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24 idées de tatouages égyptiens pour orner votre corps à jamais

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An Egyptian tattoo is one of those statement art pieces that will adorn your skin and always have people ask you about it. It’s gorgeous and it’s meaningful.

Every single tattoo idea that you may have under this theme will certainly have a story to tell. So, whatever you decide to get done, it’ll be special.

When you start searching for the perfect design, you’re met with so many different options that you’re a bit overwhelmed. That’s why you’ll have many different designs to choose from within this article! I hope you find something that speaks to your soul.

Tatouage de dieu égyptien

Source : @flo.tattoos

Certains choisissent de se faire tatouer Anubis sur la peau pour représenter un être cher qui est passé dans l'autre monde. Se faire tatouer en Égypte et choisir Anubis est donc quelque chose de très spécial. Ce tatouage, en particulier, comporte de nombreux symboles différents, comme des hiéroglyphes, et même un scarabée. L'ombrage est fait pour créer un merveilleux contraste entre les différentes parties du tatouage.

Source : @leonjaycolley

Voici un autre exemple de tatouage d'Anubis noir et gris. Il y a beaucoup de détails dans son visage, et même le sable au bas du tatouage a été fait avec un magnifique ombrage.

Source : @jayrsydney

Anubis est généralement représenté comme un dieu à l'allure intimidante. Ce dessin le confirme. Il s'agit d'un dessin d'Anubis sur tout le corps, avec des hiéroglyphes en arrière-plan et même des pyramides en bas.

Source : @feztattoo

It’s also quite possible that you’re interested in a much darker design. This tattoo has more black ink than anything. Anubis is shown in his full glory, waiting to protect you against evil.

Source : @hobojackclothing

Contrairement au précédent, ce tatouage d'Anubis est beaucoup plus léger. De nombreuses images géométriques y sont incorporées, comme le cadre de la photo en bas, et certaines des lignes qui créent un détail petit, mais magnifique.

Source : @morty_tattoos

A good rule of thumb is to always make sure that you’re adding details that are specific to your needs. For example, if you want to add some color to your Egyptian tattoo, no one says that you can’t! Here, you can see the sun coming around the moon, and there’s even color in the eyes.

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Source : @dani_moreno_garcia

A Horus tattoo is a symbol of protection, sacrifice, and healing. When you look at how many details there are in this tattoo, you’ll be on your way to the parlor soon. You can even see little people walking into the maze.

Source : @hanstattooer

The goddess Isis is a representation of love, creation, fertility, and motherhood. This is a much smaller tattoo than the previous ones that you’ve seen, but it’s just as detailed. You can see the perfect female figure, her wings, and the crown that represents the Sun on her head.

Tatouage du sphinx égyptien

Source : @schonblount

Le Sphinx est un élément que tout le monde reconnaît comme une partie très importante de l'architecture égyptienne. Donc, si vous voulez vous faire un tatouage égyptien, c'est peut-être le choix idéal pour vous.

Source : @lucasbrittotattoo

A Sphinx tattoo represents symbolizes secrecy and mystery. The star in the middle of this tattoo is done with negative space, but the rest has a lot of white outlines, and it’s filled with black ink.

Source : @adrianvindasetattoo

This is quite a simple tattoo compared to the previous ones. There’s shading, black outlines, but the highlights are done simply by letting the skin peak through.

Source : @tattoo_ag

This design is so unique. Half of the Sphinx’s face is done in hieroglyphics, and the other half has a human face. The circle underneath actually represents a solar eclipse, and the Egyptians believed that this has a very special meaning.

Source : @dan_crowe_tattoo

The woman’s face is flawlessly done. This is a semi-realistic tattoo, and the shading is perfectly done, the transition between the shades of gray and black are genuinely what make this the perfect piece.

Tatouage pharaon égyptien

Source : @artenesis_

There were many pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Their images are very mysterious and the fact that you’re interested in an Egyptian tattoo, you may want to consider their images, as well.

Source : @tattoo_dedicn

You don’t have to put too many details into the tattoo of a pharaoh to make it appealing. Here you can see an image of Nefertiti, but behind her is a red circle that represents the sun. It’s a simple tattoo, but the outlines are gorgeous.

Source : @tattoosbyrios

This is a realistic tattoo of a pharaoh, and when you look closely you’ll see that the shading has shaped the entire face. The cobra on the crown is a well-known symbol of the Ancient Egyptians, so adding that to your tattoo would give it even more meaning.

Source : @alexnigliotattoos

This is an animated design of an Egyptian pharaoh. You don’t always have to make things look realistic! You can also make it look like anything you desire. Just like this example, where you can find all the aspects of an animated tattoo with all the details from an Egyptian tattoo.

Source : @jonnyshand

The traditional tattoo style is one that captivates the attention of everyone and anyone who sees it! It’s mostly recognizable because of the thick outlines, and the bold colors – such as you can see in this design!

Idées uniques de tatouage égyptien

Source : @binch___

With all the different designs, it’s hard to choose the right one. However, how about you put all of those together? This tattoo is done in different stages, the eye of Horus is at the top, there are pyramids and camels, and a scarab at the bottom.

Source : @the.xx.ttt

If you’re into geometrical tattoos, then you can still have your Egyptian tattoo in this style. The little details, like the eye of Horus, the Sphinx, the image of Anubis and Horus at the bottom, all of these little things make this tattoo so absolutely perfect.

Source : @daniel.nabil_ink

Dans l'Égypte ancienne, les gens croyaient qu'un scarabée était un signe de renaissance, de transformation et de protection. Il s'agit d'un tatouage détaillé, mais assez simple. Il n'y a pas beaucoup d'ombres, mais les contours sont nets et propres.

Source : @burakcaglayantattoo

Il s'agit d'un autre tatouage géométrique au dessin complexe. Le Sphinx est la seule partie ombrée du tatouage, qui attire immédiatement l'attention. Cependant, différents hiéroglyphes sont ajoutés pour rendre les choses plus intéressantes.

Source : @tommyguntattoos_mollynewell

I know that there wasn’t an Egyptian tattoo that was fully colored. Now, we have an example of that. This is Cleopatra with Anubis, but the most interesting part is the eye of Horus that has no color within it, only an outline, and the rest is just the color of the skin.

Source : @mattythompson_tattoo

An image that was also important to the Ancient Egyptians is the Sphinx cat. It’s known that people believed that cats had magical powers. You can see all the different wrinkles on the cat’s face, the whiskers are highlighted. You can even see the hieroglyphics beneath it! This is such a unique design, that could adorn your body if you choose so.