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Geometric Tattoo Designs: 25 Eye-Catching Examples

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Geometric tattoo designs are extremely popular right now. Everyone is obsessed with the fact that they can put different shapes and designs into one tattoo.

If you’re looking for eye-catching designs that will adorn your body for the rest of your life, then this is an amazing choice! Geometric tattoos are usually defined with a combination of fine and thick lines. You can also see many different tattoo artists using complicated black and gray designs within the tattoo itself.

It’s intricate. Your tattoo can be tiny and delicate, which is usually the design people go for when they’re doing their first tattoo. However, quite often you’ll see people do a huge project on their body that’s completely made out of geometrical shapes.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with this. Before you book the appointment, I believe that you should look for inspiration, and figure out what you want to permanently put on your body. Good thing that we have 25 spectacular designs to start you off with.

25 examples of geometric tattoo designs

1. Hand

Source: @kosay_alrifai

Geometric tattoo designs, as stated before, can have two different styles. In the photo above you can see a very bulky design of geometrical shapes that perfectly flow down the hand.

In the photo below, there’s a more intricate design. You can see the hands from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”, that’s combined with many different geometrical shapes. From different circles to delicate lines. So, if you want something more elegant – this is the perfect design for you.

Source: @goodomengallery

2. Forearm

Source: @jadyntattooer

Forearm tattoos are definitely statement pieces. In the photo above, there’s a lot going on. From the trees to the geometrical shapes, this tattoo design is extremely detailed, and the small wave adds a wonderful touch.

3. Full sleeve

Source: @jakabtattoo

If you’re bold enough to do a full sleeve, then a combination of geometric tattoo designs would look wonderfully coherent. As seen in the photo above, the strong black lines and the negative space create the perfect contrast.

4. Shoulder

Source: @pmtsketch

Your shoulder is also a great placement for multiple geometrical tattoo designs. You’d be able to incorporate those different designs, together with words, and numbers, as seen above. A picture or two can be incorporated as well, to make sure that you get a wonderful collage.

5. Armpit

Source: @manuel.rogaschewski.tattooer

Armpits aren’t the most popular placement for tattoos, but when they look this good, they’re definitely worth it. These geometrical shapes almost look like a mandala that spreads from the middle of the armpit outwards. The contrast between black and the negative space is absolutely stunning.

6. Chest


Geometric tattoo designs on a placement like the chest can be gorgeous. The example that we’ve used is to show you that your tattoo can have a symmetrical design, that’s intricate and detailed, but still encompasses the entire part of the body. As you can see, bringing different images into geometrical designs will make it look wonderful.

7. Back

Source: @manuel_vovve

In this enormous design, you can see a lot of detailed work, that summarizes into a black flowing line at the bottom of the back. This way, the tattoo spreads out perfectly, and it creates a wonderful transition into any other tattoo designs you want to add.

8. Leg

Source: @arielpintostattoo

Geometric tattoo designs can be big, but still done with a repetitive shape. You can see the best example of that on the leg tattoo in the photo above. The composition is done to adjust the shape of the leg.

9. Full leg sleeve


A full-leg sleeve is the perfect playground for geometric tattoo designs. You can see that in both of these examples, there are multiple designs that were merged into one. Also, the blackout tattoos put even more emphasis on the intricate details.

Source: @manuel.rogaschewski.tattooer

10. Knee

Source: @joekintztattooing

A knee tattoo has to follow the shape of the knee. That is quite obvious in the design above. The dotted mandala that fades out into the other tattoos creates even more balance and combined with the combination of fine and thick lines, it’s absolutely stunning.

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11. Foot

Source: @alexismfish

Geometric tattoo designs don’t always have to be circles and triangles, sometimes they can be flowy and feminine. As you can see in the photo above, the way the shapes flow down to the foot is delicate, but still packed with black and gray.

12. Face

Source: @bradcaskettattoo

How about you take a leap and do a geometric face tattoo? The dotted design on the photo above goes perfectly well with the shape of the ear.

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13. Neck


Whether you want huge geometric tattoo designs or something small, you’ll be able to place it on your neck. Above, you can see a design that flows perfectly from the top of the neck to the middle of the back. However, in the example underneath the small geometric tattoo is a circle surrounded by small lines, shapes, and dots.

Source: @blocktattoo

14. Multiple geometrical figures

Source: @tiago__dot

Many geometric tattoo designs can be put into one tattoo. In this example, there’s a lot going on. Da Vinci’s drawings are incorporated into geometric shapes that are surrounded by text. The black and gray style is extremely detailed and it’s a sight for sore eyes.

15. Geometrical tattoo designs with flowers

Source: @zeetattoo

People incorporate flowers into many different designs. Geometric tattoo designs like the one above are extremely feminine. The flower can be your birth flower or another flower that means a lot to you. The circles behind the flower put the flower into the center of your attention.

16. Geometrical tattoo designs with animals


Geometric tattoo designs with animals can be tricky to do. What’s most important is to create a nice flow that won’t make the animal look out of place in the tattoo. You can see the perfect composition of black and gray realism combined with geometrical shapes in the tattoo above.

17. Geometrical tattoo designs with mythological beings


In this photo, it’s evident that this man loves mythology. But, the most stunning piece of art on his body is the geometric tattoo design that has Poseidon in the center. Once you decide to put this on your body, you’ll have an entire story to tell, but be sure that the geometric shapes around it will be the best way to blend everything together.

18. Geometrical tattoo with astrological symbolism

Source: @jadyntattooer

Now that’s a perfect combination of different geometric tattoo designs, all put together, to represent the four elements. However, in the top corner, there’s the Scorpio sign. It’s small, but it’s still the perfect design to show how proud you are of the sign that you were born under.

19. 3D Geometric design

Source: @tattoosby.newyork

A 3D tattoo is like a little gateway into your body. So, the geometric tattoo designs that flow so perfectly, as the one in the photo above, it’s genuinely a perfect composition. The little mandala in the middle is the delicate counterpart to the shapes around it.

20. Minimalistic tattoo design

Source: @jadyntattooer

Geometric tattoo designs don’t have to be huge, they can be minimalistic. The fine lines that encompass the tattoo in the photo above are absolutely delicate. Even the thicker lines are in good composition to the rest of the tattoo.

21. Colorful geometric design

Source: @borfifteen

Now that we’ve mostly done black and gray tattoos with a combination of thick and fine lines, it’s time to bring out the big designs. In this example, you can see a full-sleeve tattoo, made from geometric tattoo designs, that even have a 3D effect.

22. Japanese-style geometrical tattoo designs


This tattoo design looks quite similar to the previous ones, but what sets it apart is the Japanese style. Japanese-style tattoos can be perfectly incorporated into geometric tattoo designs. Even with the lantern, the cherry blossoms, and the east-Asian man in the middle, it looks stunning. The composition is unique and would make an amazing addition to the rest of the tattoos on your body.