn’t scream power, then I don’t know what does.

Source: @hanz_tattoo

This is a very detailed tattoo design, even though you can’t see the actual face of the warrior. The shading was done immaculately, so that the design almost looks realistic.

Japanese warrior tattoo sleeve

Source: @rach_tattoo

Japanese warriors are also called Samurai. They were extremely feared in their nation, and they were also extremely strong. This tattoo choice is unique, but it’s also filled with meaning.

Especially, when you look at the forearm, you’ll see the face of a female warrior with a sword. The determination in her eyes is unmistakable.

Source: @phillip_whitelotus_tattoo

A warrior tattoo sleeve can be just as pretty as it can be intimidating, which we can clearly see in this example. The Samurai and the foo dog, both have flames coming from their eyes in the form of negative space. The entire tattoo is shaded perfectly, which is why the design flows well down the arm.

Source: @tony_t_ink_tattoos

This Samurai sleeve is extremely detailed. Even though the tattoo is done in black and gray, you’re still able to read every little bit of it, and see every detail for yourself.

Source: @brian__tattoos

Another Samurai tattoo that looks like it has the face of a deity on it. The warrior is holding a katana, and he’s ready for action!

Source: @jessyentattoo

This tattoo design is actually quite interesting. It looks like all the different shapes and shades were stacked onto each other, however, the red fires flow through the entire design to create some sort of contrast.


Traditional Japanese tattoos are very popular, but they’re also extremely beautiful. As you can see here, the head of the Samurai lays perfectly on this man’s shoulder, while the rest of the design flows perfectly down the arm. Even the red flowers, and the golden lines, are a wonderful touch.

Female warrior tattoo sleeve

Source: @davidhoangtattoo

A woman can also be a representation of strength! There were always stories of female warriors who were able to save the day, so a warrior tattoo sleeve of a woman wouldn’t be that bad of an idea.

Especially, if you decide to do a female Samurai, that’s holding her katana with manicured nails!

Source: @suvorov_alexandr_tattoo

It’s said that the Valkyrie were extremely good fighters. However, they were actually there to guide the dead souls to Valhalla. A wonderful Valkyrie tattoo would do your message justice.

Source: @valhallvaror

The most feared women in the entire world were definitely the wives of Vikings! Those women were warriors who would win in any and every battle, even though they also were able to take care of their homes.

This tattoo of a Viking woman makes her look intimidating beyond comparison! You wouldn’t want to cross her path.

Source: @smile_4_ink

Another example of a Valkyrie tattoo that you should consider for your warrior tattoo sleeve. This one has a wonderful design. The woman even has runes on her face that show the strength of any Nord!

Mythological warrior tattoo sleeve

Source: @donnylesmanatattoos

In mythology, there are so many different warriors that you have too many options. In this design, you can see Medusa on the forearm. She’s a true warrior that we should all respect and never forget this legend.

However, your eyes may also be drawn to the design of Zeus at the shoulder of this man. This tattoo was done remarkably, and the composition is out of this world.

Source: @brunosantostattoo

Who’s the biggest warrior in all Mythology? Well, of course, it’s Odin! The god who gave up his eye for infinite knowledge. It’s said that Vikings go to Valhalla to fight in the eternal war because they love to fight so much.

Wouldn’t this God make the perfect image for your tattoo?

Indigenous warrior tattoos

Source: @ibarraskinart

Indigenous people have so many stories to tell, and they’ve fought so many battles. You may even say that they never stopped fighting. For that exact reason, a warrior tattoo sleeve should commemorate their courage.

Source: @steveupton_tattoo

Here we have another indigenous warrior tattoo sleeve. Here you can see an elderly, who probably holds all the knowledge of his people after he’s been through every fight imaginable. If this isn’t the perfect design choice, then I don’t know what is.

Even though the tattoo is quite dark, the contrast of the negative skin space actually creates a depth that lets you feel the image.

Half-sleeve warrior tattoos

Source: @artisteshant

If you’re not ready to commit to a full-sleeve tattoo, maybe a half-sleeve will do the trick. I mean, you can always add to your design. I just thought that it would be fair to add a couple of suggestions.

In this example, you can see the head of a Spartan warrior. At the bottom, there’s even a fighting scene that you could easily incorporate into your design.

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Source: @felipedasoliveiras

A warrior tattoo sleeve doesn’t have to be complicated to be meaningful. Here you can even see a Spartan looking at the man that he fought against. He’s still standing even though so many tried to take him down!

Source: @jakewattsart

Also, a leg sleeve would be an option. This tattoo design is dark, but the shading was done to represent the depth of the image. The face of the warrior can’t be seen, but you can still feel the power behind it.