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21 Enchanting Evil Eye Tattoo Ideas To Ward Off Negative Energy

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When it comes to warding off the mystic, malevolent forces of the world, there’s perhaps no charm more famous or fought-over than the ever-knowing evil eye. Would you consider getting an evil eye tattoo if we told you it would protect you from negative energy?

Well, that’s what the entire world seems to believe! Evil eye tattoos are becoming more and more popular with recent endorsements from A-list celebrities. Hilary Duff, Zoë Kravitz, and Lucy Hale are a few celebrities who own evil eye tattoos, and we know none of them wear anything that’s not on-trend.

Whether you’re interested in following trends or you simply want to explore the magical powers of the evil eye, you’re probably trying to decide whether you should get an evil eye tattoo. Evil eye tattoos are wearable and versatile which means you can make them your own.

Between small, simple minimalist designs and big, bold statement works of art, we’re sure you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for down below. Ahead, explore twenty-one of the cutest, coolest evil eye-inspired inks on Instagram.

1. A single-needle tattoo on the wrist


With an evil eye on your wrist, you don’t need to worry about bad luck following you around. Not only that, but an evil eye will make you look like you know what you’re doing and like you know how to protect yourself.

2. An evil eye tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @sukza__art

A forearm tattoo might be a better choice for people who want to conceal and reveal their tattoos when they see fit. With a forearm tattoo, you get plenty of real estate to work with, too, and you get to experiment with diferent styles and symbols.

3. A tiny evil eye tattoo

Credit: @__elleink

An evil eye can be a symbol of power and strength, too, and that’s why you might be interested in getting it inked on your upper arm, forearm, or even your finger. After all, a tiny evil eye tattoo can fit anywhere you want it to.

4. A matching tattoo of the evil eye

Credit: @pelinnsimsek

Whether you’re on the hunt for a motif for a matching tattoo with your mom, your BFF, or even your significant other, you can’t go wrong with a “nazar.” With an evil eye on your body, the two of you will be protected from anything that wants to harm you.

5. An ornamental tattoo on the stomach

Credit: @singhwhoinks

What’s great about evil eyes might be the fact that you can embellish them and make them fit within your body art aesthetic better. Ornamental tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and that’s why you might want to get an ornamental evil eye tattoo on your stomach, sternum, or anywhere on the body.

6. A red ink bracelet tattoo

Credit: @tattoovasquez

Black ink tattoos are elegant, timeless, and effortless, but you might be interested in something a little more intricate and inspiring. A red ink tattoo is guaranteed to attract attention, especially if you opt for a red ink bracelet tattoo that’s known as a symbol of spiritual protection.

7. A neotraditional evil eye tattoo

Credit: @ashrixtattoos

Neotraditional tattoos are typically big, bright, and bold, and that’s why they’re some of the most popular tattoo styles out there. If you opt for a neotraditional tattoo, you can play with different color combinations, symbols, and shapes to come up with a custom tattoo.

8. A matching tattoo on the wrist

Credit: @brownzbrowbar

Argh, we can’t get enough of matching tattoos! Whether you opt for an evil eye on the wrist, on the back of the neck, or even on the ankle, you’ll send a message to the rest of the world that the two of you mean business. After all, you’re protected by the evil eye.

9. An evil eye-themed vine on the hand

Credit: @honutattoocompany

We agree that evil eye tattoos can be quite basic and boring, especially when you opt for a delicate and dainty eye design that doesn’t attract any attention. With the right tattoo placement, though, you can get your vine tattoo to stretch and move with your body – and that’s what makes it special.

10. A brushstroke evil eye on the forearm

Credit: @bea_tattooart

Brushstroke tattoos are both traditional and modern, and that’s why they’re worth your while. Before you bite the bullet and get the most basic tattoo ever, you might want to opt for a brushstroke tattoo. Get the vibe of watercolor tattoos with a brushstroke tattoo.

11. An evil eye tattoo on the back of the neck

Credit: @cachotattoo

When picking the perfect placement for your tattoo, you might struggle to decide between your shoulder, your back, or even your upper arm.

While these might be the most popular tattoo placements, you need to work with your tattoo artist to figure out which placement works better with the design of your tattoo. An evil eye embellished with ornaments will work wonderfully with the movements of your spine, for example.

12. A chest tattoo of the evil eye

Credit: @__hai__bye

We can say the same thing about a chest tattoo! A sternum tattoo, for example, might not be right for you because you won’t be able to show off your tattoo every time you’re talking to someone. A chest tattoo, though, might be a better choice for you.

13. An evil eye finger tattoo

Credit: @drwilltatu

We’re obsessed with finger tattoos! When you’re searching for a small and simple tattoo, don’t shy away from experimenting with finger tattoos. Add a couple of dots, lines, or ornaments to your evil eye tattoo and you’re good to go.

14. An evil eye on the ankle

Credit: @liz.handpokez.ttt

Whether you’re getting a tattoo for the first time ever or stopping by your tattoo artist on your lunch break, you might want to get an ankle tattoo. Ankle tattoos are awesome, and for a good reason, too – they’re typically smaller and cheaper than “regular” tattoos and they’re easy to conceal and reveal.

15. An evil eye on the wrist

Credit: @theartbymia

What about a wrist tattoo embellished with stars and ornaments? If you’re a fan of tiny tattoos, you’re going to adore any evil eye tattoo situated on the front or the back of the wrist. It’s clear that some of the best wrist tattoos are simple linework designs that look (and feel) effortless.

16. An evil eye with ornaments and numbers


Ornaments and evil eyes are the perfect match? Whenever you’re unsure of how to complete your evil eye tattoo, add a couple of ornaments, dots, and numbers, and you’re good to go. Whether you go for something with meaning or choose the purely decorative route, you do you, boo.

17. An evil eye on the back of the arm

Credit: julesdrytattoo

We’d argue that back-of-the-arm tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo placements ever, especially when you’re working with an ornamental tattoo. Arms happen to be a great location choice for tattoos because they’re suitable for any design, no matter the aesthetic, size, or shape.

18. An evil eye ankle tattoo

Credit: @phoebetattoos

We already mentioned how awesome ankle tattoos are, and we’re more than happy to show off another work of art done on the ankle. A fine-line tattoo of an evil eye on the ankle will make you want to reveal your ankle to the world any chance you get. Ankle tattoos for the win!

19. A delicate and dainty evil eye tattoo

Credit: @deni.tattooing

If you’re looking for ink inspiration in your favorite celebrity magazines, you probably noticed the sudden surge of delicate and dainty tattoos among the A-listers. So, take a page out of their book and opt for the tiniest tattoo you’ve ever seen. See what happens.

20. A small and simple evil eye tattoo


Small tattoos are taking over the world right now, and we’re here for that. So, if you’re thinking of getting a small evil eye tattoo, think no more. Still, it’s imperative that you work with your tattoo artist and come up with a design you’ll want to add to your ink collection ASAP.

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21. An ornamental tattoo on the wrist


We’re ending the article with an ornamental tattoo on the wrist. Ornamental tattoos are beautiful and balanced, and that’s exactly the style your evil eye needs to stand out. With a compilation of dots, lines, and symbols, you can complete your evil eye tattoo and be on your way.