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21 Tatouages de mains pour les femmes, délicats et superbes, pour toutes les esthétiques

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When you’re someone who wants to attract attention and make a statement with everything you do or wear, you might be the perfect candidate for a hand tattoo. Dainty and dope hand tattoos for women seem to be all the rage these days, and we’re more than happy to rave about them.

What’s great about hand tattoos? Your hands are rarely covered which means your hand tattoos are almost always on display. You might be sporting a number of small, simple tattoos on the fingers or an elaborate work of art on the back of the hand. You might be flaunting a word tattoo on the wrist.

When you’re a proud parent of a hand tattoo, you’re on-trend. With a hand tattoo constantly within your own line of vision, you need to make sure you choose a style and design you absolutely love. Women are embracing the strategically placed ink more and more, and we’ve got you covered.

We’re bringing you a few of our favorite dainty and dope hand tattoos for women to get you started. Between teeny tiny bits of hand tattoo artwork and statement inkings on the wider parts of the arm, we’re sure that there’s a perfect hand tattoo out there waiting for you.

1. Un beau tatouage d'oiseau

Crédit : @chloejanetattoos

Starting with a visually striking collection of tattoos, we can’t get enough of bird tattoos. Bird tattoos represent freedom, transformation, and eagerness to live a spiritually free and happy life. Before you get a hand tattoo, consider what that tattoo would look like when placed next to other tattoos.

2. Un tatouage de papillon sur le poignet

Crédit : @chloejanetattoos

Un tatouage de papillon represents personal growth, progress, and change and that’s why you might want to get one permanently etched onto your body. Whether you opt for a finger tattoo, a wrist tattoo, or even a palm tattoo, you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads wherever you go.

3. Tatouage d'un ornement sur la main

Crédit : @ohh.yana

Whenever you’re unsure of the style of the tattoo that would work best on the hand or the finger, you might want to consider getting an ornamental tattoo. Ornamental tattoos are meant to be purely decorative and they’re devoid of any sens, but that’s what makes them a popular choice.

4. Un autre tatouage d'un ornement sur la main

Crédit : @ohh.yana

While we’re on the topic of ornamental tattoos, you might want to check out a couple of cute options you can choose from. Whether you opt for a smaller, simpler ornamental tattoo like the one we showed you beforehand or a bigger, bolder piece, we’re sure you’re going to adore it.

5. Un tatouage de serpent sournois sur le doigt

Crédit : @ayhanmetin_

Snake tattoos aren’t reserved for men, especially when you’re a strong, confident, and creative woman who wants a tattoo that embodies her best qualities. Snake tattoos represent a personal path of transformation, a commitment to knowledge, or a connection to divine power. 

6. Un tatouage de crâne effrayant sur la main

Crédit : @ayhanmetin_

Skull tattoos can be pretty scary, especially when they’re done for (and by) men. So, getting a skull tattoo on your hand might not be on top of your priority list. Skull tattoos represent the transience of life, and act as a reminder to live your life to the fullest and to accept death as a part of life.

7. Un tatouage de libellule audacieux

Crédit : @ayhanmetin_

A dragonfly tattoo can carry a million different meanings, but that’s why you might notice a myriad of people around you sharing your love for them. When you’re planning on getting a dragonfly tattoo, know that these cute creatures represent energy, grace, peace, prosperity, maturity, purity, and harmony.

8. Un mystérieux tatouage d'OVNI

Crédit : @ayhanmetin_

We’re bombarding you with dope hand tattoos for women, aren’t we? Whether you’re on the lookout for something delicate and dainty or a daring work of art that demands attention and admiration, we’re sure that a tattoo of a UFO qualifies for that. What do you think?

9. Un tatouage floral fluide qui s'enroule autour du poignet

Crédit : @evelin.tattooing

With a flowy, floral tattoo, you’re going to get a million stares (and questions!) everywhere you go. When you’re thinking of getting a tattoo but you’re scared that you might end up with something rugged and robust, opt for a floral tattoo – you’re going to adore the permanent jewelry on your hand.

10. Un tatouage de tulipe

Crédit : @evelin.tattooing

If a floral tattoo that wraps around your wrist sounds like a lot of work (it is!), you might want to opt for something smaller and simpler – but equally impressive. It’s about time you got a tulip tattoo that represents new growth, new beginnings, and hope.

11. Un tatouage fantaisiste sur le doigt

Crédit : @stefano__mazza

We’re the biggest fans of finger tattoos for women because they’re a great way to equip yourself with permanent jewelry. Whether you go for a tattoo of a ring or a bracelet or bejewel your hands with ornaments, dots, and silly symbols, you’re going to notice a world of difference.

12. Un tatouage de tigre

Crédit : @stefano__mazza

When we’re talking about dainty and ope hand tattoos for women, we’re shying away from tattoos that would typically be targeted at men – and that’s wrong. A tattoo of a tiger, for example, might be a masculine tattoo, but that’s not to say that you need to stick with a masculine style.

Un tatouage de tigre peut être élégant, sans effort et chic.

13. Un tatouage ornemental qui s'étend du poignet aux doigts

Crédit : @mariafersor

We already professed our appreciation for ornamental tattoos, but we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to share another gem with you. An ornamental tattoo that stretches from the wrist to the fingers can embellish your hand and make you feel like a million dollars.

At the end of the day, that’s what matters!

14. Un tatouage en ligne qui s'étend du doigt au reste du corps

Crédit : @mariafersor

We know the meaning of the word “dope,” and that’s why we suggest you consider getting a line tattoo that starts at the tip of your finger and stretches throughout your entire body. What better way to play with a style of tattoo that’s guaranteed to take the world by storm?

15. Un tatouage de scorpion

Crédit : @kaetoostudio

No, we’re not talking about the Zodiac sign (although you’re free to get a tattoo of your Zodiac sign, too!) Scorpio tattoos typically represent strength, power, and courage, and that’s why you might want to get a tattoo of the crawling creature on your hand. So, what are you waiting for?

16. Un ruban tatoué autour du poignet

Crédit : @kaetoostudio

We promised you elegant and effortless tattoos and we didn’t disappoint! We suggest you consider getting a ribbon tattoo around your wrist to act as a permanent bracelet and represent strength, courage, and perseverance.

Les rubans sont également adorables et c'est pour cette raison que vous voudrez peut-être en avoir un.

17. Un tatouage botanique

Crédit : @joannamroman

A tattoo of a flower, a leaf, or a plant can go a long way, especially when you’re someone who adores exploring the great outdoors. Actually, you’re probably going to appreciate a botanical tattoo even when you’re someone who spends most of the time at home, surrounded by plants.

18. Tatouage d'une fleur sur le doigt

Crédit : @joannamroman

A flower tattoo on the finger? Absolutely! When you’re exploring the possibility of getting a hand tattoo, don’t forget about your fingers. We’re obsessed with finger tattoos because they’re creative, cute, and quick – you can get one when you’re on a break or when you’re commuting to your office.

19. Un tatouage de feu sur le doigt

Crédit : @guadalupe.depaulis

If flowers aren’t your thing, you might be interested in getting a fire tattoo. It’s a great way to offer a nod to the fiery side of your personality. A fire tattoo represents passion, love of life, and a strong desire to be whoever you are. After all, you’re uncontrollable and capable of devastating destruction.

20. Une série de tatouages autocollants sur la main

Crédit : @guadalupe.depaulis

We can’t forget about sticker tattoos! Sticker tattoos are a great way for you to experiment with different styles and symbols without committing to a bigger, bolder tattoo – especially when you’re a first-timer. Sticker tattoos are perfect for your hands and fingers because they’re small and sleek.

21. Un tatouage de mots

Crédit : @joannamroman

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with word tattoos. We could go on and on about different words, phrases, quotes, and lyrics you can tattoo on your body, but you already know that. Word tattoos are perfect for when you’re on the hunt for dope hand tattoos for women, so go off.