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20 Dog Tattoos To Pay Honor To Your Best Furry Friend

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Your canine friend is truly someone you can rely on at all times. He understands you the best and knows when is the right time to sit in your lap and lick your hand until he feels your heartbeat relaxing. Due to this strong relationship, more and more people are looking into dog tattoos to pay honor to their furry friends.

One thing’s certain, you’ll never regret the decision of getting a tattoo of your dog. He’s not going to cheat on you and break your heart. Instead, he’ll stay by your side through thick and thin and will always know how to brighten up your day.

Those who don’t own a puppy won’t understand you but you truly feel like your furry little monster is your best friend. He may not speak the human language but he surely can give you better advice than some of the people you know.

Getting a tattoo of your dog is a great way to honor his presence in your life. Now, you just need to figure out which design to go for.

We have a number of ideas but just bear in mind that all of them are equally adorable so it may be a tough decision to figure out which one to opt for.

1. High paw

Credit: theorzinger

This fine-line tattoo represents the kind of relationship you have with your pup. You don’t need anyone else to high-five you as long as you have your doggo.

2. Dog portrait

Credit: youranink

A dog portrait is another great idea that’s going to serve as a lasting memory of your puppy. We love how realistic this one looks, and even though it’s a smaller size, you can still see all the details clearly.

3. Sleepy dog

Credit: zeljkawachter

Do you have a dog who’s a true nap master? Get a picture of him as he takes his 20th nap of the day and get it inked on your skin. We’re sure that it will make you smile every time you look at it.

4. Best friends

Credit: zeljkawachter

Small tattoos don’t have to be boring, and they definitely don’t have to be meaningless. When you feel like your dog is your best friend, this design is a great way to show that to the world.

5. Happy doggo

Credit: tattoosbymissiblue

We all know that dogs have their favorite toys. No matter what else you buy them, you can be sure that nothing will replace their favorite source of entertainment. Take a picture of your dog having the time of his life and get a tattoo of it. At first, he may be confused to see himself on your body but he’ll love it too.

6. Furry family

Credit: greens_tattoo

If you have more than one puppy and want to celebrate all of them, then you’re going to love this portrait of a furry family. It’s a great idea and the best part is that you can personalize it and choose the tattoo style you love.

7. Paw prints

Credit: ianreynold

Your pet’s paw prints are probably the main reason why you’re early awake on a Sunday morning. The sound of him walking down the hallway, getting ready to snuggle in your bed is something you’ll never forget. So, a great way to celebrate your puppy is to ink his paws onto your skin forever.

8. Realistic dog tattoo


Realistic black and gray tattoos are true pieces of art. They convey the emotion and capture all the details to a tee. If you’re into this style then you may already have in mind what picture of your dog you would love to wear on your body for the rest of your life.

9. Adorable pup

Credit: vika.evert

What do you do when you wish to get a simple and minimalistic tattoo of your dog? Well, you go for something like this. We love the added heart since it shows how much love your puppy has brought into your life.

10. Outline of a dog


This abstract outline of a dog is definitely one of the best ideas for all of you who prefer to keep your tattoos simple. We love the thin lines and how much you can achieve with a few ink strokes.

11. Paw and nose print

Credit: alicampiontattoos_

When you don’t want to wear your dog’s face on your skin, you can easily opt for his prominent features. Of course, we’re talking about his nose and paws. If you want to, you can also add his name in the middle just like it’s done on the design above.

12. Puppy’s favorite activity


Does your dog have his favorite activity that’s so silly but you enjoy watching him do it because he gets so happy? If your dog loves staring at a glass or playing with paper for hours, then you can ink that on your skin. It’s a great way to celebrate his quirky personality.

13. Dog ears

Credit: davide_flowlines

If your dog’s ears always look one way, that’s another feature about him that you can get tattooed. It will make you think of your puppy every time you look at your new tattoo.

14. The unbreakable bond

Credit: varadi.fanni_tattoo

You and your pup have an unbreakable bond. What better way to show that than through a design such as this one? It’s adorable and definitely represents how close the two of you are.

15. Dog stamp

Credit: magpierodeo

Do you love the retro aesthetic in general? Then, you’re going to fall in love with this adorable dog stamp. Imagine how awesome it’s going to look with your puppy on it.

16. Traditional-style dog tattoo

Credit: melodycrowtattoos

Dog tattoos can also be done in a traditional style and the great thing about them is that they’re going to stand out. Thanks to the thicker lines and vibrant colors, everyone’s going to ask you questions about your doggy.

17. Bold paw print

Credit: mbakertattoo

This is a bolder version of a paw print, suitable for all of you who like to introduce a pop of color into your tattoos. We think it looks amazing, but what’s your opinion on it?

18. Colorful dog tattoo

Credit: pigmentedtattoos

Talking about colors, this is another option you can opt for. Bring your dog tattoo to life with all these different shades and you’re not going to regret it.

19. Special memory

Credit: spacecattattoo

Do you have a special memory with your dog and want to make it last forever? Bring a picture of it to your tattoo artist and enjoy your new favorite body decoration.

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20. Spooky dog

Credit: pinstripe85

If you want to have fun with your dog tattoo, you can always choose something like this. Maybe you have a dog who loves getting under the blanket, pretending that he’s a ghost. In that case, this is the perfect design for you.