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23 Dainty Back Tattoos, From Delicate Dots To Daring Designs

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Deciding to get a tattoo might be an exciting endeavor – getting a back tattoo, however, might be the biggest commitment you’re ever going to make. Back tattoos require time, energy, and effort because of the amount of surface they’re supposed to cover. What about dainty back tattoos, though?

With delicate and dainty designs taking over the world, you might be considering going a different route. While eye-catching, complex body art on the biggest and flattest part of your body might be a must for many, you don’t need to do what everyone’s doing – you can start small and work your way from there.

We know what we’re talking about. Although any tattoo requires you to consider the time, cost, and aftercare, back tattoos tend to be expensive, take multiple sessions to complete, and might be more difficult to heal. At the end of the day, you’re better off opting for a small-scale tattoo.

Whether you’re looking for tiny floral tattoos, linework, script, or something else entirely, there’s a dainty back tattoo out there that you’re going to adore. Read more down below!

1. A bird tattoo

Credit: @marta_bocharova

When you’re on the brink of getting a back tattoo but you’re unsure of the style to go with, consider getting a bird tattoo. Bird tattoos are elegant and effortless – especially when they’re fine-line tattoos – and they represent freedom, eternal life, and a connection between heaven and earth.

2. A “bisous” tattoo

Credit: @marta_bocharova

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned tattoo-getter, a word tattoo somewhere on the back should be a must. Word tattoos are always a great way to send a message to the rest of the world (or yourself) about something that matters to you.

3. A butterfly tattoo

Credit: @alejoinks

Birds and butterflies are the perfect match, but that’s besides the point. When you’re adamant about getting *one* back tattoo, we suggest opting for a butterfly. Butterfly tattoos represent freedom, progress, positive change, and transformation and they’re pretty freakin’ pleasing to the eye.

4. A “enough” tattoo

Credit: @gwen.tattooing

You might not want the word “bisous” stuck on your back forever, but that’s not to say you can’t experiment with different words, phrases, quotes, and lyrics. You might want to get a tattoo of the word “enough” when you’re trying to remind yourself of what you’re worth – you’re enough.

5. A “lucky” tattoo

Credit: @gwen.tattooing

We can say the same thing about a tattoo of the word “lucky.” Whether you’re calling yourself lucky because of something you’ve gone through or poking fun at someone who’s lucky enough to see your tattoo, we’re positive that you’re going to get out of the tattoo parlor with a smile on your face.

6. A “humility” tattoo in red ink

Credit: @gwen.tattooing

Black-and-white tattoos are elegant, effortless, and classic – but, that doesn’t mean that they’re the only route you’re allowed to take. A red ink tattoo might be your way of saying you don’t want to conform to society’s standards. And you might want to get a tattoo of the words “humility” to attest to that.

7. A tattoo of wings with a mantra

Credit: @tattooartbyhailey

Word tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s why we’re bringing you a few of our favorite variations. A simple (and stunning!) tattoo consisting of wings, flowers, and words that mean something to you might be the right way to go.

At the end of the day, you need a tattoo that’s going to be “always loved,” too.

8. A fish tattoo

Credit: @tattooartbyhailey

We’ve gone past the times when lower back tattoos were considered out of style, trashy, and cheap. With a lower back tattoo of two strikingly beautiful and bold fish, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads. A tattoo of a fish represents fertility, transformation, adaptability, and abundance. 

9. A daffodil tattoo

Credit: @tattooartbyhailey

We’re obsessed with flowy, floral tattoos, and for a reason, too. When you’re struggling to choose between different dainty back tattoos, always opt for a pretty flower – a daffodil might be a great place to start. A daffodil tattoo represents rebirth, new beginnings, and new challenges.

10. A blossom tattoo

Credit: @tattooartbyhailey

Oh, did someone mention floral tattoos? On one hand, we’re more than happy to recommend getting a blossom tattoo on the back. On the other, we worry that blossom tattoos are going to become too popular and prominent and go out of style.

With that out of the way, though, blossom tattoos represent the beauty of nature, renewal, and the arrival of spring. 

11. An abstract spine tattoo

Credit: @akkurat_tattoo

An abstract tattoo provides an alternative perspective on reality and that might be the meaning you’re after. Whatever the case might be, abstract back tattoos look like literal works of art and that’s reason enough to consider getting one.

12. An ornamental spine tattoo

Credit: @akkurat_tattoo

We can say the same thing about ornamental tattoos. Ornamental tattoos are meant to be decorative rather than meaningful, and they’re a great way to experiment with different styles when you’re unsure of what you’re attracted to.

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13. A line-art back tattoo

Credit: @akkurat_tattoo

A line-art tattoo (especially with these measurements!) might not be your top pick when searching for dainty back tattoos, but that’s a shame. With a line-art tattoo, you get to explore different elements, symbols, and styles without getting a tattoo that takes too much time and effort.

14. A tiny heart back tattoo

Credit: @there.ttt

You can’t go more dainty and delicate than a tiny heart tattoo on the back (or anywhere on the body!) You’re probably already aware that heart tattoos represent love, passion, and devotion and that they’re a great way to show affection toward yourself or your significant other. Go on!

15. A dinosaur tattoo

Credit: @there.ttt

While you might think that dinosaur tattoos are reserved for seasoned tattoo-getters who want to “go big or go home,” you’re allowed to get the sweetest, smallest dinosaur tattoo, too. Whether you opt for line art or a different style of tattoo, we suggest getting a dinosaur tattoo to represent your strength.

16. “Amour” tattoo

Credit: @there.ttt

We already raved about word tattoos because they’re one of the most popular prominent back motifs. With that in mind, though, we do need to mention that you can experiment with words in diferent languages or even different writing systems, depending on what you’re going for.

17. A smile tattoo

Credit: @there.ttt

Maybe you’re happy because you’re exactly where you always wanted to be. Maybe you’re over the moon because you’re content with your life. Whatever the case might be, getting a tattoo of the word “smile” will put a smile on your face – there’s no question about that.

18. A tiny Zodiac tattoo

Credit: @tattoovasquez

What do you do when you want to get a back tattoo but you’re scared of needles? Or you’re scared that you’re going to regret your choice? Or you’re scared of your mom’s reaction? Get the tiniest tattoo you’ve ever seen and go on with your day.

We’re rooting for a Zodiac tattoo but feel free to get whatever feels right to you.

19. A paw print tattoo

Credit: @tattoovasquez

We can’t forget about our four-legged friends! When you’re struggling to choose between the myriad of dainty back tattoos you’re bombarded with on the regular, opt for one that celebrates your BFF. A paw print tattoo on the back might be the cutest tattoo we’ve ever seen.

20. A number tattoo

Credit: @tattoovasquez

Whether you get a tattoo of your date of birth, the year you achieved something grand, or your lucky number, you can always go back and reminisce over the good times. Number tattoos might not be groundbreaking, but they’re a great way to celebrate yourself or someone you care about.

21. A sun and moon tattoo

Credit: @alejoinks

What about a sun and moon tattoo? A sun and moon tattoo represents the battle of the opposites, the ebb and flow of life, and the harmony between masculine and feminine power. After all, you can get a sun and moon tattoo simply because you’re a fan of the way the two elements come together.

22. A flower tattoo

Credit: @alejoinks

A flower tattoo can carry a million different meanings, depending on the type of flower, your association with the flower, or even the color. A fine-line flower tattoo like the one in the picture, though, might be the perfect match for you considering that you’re on the hunt for dainty back tattoos.

23. A “gratitude” tattoo

Credit: @alejoinks

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with a “gratitude” tattoo. Whatever you’re grateful for, you might want to showcase your gratitude by getting a permanent reminder of everything you’ve achieved – right there on your back. We salute your decision!