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25 épicos tatuajes de libélulas que te aportarán energía positiva

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A bug tattoo done well can make you truly appreciate the tiny animals and everything they represent. Whether you’re a seasoned bug enthusiast or simply want to explore your options before you commit to permanent body art, dragonfly tattoos might be on your radar.

Dragonfly tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re much more popular than you might think. With the right tattoo artist, you can turn a delicate and dainty dragonfly tattoo into a chic, intricate, and interesting work of art. Dragonfly tattoos represent a myriad of meanings, too, but they’re typically seen as symbols of positive energy, peace, and prosperity.

Without further ado, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite dragonfly tattoos guaranteed to stand out from the rest.

1. A dainty dragonfly tattoo on the bicep

Crédito: @soul_imagez_tattoo

Dainty dragonfly tattoos are the way to go! Whether you place your tattoo on the upper arm, the forearm, or anywhere on the body, you’re guaranteed to change the way people see these curious creatures.

2. A dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder

Crédito: @circatattoo

What about a dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder? Shoulder tattoos are perfect for people who want the option to conceal or reveal their tattoos depending on their preferences. So, you might want to explore the possibility of getting a shoulder tattoo.

3. A delicate dragonfly tattoo on the sternum

Crédito: @dridri_ink

A delicate dragonfly on the sternum might be one of the most intricate, interesting insect tattoos we’ve ever seen! Whether you opt for a fine-line tattoo or something a little more eye-catching, the placement of the tattoo can make or break the overall vibe of the tattoo.

4. A tattoo of three fine-line dragonflies on the collarbone

Crédito: @paintbrushtattoo

Tiny tattoos have our hearts! With a tiny tattoo of three dragonflies on your collarbone, you can manifest peace, patience, and prosperity without going all out or spending all your money on a statement tattoo. Why not give tiny tattoos a try?

5. A detailed dragonfly tattoo on the chest

Crédito: @toothfairytats

With a detailed dragonfly tattoo, though, you can explore your creativity and come up with a design that reflects who you are. Whether you embellish your tattoo with flowers, leaves, or ornaments, you can truly amplify or change the meaning of your tattoo.

6. A tattoo of a dragonfly on the back

Crédito: @savinktattoo

Tatuajes en la espalda deserve the spotlight, too. Back tattoos can be quite menacing, especially when you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever. But, you can make them your own by opting for a smaller, simpler design or a statement work of art.

7. A big and bold thigh tattoo of a dragonfly

Crédito: @screw_ink

A big and bold tattoo on your thigh can be your way of telling the world that you aren’t afraid of anything. After all, thigh tattoos offer you plenty of real estate to work with and that might be something you need right now.

8. A fine-line dragonfly tattoo on the forearm

Crédito: @borisbianchi

A fine-line tattoo might be your way of staying on top of trends! With a fine-line tattoo of a dragonfly, you can choose whichever placement you want because you’re going to end up with a softer, more subtle design.

9. A tattoo of two dragonflies on the arm

Crédito: @orlandokingstattoo

What about two dragonfly tattoos? Whether you’re working on your sticker sleeve or simply want to get inked from your head to your toe, you might be interested in getting more than one insect tattoo. We love the way these two dragonflies dance around the elbow and look like they’re having the time of their lives.

10. A dragonfly tattoo on the wrist

Crédito: @b.b.tattoos

Wrist tattoos are tricky because they’re almost always on display, but that might be something you’re on the search for. With a wrist tattoo, you’re probably going to opt for a smaller, simpler design embellished with a few symbols and elements that speak to you the most.

11. A soft and subtle dragonfly tattoo on the back of the arm

Crédito: @kalula_tattoo

A soft and subtle dragonfly tattoo on the back of the arm sounds awesome! Blackwork tattoos are more traditional, but that’s not what’s on-trend these days. Before you opt for the final design of your tattoo, make sure you explore the possibility of getting a softer, more diffused design that doesn’t attract too much attention.

12. An ornamental tattoo of a dragonfly on the sternum


We can’t get enough of ornamental tattoos, either! Ornamental tattoos are decorative rather than functional or meaningful, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play with elements that add more meaning to your tattoo. A dragonfly tattoo, for example, represents harmony, purity, and maturity.

13. An ornamental tattoo of a dragonfly on the back of the arm

Crédito: @luckylucky.louis

Sternum tattoos can be scary, but that’s why you can get away with any placement when you’re planning on getting a dragonfly tattoo. Ornamental tattoos are wearable and versatile, and you can make them your own with a few tips and tweaks.

14. A fluttery dragonfly tattoo on the back of the shoulder

Crédito: @__divineink

Dragonfly tattoos are perfect because you can make them look like they’re moving with your body. A fluttery tattoo can be achieved by overlapping two or three sets of wings and working from there. And that’s what makes them special.

15. A fluttery dragonfly tattoo on the bicep

Crédito: @ashinkks

What about a fluttery tattoo on the bicep? Whichever placement you decide to go with, make sure your tattoo can move with your body.

16. A tattoo of a dragonfly on the inside of the arm

Crédito: @gigiebear

We’re taken aback by the beauty of this tattoo, too! This tattoo features a bigger, bolder dragonfly created with fine lines, delicate dots, and lots of details. This tattoo screams “I’m a fan of insects!”

17. A dragonfly tattoo under the elbow

Crédito: @nar66tic

Elbows are quite an underrated tattoo placement, but that needs to change right away. Elbow tattoos can be eye-catching and elegant, and they’re known to attract quite a lot of attention from first-timers and seasoned tattoo-getters.

18. A dragonfly tattoo on the leg

Crédito: @tifflai.tattoos

A leg tattoo? Absolutely!

Dragonfly tattoos might be on the smaller side, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make them stand out with a little help from black ink and bold lines.

19. A matching dragonfly tattoo


Matching tattoos might be a bit controversial, but that’s up to you to decide. We believe that matching tattoos are a great way to celebrate a relationship or make someone special feel loved. With a matching tattoo of a tiny dragonfly, you can show love to your mother, sister, or your BFF.

20. A sticker sleeve dragonfly tattoo

Crédito: @monxro

Sticker sleeves are all the rage these days and we believe that dragonflies make for the perfect tattoo motif because they’re small, simple, and chic. Combine them with all your favorite insects or make them the focal point of your sticker sleeve.

21. A tattoo of a dragonfly on the neck

Crédito: @ms.tattooist

Neck tattoos (or throat tattoos) are awesome, but they’re certainly not for the faint of heart. When you’re willing to sit through the pain of getting a neck or a throat tattoo, you’re willing to do anything. We suggest opting for a dragonfly tattoo motif, because why not?

22. Another matching dragonfly tattoo

Crédito: @giahi

Matching tattoos are typically tiny, but we’re quite fond of people who aren’t afraid of going all out. Whether you want to scream from the top of your lungs that you love your partner or you want to make sure your BFF knows how much you care for her, we suggest you opt for a matching dragonfly tattoo.

23. A tiny tattoo of a dragonfly on the back

Crédito: @circatattoo

Back tattoos are typically big, but that doesn’t need to be a rule. A tiny dragonfly on your back might be a great way for you to pay homage to your favorite insect without going overboard or spending too much time, effort, and energy on a bigger piece.

24. A tattoo of a dragonfly on the ribcage

Crédito: @devillabeatrix

Rib tattoos are ridiculously attractive, and that’s pretty much the biggest reason why people get them. With a rib tattoo, you can work with the curvatures of your body and come up with a design that accentuates your beauty.

25. A tattoo of a delicate dragonfly on the ankle

Crédito: @little_nonnoe

We’re ending the article with a delicate and dainty ankle tattoo! Ankle tattoos are awesome because they stay the same for years to come. Ankle tattoos aren’t known to sag or stretch with time, and they’re pretty freakin’ adorable.