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23 Samurai Tattoo Ideas That Represent The Noble Warrior Within

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A Samurai tattoo is something that carries a certain weight to it. It’s not a funny little tattoo that you do because you want to disobey your parents.

This tattoo represents a noble warrior who was known for his strength and loyalty on the battlefield. The only proper way to get this tattoo would be to represent certain battles that you’ve been through in your life. There are so many different ideas out there, that it’s sometimes hard to choose the right one.

So, if you’re struggling to find something that will speak to your personal aesthetic and preference, then there are some ideas in this article to inspire you.

Black and gray Samurai tattoo


A Samurai tattoo is usually filled with many details, just like you can see in this black and gray tattoo. The placement of this tattoo is unique. However, the shading and linework are done immaculately, to create this gorgeous image.

Source: @dani_moreno_garcia

Again, you can see so many different details in this tattoo. The little Sakura fowers are very special, and a good contrast to the armor of the warrior. The shadows fall down his face and his mask is hiding his identity, which is quite important. However, the negative space looks like the wind that’s blowing the flowers.

Source: @juanguillermo_moreno

This looks like a very realistic Samurai tattoo. Even the flower at the bottom has so many details that it looks extremely realistic. The details in this tattoo are incredible. Just look at that rope! The mask itself is filled with shadows and white ink to give this tattoo even more depth.

Samurai tattoo with red ink

Source: @mikey_kool

It’s quite a common thing to add red ink to a usually black and gray tattoo. Especially, when we’re talking about Japanese imagery. Here, the red ink is added in the form of the sun behind the Samurai.

Source: @mattkingtattoo

This is quite a dark design. The Samurai is mostly done with black ink, and there are only a couple of shadows that are done with some shades of gray. However, the red details really bring this image to life. The background compliments the main star of the show perfectly.

Source: @loiz_loiz

This is a Samurai who’s meditating instead of being in his armor. Nonetheless, it’s obvious what the tattoo represents. Even a warrior can fight his battles in silence. The tree behind him, the Sun, and even the little bird on his sword are amazing details.


This tattoo is huge. The Samurai is completely done in black and gray, but the red details are in the autumn leaves, and even the sun at the top of the tattoo. Considering that this was a huge canvas, it also gave a lot of space for these amazing details in the tattoo.

Source: @jiro_painter

In this Samurai tattoo, you can also see shades of yellow and brown that, together, make the perfect shade of golden. It’s a simpler version of this image, but it’s still done amazingly.

Source: @dominikaszymczyktattoo

You can see everything that we think about when someone says Japan in this tattoo. There’s a Samurai and a building in the background that’s surrounded by cherry trees. Even the mountains look like something from storybooks. The red ink really makes a huge difference in this black and gray tattoo, and it brings it to life.

Source: @bk_tattooer

Maybe you’d like a tattoo of a Samurai in action? This Samurai is in the middle of an attack, and that’s what makes this tattoo so special. I mean, you can see the composition is amazing because of the movement of the body. And the little details that were done in red ink really add something special to the mix.

Colorful Samurai tattoo

Source: @swiftmantis

A completely colored Samurai tattoo is something quite special. There are so many options and it really can make a huge difference. For example, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to show the entire armor. As you can see in this tattoo specifically, there are so many different details that wouldn’t be obvious without these colors.

Source: @mat_heinzeroth

This could be considered a traditional tattoo style because of the big patches of color. However, there are so many colors and shadings that you could also say that it’s just an animated style. This black panther is a gorgeous Samurai, with so many pretty colors incorporated into the design.

Source: @guindero

A Tengu mask is something that you’ll see quite often in Japanese images. This tattoo has a lot of details from Japanese myths and stories. The Samurai tattoo is surrounded by a gorgeous dragon, and the colors are well-saturated.

Source: @sebastiankristentattoo

This is a big Samurai tattoo that has a Tengu mask in the middle of it. There are so many details in this that it’s hard to look at one thing at a time. Even though it’s such a big tattoo, the shading makes the tattoo look like actual artwork.

Source: @lemikele

This is a traditional style of tattooing that can be seen because of the big chunks of color, the thick outlines, and the specific colors that are used in this tattoo. There are just enough details to be able to see the amazing armor, but it’s not too much so that your attention is all over the place.

Geometric Samurai tattoos


If you’re looking to get a Samurai tattoo, you could just as well get something that has many little details and geometrical shapes. For example, this Samurai is surrounded by many shapes, like lines, circles, and squares. The Torii gate on top is a great addition to the tattoo, and there’s even Mount Fuji at the bottom of the tattoo.

Source: @noma_tattooer

There are geometrical shapes in this Samurai tattoo, as well. However, the most astonishing part are the little butterflies that are done in different shades of gray to make them look like they’re flying from within the Samurai.


The saturation of the black ink in this example is immaculate. There are many details in the Samurai, so he’s the main character of the entire tattoo. However, the surrounding lines really add a different dimension to the whole image.

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Unique Samurai tattoos

Source: @usantos

Sometimes, people aren’t looking for a serious Samurai, but rather they love the aesthetic of it. That’s when you can say that you’re looking for a unique tattoo that will let you play around with the artwork. This Akita dog looks so happy in his little armor!

Source: @jacobzamore

In Japanese mythology, frogs are seen as a sign of luck and transformation. So, if you want your Samurai tattoo to feature a little frog, this could be the best way to do that. You’ll have double the meaning, and still get a funky tattoo.

Source: @kjptattoo

How about a cat as a warrior? Your Samurai tattoo can definitely feature whatever you choose. This is quite a unique tattoo because of the sword and the fire that’s coming from it. This cat has some great powers that could help your journey.

Source: @xuruitattoo

Talking of cats as Samurai… This Samurai tattoo is absolutely spectacular, I mean, just look at all those details! The face of the cat looks quite realistic, but the rest of the tattoo gives off a neo-traditional Japanese style of tattooing. Even the background of this tattoo makes the main image come into focus even more.

Source: @cindyliu_tattoos

If you’re obsessed with the idea of female Samurai, then this example was made for you. A woman couldn’t be on the battlefield, but Samurai women were there to protect their families and the household. So, this Samurai tattoo could inspire you to commemorate the women in your life and their strength. The details in this tattoo are breathtaking, and you should consider this for your next trip to the tattoo parlor.