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20 Radiant Flower Tattoos That Explore The Beauty Of Nature

Flower Tattoos

Among the vast world of flowers, it can be hard to figure out which one to tattoo on your body. As a nature lover, you may adore the idea of wearing a floral piece on your skin but figuring out the tattoo motif isn’t as easy as it seems.

To help you in your search for the perfect ink, we’ve gathered some options that may tickle your fancy. Enjoy these floral beauties turned into inked art.

1. A magnolia tattoo

Credit: zittenofart

A magnolia is a beautiful flower that symbolizes nobility and endurance. You can play with its design and opt for any style you prefer. From a simple black and gray technique to more colorful options, you can get anything you like.

2. A tulip tattoo

Credit: hadam.collection

Since they grow in spring, tulips symbolize new beginnings and hope. Your very own tulip tattoo can range from minimalistic to intricate. It all depends on your preferences.

3. A hibiscus tattoo

Credit: andyoutattoo

A hibiscus is a gentle flower that carries the same meaning. If you want to embrace its nature, opt for this minimalistic tattoo. But if you’re looking for something with a bit more color, don’t lose hope because that’s also something you can achieve.

4. A lotus tattoo

Credit: julie.tattooart

A lotus flower is one of the most popular tattoo motifs and we can tell why. As a symbol of resistance and rebirth, this delicate bloom will capture your heart and decorate your skin in the best way possible.

5. A peony tattoo

Credit: ninteendo

Peony is also an often choice among tattoo enthusiasts, especially because it looks amazing despite the style you opt for. It represents good fortune and beauty so you’ll be more than happy to wear it on your skin.

6. A poppy flower and a coffee flower

Credit: monkeynoma_tattoo

A poppy flower represents ambition and attitude and will look even more impressive if you portray it in its natural color. In this case, it’s combined with a coffee flower which is a symbol of wealth and power. Here, you can also see how it can look like if you opt for a black and gray tattoo.

7. A cosmos tattoo


This flower isn’t exactly the first thing you think about when considering getting a floral tattoo but it definitely has the meaning and the looks you’re on the hunt for. It represents balance and peace – two things we all need in life.

8. A pansy tattoo

Credit: cien_ink

This delicate flower stands for thoughtfulness and love. It comes in all these different shades so you can play with its design however you want. And, if you don’t prefer colorful tattoos, you can always choose to keep things black and gray.

9. A sunflower tattoo


Sunflowers are flowers of happiness, at least that’s what they look like. Their bright yellow color will brighten up even the darkest days which is why we would always recommend you go for a colorful version instead of a black and gray one. That way, you portray the character and spirit of this pretty flower in the best way possible.

10. A rose tattoo

Credit: violatattoos

A classical symbol of love and romance! It looks amazing despite the style and the size. The best part about getting a rose tattoo is that you can be sure it will never go out of style.

11. A lavender tattoo

Credit: aiim_tattoo

Lavender represents purity and devotion and is a common motif, especially among women. There’s something feminine about getting a tattoo of this wild-looking flower but that doesn’t mean that guys can’t rock this design as well.

12. An orchid tattoo

Credit: muchttoomuch

Orchid flowers may be hard to keep alive but at the same time, you can be sure they look spotless on the skin. They symbolize power and strength and will look amazing despite the tattoo technique you opt for.

13. A lily tattoo

Credit: gaja_tat

Lilies represent purity and commitment. They’re simple flowers that look impressive on the skin. If you’re into minimalistic designs, this idea may work for you.

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14. A gypsophila tattoo

Credit: rojaclaridad

Delicate and minimalistic, this flower is often found inside bouquets as a way of getting them to look and feel more impressive. They’re a great idea if you’re looking for a floral element that represents innocence and purity.

15. A dahlia tattoo

Credit: sharonlynn_arts

Besides being looked at as a symbol of beauty, dahlia also represents commitment and kindness. It’s a stunning flower that looks best when done in color. But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can always keep things black and gray. We’re sure you’ll still love the end result.

16. A carnation tattoo


A beautiful carnation stands as a symbol of love and admiration. Delicate but wild-looking, it will fit anywhere on your body and bless you with the beautiful meaning you’re looking for.

17. A daffodil tattoo

Credit: megevans_tattoo

This is another spring flower which means that it represents new beginnings and rebirth. Its bright yellow color will look amazing on the skin and here, you can get an idea of how it can look if you combine it with other elements such as butterflies.

18. A forget-me-not tattoo

Credit: stella.tattoo_

The meaning of this tattoo is more than obvious. It stands as a symbol of true love and embraces that one person who means the world to you. If that’s the meaning you’re looking for, you’ll love this tattoo idea.

19. A colorful collection of flowers

Credit: stella.tattoo_

Now, a fun thing you can do when you’re thinking of getting a flower tattoo is to engrave a bouquet of your favorite flowers. In this case, we wanted to show you how it could all look if you opt for a colorful version.

20. A bouquet of wild flowers

Credit: eat_my_pen

This is a minimalistic approach to a bouquet tattoo and it’s done in a black and gray style. It will give you a better picture of how it will fit on your skin if you opt for a smaller tattoo. But don’t worry, simple in this case doesn’t mean boring.