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23 Earth Tattoo Ideas For The Lovers Of Our Only Home

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An Earth tattoo is the perfect match for people who are environmentalists and simply want to show the world their love for our planet.

I mean, this is the only home we have, and we need to take care of it. A tattoo is an eternal reminder of that!

To make sure that you’ve found the perfect design for yourself, you’ll have to do some digging, but you can also find the best designs here to help you on your journey.

It’s not just about the love for our planet, but an Earth tattoo also represents adaptability and life in general. So, you’ll have a meaningful piece of art on your body that will keep you grounded and remind you of how special life actually is.

Small and simple Earth tattoo

Source: @emilyjtattoos

When it comes to choosing your tattoo design, you don’t have to go overboard. You can do something small and simple and still embody the desired meaning of it. Here we have a combination of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The lines are very dainty and feminine.

Source: @gulsahcindaruk

For the people who love to travel and are filled with wanderlust, there are so many options out there. This Earth tattoo has a simple globe design, with some detailed flowers and leaves. The most special thing is the little airplane that shows that you’d want to explore everything our world has to offer.

Source: @jankowska_tattoo

The wanderlust within you will be happy with this design. It shows the Earth with a little airplane, but the line represents your need to never stay in the same place.

Source: @raebeat_tattoo

This small tattoo is very meaningful. You can see that there’s still a small plane, but the continents are done with black ink to give the tattoo more depth.

Source: @kaylajordyntattoos

There are more details in this tattoo than you may want, but it’s still quite simple because of the lack of complex images. The only shading is centered within the continents and the leaves around the flowers. The little dots and circles below are a great touch to make it more artistic.

Source: @panta_choi

This entire tattoo has a lot more depth because of the shading within the Earth. The continents are much darker, but even though the lines are so fine, they’re supported by the light shadows.

Colorful Earth tattoo

Source: @visotskayatattoo

If you want to get an Earth tattoo, you don’t have to stick to something simple just because it’s easier. When you find the right artist, you can also do it in color! This tattoo looks like the images we’ve seen in school when we were learning about our planet. There are even clouds, and you can see the deep parts of the oceans because of the shades of blue that were used.

Source: @chobananaclub

It’s so easy to get caught up in the simple tattoos that we forget that we can create whatever design we want. This is a very trippy tattoo, there are so many colors that create a very unique piece. However, the planet is the main thing that catches your attention.

Source: @jiro_painter

When we’re talking about colorful tattoos, we don’t have to rely on the entire color-palette. You can also choose something more classy, like this, for example. The hand is done in black ink, the globe is much lighter, but the shades of yellow and brown create the effect of gold dripping down.

Source: @jonjtattoos

Is anyone interested in Earthling ice cream? This design is very unique. While you’re able to show your love for our planet, you’re also able to tell a story about global warming.


This tattoo design is very special, and you should consider it if you’re a lover of anything nature-related. The colors are blurred out, so there are no harsh lines, and no harsh transitions between the colors. Even the leaves look semi-realistic!

Source: @by_vas

Your Earth tattoo can have different details and still get the message across. This looks like something from a children’s book, and that’s what makes it so special. The little baby could represent your child who’s brought up to take care of her surroundings.


Here we have another colorful example of an Earth tattoo that doesn’t have any harsh transitions between the colors that were used. However, the little detail that shows the Moon orbiting around the Earth is gorgeous, and maybe that’s what you need to go into the tattoo parlor and finally get it done.

Source: @youngchickentattoo

Even though you believe that the Earth isn’t flat (as you should), you can still get something more artistic. Instead of going for the unusual circle/globe design, you can still have your meaning embodied in a square-shaped Earth tattoo.

Geometric Earth tattoo

Source: @jadyntattooer

Geometrical tattoos are very popular right now, and you’re able to tell a full story with them. For example, this tattoo has the Earth as its centerpiece, but the lines and shapes around it really make this design unique. And do you see that adorable astronaut?

Source: @midday_p

Not many know about the story of Atlas, even though most of us have heard that name. Here we have a geometrical Earth tattoo, where the planet is carried by Atlas, and other details make this an artistic piece. You can even recognize the phases of the Moon at the top of the design.

Source: @plinaink

This tattoo is an ode to all the people who love to travel. It’s known that people with wanderlust love to get a compass tattooed, but that’s exactly why you should consider combining these two images into one tattoo.

Source: @jadyntattooer

When I said that you can tell a story with your geometrical tattoo, this is what I meant. The earth is the darkest piece, which makes it draw all of your attention to it. However, the brain and the heart are connected with fine lines to the image of the Earth. And there’s even the words “stay connected” that send a powerful message.

Source: @grizzlyayretattoos

This geometrical tattoo has so many details and images that it’s easy to get lost in it. You can see the tropical image underneath, and the mountains on top. The sun and the moon, as well as the symbols of the four elements. There’s everything you need, in just one image.

Mother Earth tattoo

Source: @tattoonium

A Mother Earth tattoo could be your next trip to the tattoo parlor. This woman is holding our planet so lovingly, as if she’s protecting it. This is done with a single needle, which is why the entire design has so many fine lines and dainty shading.

Source: @mervseda

You can also add a lot of color to your tattoo of Mother Earth. Here, she’s surrounded by some adorable animals, and she’s making sure to protect what’s hers. There are even little pink flowers all around, which are a wonder contract to the cold shades of blue and green within the Earth tattoo.

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Source: @ayhankrdg

This is a very simple yet unique Mother Earth tattoo. The colors are perfectly saturated, and the shading is done immaculately. The woman is at the top of the world, and her skirt is turning into the globe itself.

Source: @antclaytattoo

If you’re looking for an Earth tattoo, you might as well know that the Earth can just be a small image within the entire design. Here, the Earth is the lightest part of it, and everything else has some shading to create that contrast that you’ve been looking for.