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25 Dagger Tattoos That Will Represent Your Virtuous Qualities

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Dagger tattoos have been around for quite some time. With all those different designs, it’s hard to find one that completely suits your aesthetic, but I can promise you that we’ll find something that you’ll like.

If you want to get a dagger tattoo, it’s only fair to understand the meaning behind this eternal ink on your skin. A dagger has two meanings. One says that the dagger represents sacrifice, bravery, and loyalty. However, the other meaning of the dagger tattoo is one of danger, betrayal, and loss.

Whatever you choose to commemorate with your dagger, you’ll have a wonderful story to tell and a great reminder for the future. You’ll always have something to remind you that you should never give up, even when no one else believes in you.

Traditional dagger tattoos

Source: @creepy.grrl

A traditional tattoo is known for those thick outlines, which you can obviously see here. This is a small tattoo, with very crisp lines, and minimal shading. It looks like it’s going through her skin, which makes the whole image even cooler.

Source: @glm.tattooartist

This dagger tattoo is much bigger than the previous one. As you can see here, the rose is in the middle of the tattoo, but the dagger is still the main piece. The black-out parts are very important for the depth of the tattoo. Even though this tattoo is done with black ink, it’s not dark.

Color traditional dagger tattoos

Source: @mike_chavez77

Another way to do traditional tattoos is in full color. In this art style, it’s mostly important to have these big chunks of color within the tattoo. In this particular tattoo, we can see an interesting combination of colors. Again, the dagger is moving through the skin, except in this one you can see splashes of red.

Source: @rbs_tattoo

Dagger tattoos can look however you want them to. Here, the artist was able to turn it into something quite feminine with the jewel in the middle and the flowers around it. The shading is done well, which makes it gorgeous instead of patchy.

Source: @debbiejonestattoos

This traditional tattoo only has a few colors. The background even has a red circle that represents the sun. The rest of it has simple shadows that are pretty, yet they’re not overtaking the entire tattoo.

Source: @brittanie.leigh

Considering that a dagger tattoo can represent the betrayal of a loved one, I’d say that this is the best representation of that. The yellow flowers in the back are a good contrast to the red heart, so the tattoo is balanced out nicely.

Source: @rafaela2die4

This is a much darker dagger tattoo. There are so many colors here, but it’s coherent. The specks of white ink give the impression as if the dagger is being hit by light. The dark background really adds another dimension to this piece.

Fantasy dagger tattoo

Source: @clown.collegiate

If you like reading fantasy books, then you know that every heroine has a dagger strapped to her thigh. So, why wouldn’t you consider dagger tattoos if you can’t walk around with a real one? This is a gorgeous example of a fantasy dagger that you could get inked on your skin.

Source: @campohltattoos

You don’t have to add any colors to make your dagger look magical. This dagger has so many details that bring everything together. The shading is immaculate, and even the surrounding leaves remind you of the forest that you’ll have to cross with it in hand.

Source: @kayseeshuster

This is quite a big dagger tattoo. The details on the handle really make it special, but the blame looks quite realistic with all that shading. The surrounding leaves add a whole nother level of magic.

Source: @yardleytattoo

You can still add a little bit of color to your dagger if you want. For example, this is a bejeweled dagger, and the jewel is green. Even the jewel has some shading to make sure that it looks like it belongs to the rest of the tattoo.

Source: @nikkipowertattoo

Dagger tattoos can also be tiny and adorable. This dagger looks like it’s protected by the forest so that only the true warrior can lift it! The little roses are a great touch, they make the dagger look feminine and elegant.

Source: @josievincent_tattoo

This dagger is a little bit darker than the previous ones. With the shading, it genuinely looks quite sinister. The handle looks elegant, and the more you stare at it the more details you’ll be able to discover.

Source: @awptattoo

The blade of your dagger can have an interesting shape, just like this one! The flowers create a contrast to the scary-looking blade.

Feminine dagger tattoos

Source: @princesspuru

Sometimes, we’re looking for colorful options that are also quite feminine. I mean, you want your dagger to look like a magical object! Well, then this is the best thing for you. The handle is made out of shells and flowers, while the blade is made to look like a crystal. Even the little hearts and sparkles around it tie everything together.

Source: @tattooist_eq

if you want something that’s feminine but also quite dark, then maybe this is the option for you. Most dark dagger tattoos don’t have much color in them but just look at this design. Most of the dagger is done with black ink, but the details are done in colors, and even though they’re small, they’re giving everything an expensive feeling.

Source: @chiastropheltattoo

If you want your traditional tattoo to look even more feminine, then this is the way to go. The rose in the middle is a combination of purple and yellow, which are contrasting colors. The rest is done in shades of pink and orange, and those colors make everything more feminine and magical.

Source: @sketchbrooke_

For the ones among us who like the idea of dark magic, maybe this is the perfect dagger. The most amazing part of this tattoo is the black snake that looks like it’s sparkling while it’s flowing down the dagger.

Source: @princesspuru

If you’re a green witch, then you deserve something that commemorates the mystic powers of the forest. Dagger tattoos can look everything but magical, however, this one looks like it was forged by elves. The combination of the shades of green and purple really makes a great contrast to bring every single detail out. And the crescent moons are set to represent the Pagan symbol.

Unique dagger tattoo ideas

Source: @lara_grebe_tattoo

Dagger tattoos should always be unique. When you look at the meaning, you probably know that your heart has been through a lot, and you want to cherish all the things that you went through with this tattoo. That’s why you should do a dagger stabbing a heart, but let the design represent actual flowers that a growing from the heart.

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When you think about unique tattoos, you probably think about unique and unusual shapes. Well, how about a dagger where the blame is made in the shape of two snakes? It doesn’t get more unusual than that.

Source: @lavendertattoos

The reason why this dagger is unique is the simplicity behind it. All the other tattoos were filled with details, but this one is made out of outlines and simple images.

Source: @jayjoree

Who would’ve thought to put bees and a dagger into one image? Well, dagger tattoos can have everything you like incorporated into them. Here we have a combination of contrasting colors, like purple and yellow, and blue and orange. All of those colors add a lot of dimension to the whole design.

Source: @alyssajadetattoo

The way this artist was playing around with the darker and lighter parts of this image is quite stunning. The blade of the dagger is lighter, but the wings of the butterfly are darker. The handle is dark, but the upper wings are lighter. Combining different images into one design is a wonderful thing because you can tell a story with it!

Source: @caseymarietattoo

We’ve seen all kinds of dagger tattoos within this article, but this one probably has the most going on. It’s a great balance between life and death, light and dark. The dagger represents the line between those two opposites. The skull may seem scary, but the surrounding flowers really balance everything out.