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18 Tatuajes de plumas de élite en la mano: Prácticos símbolos de libertad

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Feathers are one of those elements that people love to get inked. They’re often seen as symbols of freedom, beauty, or even loss which goes to show how versatile they are. If you’re looking to get a feather tattoo on your hand, then you’re probably struggling with the design.

Figuring out what you want to get inked seems to be the easier part. But finding out the actual design you like is a bit trickier. That’s why we’ve collected some ideas that could inspire your new ink.

1. Blackwork feather

Crédito: drjaded

If you like the idea of getting a tattoo that’s made entirely out of black ink then this is the choice for you. Just because it’s a simple design it doesn’t mean that it’s meaningless.

2. Simple feather

Crédito: annmoll_bharti_baid

This is another uncomplicated option that will fit you like a glove. It’s a perfect choice for all of you who are looking for something minimalistic.

3. Realistic feather

Crédito: jakeglovertattoo

Realistic tattoos have a special charm. They simply look good, no matter the design you opt for. If you’re into this tattoo style then here’s a cool idea that you may like.

4. Feather with an ornamental bracelet

Crédito: ant_on_ella

This tattoo is a combination of an ornamental element and a feather. If you want to, you can opt for a version without the bracelet and simply get a feather itself. That way, you’ll keep things simple and still get the meaning you’re looking for.

5. Feather with a quote

Crédito: paul.ink_

Tattoos that contain quotes allow you to convey your feelings in such an easy way. So, you can always add your favorite quote next to the feather, and just like that you get a tattoo you’ll be proud to wear.

6. Pop of color

Crédito: sarasaooo_tattoo

If you prefer colorful tattoos over black and gray ones then you can opt for something like this. Fill the inside of your feather with a shade you like the most and that way, make your new tattoo at least a bit more personal.

7. Fine-line feather

Crédito: tattooistic__

The majority of these tattoos are simple due to their placement. There’s not a ton of space on your hand which is why designs such as this one work like a charm.

8. Turning into birds

Crédito: ink_tattos_thakurdwara_

Birds and feathers are common symbols of freedom, so a great thing you can do is to combine them into a tattoo such as this one. You’ll not only get an aesthetically pleasing tattoo but you’ll also love the meaning it carries.

9. Bigger feather piece

Crédito: thetattootrait

This design is made for all of you who are looking for a slightly bigger feather tattoo. You can choose to get a version without the bracelet if it doesn’t suit your style. Or, you can keep everything as it is if you like the way it all looks together.

10. Uncomplicated feather

Crédito: johnnyink

Here we have another basic design that will fit everyone’s hand. It’s so simple that there’s nothing you won’t like about it.

11. Watercolor feather

Crédito: aosisanyatattoo

The watercolor tattoo style is such a fun way to introduce some color into your design. Choose the shades you like the most and let your tattoo artist play with them. We’re sure that you won’t regret your decision.

12. Minimalistic feather

Crédito: christianwhalvin

For all of the minimalists out there, we have a perfect tattoo that will tick all the boxes you’re looking for. A fine-line style such as this one that’s pretty straightforward is exactly what you need when you want to keep your new tattoo as simple as possible.

13. Embellished feather

Crédito: krismarietattoos

However, if you want all the bling you can get, then this is a design for you. This tatuaje de plumas plays with ornaments and embellished details that make it appear extra, in every sense of that word.

14. Feather and birds

Crédito: lyssa_t.tattoos

We already gave you an option of a feather that turns into birds. This one is slightly different since it contains birds flying next to the feather. What makes it special are the highlighted parts that give the whole design a bit more dimension.

15. Black and gray feather

Crédito: anshul_tattoo_art

If you like black and gray tattoos then you may love this design. It’s pretty simple and won’t take a lot of hours to finish but at the same time, it will give you the meaning you’re looking for which is the most important part.

16. Feather and butterflies

Crédito: indi_tattoos

If you want to spice up your feather tattoo, you can always choose to add some mariposas to it. This way, you’ll turn your new ink into a magical piece of art right on your hand.

17. Feather with a tiny heart

Crédito: priyas_ink

Simple tattoos seem to be an ongoing trend since they’re so easy to wear. No matter what’s your aesthetic, you can be sure that a minimalistic tattoo such as this one will look great on your skin.

18. Turkey feather

Crédito: vaincore.tattoos

Turkey’s feathers symbolize good luck and abundance so, they’re a great way to get a slightly different tattoo from the traditional ones you’ve been seeing everywhere. We’re sure that people will ask you questions about it because this design is not something you see every day. So, you can easily use your new tattoo as a conversation starter.