Geometric Tattoos is one of the most trending topic in tattoo industry. You need skilled tattoo artist and patience to get inked with geometric designs.

Geometric tattoos are steadily growing in popularity and in coming years, it’s going to become a common fashion trend. Nowadays people want to share their life with a statement and a tattoo is a good medium while your bodies are playing the part of the canvas. Geometric tattoo designs come in different set of measurement and color palettes. Using geometric skills, tattoo designers can create a geometrical interpretation of any famous image. Basically geometric tattoo designs are a perfect combination of several lines, shapes and art which comes together and makes a meaningful yet perfect picture. You need to keep patience while inking a tattoo because designers has to make appropriate measurement before tattooing you. Even single distortion of any line will definitely impact your outcome.

Tattoo artists use black ink to create these types of tattoo designs because lines and shapes can be seen clean and sharp. It’s difficult for a regular tattoo artist to create such geometric tattoos designs and thus needed high skilled experienced tattoo artist to do such job. These kind of unique tattoo has the power that catches anyone’s eye immediately.

Creative Geometric Tattoo Designs

In this article, we collected some creative geometric tattoo designs 2018 which designed by top tattoo artists. Here you can choose any geometric tattoo, according to your need and believe us, we have collected around 140 Geometric tattoos only to make your task simpler.


Geometric Tattoo meaning & significance

As I mentioned in this article that only skilled tattoo artist are essential to deliver high quality geometric tattoo works. It’s not like other tattoo designs, here you need complete perfection to complete geometric tattoo. Even the smallest deviation of any element can affect your designs and remember it’s going to be permanent. The whole concept of geometric tattoo designs is moving around how thick and thin the tattoo lines. The bold geometric tattoo determined by the thickness of geometric lines. You can play with different colon combinations and 3D artwork.

There are few concepts which considered as a sacred geometric tattoo, which are also gaining immense popularity. The concept of combining geometric shapes like triangles, circle and squares to create amazing designs are known as Gordian knots or flower of life designs.

The symbolic significance of geometric tattoo is not only limited to symbolic meaning, but they are also considered as sacred. Every sacred geometric tattoo is packed with cool meaning with respect to different shapes and size. Many people believe that symbol tattoo has some spirit which bring health and healing power to your body.

Most Common Types of Geometric Tattoos

  1. Colorful Geometric Tattoo

Colorful geometric tattoo is all about different sets of color combination with beautiful patterns. Even the small tattoo is meant to be colorful. Just imagine the rainbow colors filled in some amazing geometric tattoo.

  1. Flower Geometric Tattoo

Flower Geometric tattoo is a combination of flowers and geometric shapes like square, circle and triangles. Some creative artist can convert flower into complete geometric elements which looks stunning. Geometric flower tattoo brings harmony and balance in a design which is very essential.

  1. Animal Geometric Tattoo

Most popular with these kind of tattoos are “Geometric tattoo wolf” & “Geometric tattoo deer”. But you can try with your own belief and select animal according to your need and likes.

  1. Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric tattoo on the sleeve is awesome as compared to other tattoos. The skilled tattoo artist can use your sleeve part as an advantage and create some elegant geometric tattoo design on your sleeve.

  1. Shell Geometric Tattoo

A shell geometric tattoo is for those who loves nature. The shell geometric tattoo is the perfect combination of nature and geometric elements.

  1. Hybrid semi-geometric tattoo

Hybrid is termed to determine all above types of geometric tattoos in one design. And semi-geometric is like tattooing half normal tattoo and half geometric tattoo.


If you are looking for small tattoo designs then go for semicolon tattoo designs. It is small in size but possess powerful meaning.

Geometric tattoos forearm

Geometric tattoos sleeve

Geometric tattoo designs

Geometric tattoo designs

Geometric tattoo

Simple geometric tattoos

Simple geometric tattoos

Sacred geometry tattoo

Sacred geometry tattoo

Geometric tattoo

Geometric tattoo

Geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos

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