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20 Attractive Finger Tattoos With Words For Tales On Skin

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Finger tattoos with words are getting more popular and we understand the hype. They’re meaningful and usually simple which makes them perfect for different aesthetics. Of course, you can always intensify them if you wish to leave a statement.

The same with other tattoo designs, you’re probably surrounded by a ton of options to choose from. Once you start looking into specific types of tattoos, you realize that making a decision isn’t always easy which is why we’re here to help. Here are some ideas we fell in love with and had to share with you.

1. Inspirational statement

Credit: copyrighttt__

An inspirational statement such as this one will always be a good option for a finger tattoo. Choose a motto that keeps you going and turn it into a reminder on the skin that will never fade away.

2. Bold print

Credit: stillballin6_

You can always spice things up with a design such as this one. This tattoo is for those of you who love this edgy style and will wear it with passion.

3. Favorite quote

Credit: tavi_tattoo

If you have a short quote that changed how you see the world, this is a perfect moment to tattoo it on one of your fingers. You’ll end up with a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing design which is a win-win situation.

4. Romantic couple tattoo

Credit: playground_tat2

This is a great idea for all of the couples out there. If you want to show each other how committed you are, opt for a tattoo that proves your lives make sense only when you’re together.

5. Name of your SO

Credit: gaurav_patil77

Here we have another idea for couples but what we love about this design is the fact that it can serve as a replacement for traditional wedding rings. Instead of spending tons of money on gold rings, get a tattoo of each other’s name on your ring fingers.

6. A simple letter

Credit: abhi.chouhan21

So, technically, this isn’t a word but it’s still a beautiful tattoo option that will fit onto your finger. You can get the first letter of your partner’s, friend’s, or even parent’s name and create an everlasting memory of the person who means a lot to you.

7. Lettering on the inside of the finger

Credit: youdlauren

The inside of the finger is a great spot for minimalistic tattoos. Choose the word, statement, or a saying that you love and ink it on your skin forever.

8. “Love you” tattoo

Credit: _jose_g_p_

This is another adorable option that you can dedicate to anyone you want. It can be your sibling, your partner or you can even use it as proof of self-love. The possibilities are endless!

9. “Smile” tattoo

Credit: breath_of_ink

Here we have another cool idea that will serve as a reminder that you should always keep smiling. Life is too short to waste it on being grumpy. Rather enjoy every second of the day because you never know what tomorrow brings.

10. Minimalistic font

Credit: crooked_gun

We’ve already mentioned the idea of getting your knuckles tattooed, but we had to add this one to the list as well because we love the font of the letters in the picture above. This design is meant to show you that you can keep your new word tattoo simple and feminine as long as you opt for the right font.

11. Motivational quotes

Credit: unmessyvampire

This tattoo includes not only one but three motivational quotes that will follow you everywhere you go because, guess what, they’re right on your fingers. We love the idea and think it’s a great option since we all need some motivation from time to time.

12. Handwritten note

Credit: _jose_g_p_

Handwritten notes turned into tattoos are the cutest thing ever. So, if you have a special message you want to turn into a memory, this is a great way to do it.

13. Pinky promise


The word “promise” tattooed onto your pinky turns it into a pinky promise! This is such a fun take on the traditional designs that you may be tired of by now.

14. Letters that create a statement

Credit: stonek.161

You can easily get a single letter on the inside of your fingers and that way, create a meaningful tattoo that’s a bit different from the usual knuckle tattoos. We love this idea, especially because it’s easily personalized.

15. A touch of color

Credit: lafamiliatattoo_nqy

Who says that finger tattoos with words have to be all black? You can always add some color to your design, such as in the picture above. Choose the color palette you like and stick with it.

16. “Be by my side” tattoo

Credit: roy_ta2

We love everything about this design. From an adorable saying to the font that fits it perfectly. It’s definitely an amazing idea that you’re not going to regret.

17. Abstract design

Credit: abysmal.arts

If you’re a fan of abstract tattoos, you don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic just because you wish to get a finger tattoo. Simply adjust the design so it fits your style and you’re good to go.

18. Minimalistic “love” tattoo

Credit: dominik_thewho

For all the lovers of minimalism, this is the perfect tattoo for you. Simple, neat, and meaningful, there’s not much to hate about it.

19. Blackwork tattoo

Credit: jessiefora

As you can see, blackwork tattoos are the statement piece. It’s a bold choice, perfect for all of the brave ones.

20. “Stay calm” tattoo

Credit: space_cranium_tattoos

Sometimes, the biggest issue with finding a proper saying for your knuckle tattoo is the number of letters. You can’t go wrong with this design since it allows you to create that statement you’re looking for.