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24 idées de tatouages de crânes aux os nus pour célébrer l'au-delà

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Un tatouage de crâne sera toujours un signe distinctif.

A skull has always been a symbol of rebellion, however, there’s also a deeper meaning that tells the story of the afterlife, death, and rebirth. The complexity of death has always intrigued people, so it’s even more special as this idea frightens most people.

It’s important to find the right concept and design that you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an eternal regret. Instead, think thoroughly about your skull tattoo before you design to ink it permanently on your skin.

Tatouage de crâne noir et gris

Source : @zebra_ink_

You can’t go wrong with a black and gray skull tattoo. This example looks like the skull is rising from the stem of a rose. The dark shadows in the eyes and nose really add a creepy feel, but there’s also a lot of texture that shows decomposition.

Source : @widebodyink

Vous pouvez ajouter ce que vous voulez à votre tatouage. Par exemple, vous pouvez voir ici que le serpent Lors du démontage du crâne, la mâchoire inférieure est complètement détachée du reste du crâne.

Source : @inkbymik

Personne n'a dit que vous ne pouviez mettre qu'un seul crâne sur votre dessin de tatouage. Ici, nous avons plusieurs crânes qui sont empilés les uns sur les autres. Cependant, les ombres magnifiques créent une transition merveilleuse entre tous les différents éléments.

Source : @thommesen_ink

Il s'agit d'une moitié de crâne, et il y a tellement d'ombres magnifiques qui donnent beaucoup de profondeur au motif. Les feuilles qui l'entourent renforcent l'ensemble de la pièce.

Source : @mollyissketchy

Ce dessin est très effrayant. La lumière dans les yeux fait croire que le crâne est encore attaché à un corps vivant. Cependant, les fleurs qui l'entourent créent un contraste et ajoutent quelque chose de plus féminin et de plus léger à l'ensemble.

Tatouage de crâne en couleur

Source : @thenewnewschool

Ajouter de la couleur à votre dessin rendra votre tatouage de crâne encore plus personnel et unique. Ce crâne est immergé dans une bouteille de poison, et la transition entre les ombres et les couleurs est parfaitement réalisée.

Source : @colinwhitfieldtattoos

In this tattoo, you have a gorgeous transition, again. The transition between black and gray, and the shades of red, is amazing. However, the entire design is confined into a box, so you’re able to combine it with other tattoos.

Source : @dusi.2

This is a very unique design. You can play around with elements that seem to go well together. For example, the color actually looks like gold. There are so many little details in this tattoo that, the more you look, the more you’re able to see.

Source : @swan_tattooer

Considérant qu'un tatouage de crâne est effrayant en soi, si vous voulez ajouter un peu plus, alors vous pouvez le transformer en corps d'araignée. Les couleurs sont étonnamment saturées, mais les lignes fines de la toile sont encore meilleures.

Source : @gianlucaartico

There’s a lot going on here. We have another skull tattoo that’s turned into a spider, but there are so many colors that you can lose yourself in them.

Source : @t.barnett.tattooer

This is quite a common design choice. It’s semi-traditional, considering the yellowing flames around the skull. The skull is done with some weird shapes to show that you can genuinely do whatever you please. There are also dark shadows around the tattoo to create a better effect.

Tatouage de crâne d'animal

Source : @racheljfriel

When you’re thinking about a skull tattoo, you shouldn’t forget about the option of an animal skull. They represent rebirth, but also a deep connection to nature. This tattoo in particular looks very witchy, and the antlers are so dark that they create a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the tattoo.

Source : @phiawalla

Il n'y a pas beaucoup d'ombres dans ce tatouage de crâne de chat. En fait, ce tatouage semble plus léger que les autres. Surtout si l'on considère les fleurs féminines qui l'entourent. Les contours plus épais sont tout autour, mais le visage est fait avec des lignes fines.

Source : @phiawalla

Pour commémorer votre amour de la nature à travers un crâne d'animal, vous pouvez également ajouter d'autres choses qui sont très communes dans la forêt. Je vous recommande d'ajouter des champignons, comme ceux que vous pouvez voir dans ce dessin. Les feuilles sombres semblent venir d'une toute autre dimension.

Source : @alyssajadetattoo

This is a very simple animal skull tattoo, but it could also be used as a Zodiac tattoo if you’re an Aries. The skull itself only has a couple of light shadows and highlights, but the horns are the main star of the show. There are even little specs of light that are a wonderful detail.

Source : @chainsawdarling

Ces bois sont entourés d'épines, et c'est en soi un excellent ajout à votre tatouage de crâne d'animal. Cependant, la meilleure partie de ceci est le jeu avec la lumière. Il semble même que les cornes créent une ombre sur le dessus du crâne.

Source : @penvmbra_tattoo

There’s a lot going on in this tattoo. The rope around the skull almost creates a story that binds the being to nature and life, which is presented by the different flowers surrounding it. The antlers and the eyes are very dark, and some of the leaves as well, but the main piece doesn’t have too many shadows.

Tatouage crâne papillon

Source : @bendunningtattoo

Un crâne dans un tatouage papillon or moth tattoo is more common than you may think. However, when you add your own little twist to it, it can become unique. This is quite a simple design, however, there’s so much detail that it’s a well-done design.

Source : @stevewalkertattoo

In this example, you can see some very dark shadows. If you’re a fan of these tattoos, then you already know that they age like fine wine. There’s some negative space around what is supposed to be the eyes of the skull, to create a better effect, and make the whole tattoo more readable.

Source : @tattooist_bae

Even though it seems to be quite an easy task to combine a skull and a butterfly into one image, you don’t have to stop there. There are so many options for you. You can add the phases of the moon, and some geometrical shapes, to make it look even more mystical.

Idées uniques de tatouage de crâne

Source : @evil.chef

Maybe you’ve seen all the previously mentioned skull tattoos before, so you want something that not many people have thought about. So, how about a skull tattoo that’s actually a bouquet of skulls?

Source : @on.doo_tt

Regardez la précision de ce tatouage de crâne ! Les contours sont nets et propres, les ombres sont immaculées et il y a même des reflets qui sont parfaitement placés. Vous pouvez ajouter ce que vous voulez et créer l'histoire que vous vouliez raconter à l'origine.

Source : @matt_pettis_tattoo

You didn’t expect something this bizarre, did you? Well, an animal skull that turns into a rib cage genuinely is a unique design choice. Especially considering that it’s turned into a heart. The dark shadows and harsh outlines around the entire design create a depth that makes the rest of the tattoo pop out.

Source : @krissydiane_tattoos

If you’re into witchcraft, then you’ll definitely appreciate this design. It has all the good stuff! There’s a skull in the little potion bottle on top, but there’s another, bigger one, at the center. The composition is astounding, especially considering how much is going on. But the contrast between the shadows and lights is perfect.

Source : @taesin___

Your unique skull tattoo can also look like this. It’s not a full skeleton, it’s just a clown with a skull instead of a head. There’s a story that you can tell with this tattoo, especially when you look at the masks that he’s taken off his skull.

The texture in this tattoo is unseen. There’s so much detail in the pants, the shoes, the shirt, but when you look at the socks you can even see the texture of them. So, this tattoo is a gorgeous choice, if you want something bigger that’ll make a statement.