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24 Coquette Tattoos To Reclaim Your Feminine Power

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You can’t get enough of the coquette aesthetic? You’re not alone! Pop culture’s obsession with hyper-femininity might take many forms, but nothing captures the true essence of the female gaze as well as the coquette beauty aesthetic. Coquette tattoos are the embodiment of the season’s trend, after all.

Whether you opt for a delicate and dainty bow tattoo or a classic, chic pearl tattoo, this trend is all about embracing your romantic side whenever and however you want. An unapologetic explosion of blush, tulle, and all things girly is what this trend is trying to achieve.

With that out of the way, we can’t forget about the fact that the coquette beauty aesthetic shares some of the whimsical, pink-dusted DNA with familiar Tiktok trends like balletcore, Regencycore, cottagecore, and of course, Barbiecore. And the aesthetic is expanding beyond clothing and makeup, too.

Coquette tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re here to change that. We’re bringing you a few of our favorite picks consisting of bows, hearts, cherubs, and all things coquette.

1. A hand-poked bow tattoo

Credit: @monica.leigh.pokes

Coquette tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t go wrong with a simple, sleek ribbon tattoo – regardless of your aesthetic. Opt for a black-and-white tattoo to add a dash of elegance and you’re good to go.

2. A cat locket tattoo

Credit: @ghoulysh

Whenever you’re unsure of whether coquette tattoos are statement enough for you, know that you’re allowed to experiment with ribbons, hearts, cats, and a million other elements that scream “coquette.” We’re obsessed with the little cat locket moment right here!

3. A bow tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @nar66tic

Bows, blush, and tulle seem to be the three things you need to tick off the list when you’re channeling your inner coquette. With a bow tattoo like the one in the picture, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads everywhere you go.

4. A butterfly and a bow tattoo

Credit: @444hanh

We’re going to talk your ears off with bows and ribbons, and we’re not even sorry. We can’t even imagine channeling your inner coquette without getting a tattoo of everything girly you can think of. A ribbon, a butterfly, a few hearts, and a start here and there – that’s all you need to be a coquette.

5. A coquette heart tattoo

Credit: @soymartir

Without the gems and the pearls, you might think that you’re not being coquette enough. Worry not, with a heart tattoo completed with a ribbon, everyone’s going to understand the vibe you’re going for – you’re a coquette and you’re not afraid to show that.

6. A bow and a heart tattoo

Credit: @nymph_tattoo

While we’re on the topic of bows and hearts, you might want to go the locket route. Lockets are quite popular among croquettes, and we’re rooting for them because they represent that you’re holding something dear to your heart.

7. A bow tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @daisy.pokes

A bow tattoo on the forearm? Why not? Whenever you’re unsure of the placement of a tattoo you’re planning on getting, opt for a forearm tattoo – they’re popular for a reason. They’re easy to showcase and conceal, depending on the look you’re going for. They’re quite cute, too.

8. A tattoo of two cherubs

Credit: @xinattt

Cherubs are a representation of devotion, a strong connection with someone, or even the presence of God or divine beings. When you get a cherub tattoo, you’re the one who decides what the tattoo represents – yes, cherubs can be a representation of croquettes, too.

9. A tattoo of two cherries with a bow


What better way to celebrate your femininity than to get a tattoo of two cherries tied with a ribbon? We can’t forget about the little heart embellishing one of the cherries, either. Whatever your personal preferences might be, you have to agree that this tattoo speaks to you.

10. A tiny cherry tattoo


While we’re on the topic of cherry tattoos, we might as well give a shoutout to the tiniest cherry tattoo we’ve ever seen. Whenever you’re trying to emulate the coquette aesthetic, opt for something delicate and dainty and go from there.

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11. Matching coquette tattoos

Credit: @merlis_tattoos

We’re obsessed with matching tattoos, especially when you decide to match with your BFF or a member of your family. With these two cherry tattoos, you’re guaranteed to feel a special connection every time you take a look at your tattoos.

12. A bow tattoo on the stomach

Credit: @lolatatua

When you decide you’re ready to embrace your soft side and get a romantic tattoo, you might want to get a bow tattoo on your stomach. We suggest opting for a minimalistic design to ensure you’re putting the emphasis on your sensuality rather than the tattoo itself.

13. A red ink tattoo

Credit: @tattooist.jasmine

Ribbons are cute and they’re the perfect way for you to play with the coquette aesthetic without committing to a statement piece. With that out of the way, though, red ink tattoos are almost always a better choice than black-and-white tattoos – they’re even more romantic and feminine.

14. Another red ink bow tattoo

Credit: @plasticaaangel

What’s great about red ink tattoos might be the fact that they’re wearable and versatile, regardless of what you might have heard about them. Compare the two red ink tattoos we suggested for your next ink and you’re going to understand what we’re talking about – they’re completely different.

15. A tiny teddy bear tattoo

Credit: @gmsarte

Ribbons might not be your thing, but you can’t say that teddy bears don’t deserve to be a part of the coquette aesthetic. When you’re struggling to choose between the myriad of coquette tattoos you’re bombarded with, opt for a teddy bear tattoo. Why not?

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16. A tattoo of a clothing hanger with a little bow

Credit: @wormfortune

Why not be completely different from the rest of the coquette world? Coquettes are all about embracing what makes them different from the rest of the world, and what better way to do that than to get a tattoo of a clothing hanger with a cute little bow? We can’t get enough of them!

17. A tattoo of two locket with initials on them

Credit: @wormfortune

When you’re trying to pay homage to your relationship without doing something boring and basic, you might want to consider getting a tattoo. Now, a name (or God forbid, a face) might be a little passé, but a tattoo of two lockets with your initials might be the most romantic tattoo we’ve ever heard of.

18. A coquette tattoo of a ribbon


Not all ribbons are made the same, right? Needless to say, you can always go for a statement tattoo and opt for a rather large ribbon embellished with a gem to represent your whimsical thoughts and ideas.

19. A tattoo of a pink ribbon with flowers

Credit: @dahlia_tattooist

A pink ribbon surrounded by pink flowers screams “coquette,” right? At the end of the day, you need to figure out whether you’re willing to go all out or to get a small, simple tattoo that conceals your true self.

20. A tattoo of a blue ribbon


If pink tattoos aren’t your thing, you might want to go for a light blue tattoo. It’s absolutely adorable, and it’s guaranteed to become quite a conversation starter.

21. A tattoo of a pink ribbon with pearls

Credit: @tattooist_daone

We weren’t kidding when we stated that not all ribbons are made the same. When you want to take your tattoo a step further, you might want to ask your tattoo artist to make the ribbon look like it’s made of water and to embellish it with pearls. What a stunning work of art, don’t you think?

22. A coquette bow tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @m0r1ng4

Bows are the girliest tattoos you can get, and we’re here for that. When you’re trying to achieve that effortless, carefree, and even fearless look, don’t shy away from experimenting with bow tattoos. Whether you opt for an upper arm, a forearm, or a shoulder tattoo, you’re going to make the right choice.

23. A cherub tattoo

Credit: @groovyyouink

We can’t get enough of cherub tattoos, either! Whenever you’re on the hunt for a cute tattoo that represents your love of the coquette aesthetic, don’t be afraid to get a cherub tattoo – especially not a cherub holding onto a heart.

24. A pink cherry tattoo


We’ve arrived at the end of the article with another cherry tattoo. With cherries, bows, pearls, hearts, and glitter, there’s no denying that you’re going for a coquette tattoo. We’re quite fond of the specific color and the design of the tattoo above, but feel free to experiment with diferent elements.