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20 Nautical Star Tattoo Ideas For All The Sailors Out There

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The nautical star tattoo is extremely popular among seafarers, marines, and honestly, everyone else whose lives are closely related to the vast sea.

This dimensional star carries a number of different meanings, depending on the story behind it. But, most of the time, people decide to get it because it’s a symbol of protection and guidance through life.

Once upon a time, stars have been the main source of navigation for seafarers. Hence, nautical star tattoos represent the importance of staying on the right course. Even when there’s nothing else to remind you of that, your tattoo is going to be there for you.

When it comes to the design of these bodily decorations, nautical stars are usually simple. The classical star is black and white, while some may choose to opt for black and blue or even black and red designs.

Of course, you should never let this stop you and you can always opt for something more daring and colorful if that’s what you like. But overall, people stick to the basics and play with the placement of the tattoo.

That’s why we wanted to present you with some of the possible options when it comes to the look and the position of your tattoo. Hopefully, you’ll get inspired by these pictures and you’ll find what you want your next ink to look like.

Where to place your new nautical star tattoo?

Upper arm

Credit: tattoo_by_joo

Your upper arm offers just enough space for a slightly bigger nautical star. It also allows you to add some additional elements to your tattoo, such as this whale.

Credit: alcazalex

If you love unique and daring tattoos but assumed that you could never get that with a nautical star, then just know that you were wrong. This is definitely a bold design and we know it won’t be for everyone. But when you’re looking for something one of a kind, this is the way to go.


Credit: kobayashitattoo

Your forearm is another great spot for nautical tattoos. Literally, you can get even three of them along the length of your arm. This time, we’re bringing you a more classical black-and-white design that will never go out of style.

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Credit: em_swan

What about a nautical star surrounded by intricate ornamental details? It gives mandala-style vibes and is a beautiful piece of art that will fit on your arm perfectly.

Credit: 7787_parlor_tattoo_heidelsheim

How about making your tattoo look rustical and kinda different? You can achieve that through these sketch-like ink strikes that give additional character to the design.

Credit: hutch_tat

This design depicts the nautical theme perfectly. Together with an anchor, your traditional-style nautical star will get the meaning you’re looking for.



Are you looking for something smaller? Something simple but at the same time meaningful? This is a great option for those of you who still don’t feel ready to commit to a huge tattoo.


Credit: sirens.ink_tattoo

Do you need a reminder to stay on the course and follow the path you’ve chosen? This tattoo on your hand will always be there to warn you to keep on sailing, even when the sea gets wild.

Credit: sui.inks

Your hand is also a good spot for multiple smaller nautical stars. These ones vary in size and together, they create a little star family. Maybe you can use them as a representation of your family and make this tattoo even more personal.


Credit: harringtontattoo

Your leg is another great spot for a nautical star tattoo. This particular design will serve as a reminder that respect, loyalty, and family are the three main guidelines for a successful and happy life.

Credit: leonardotattoo.torralba

Do you love the idea of getting multiple nautical stars but don’t feel like your hand is a great spot for that? Then opt for a leg since they will fit there just nicely.


Credit: bunnysta2

Getting a tattoo on your knees may seem like an odd choice, but in this case, it works. So, if you’re up for a challenge, give this design a go.


Credit: meganboyletattoo

For all of you who are fans of tiny tattoos, this is a superb option. We all know that the ankle is a perfect spot for simple and miniature designs so you can be sure that you’ll love the end result.

Credit: rogerio.eira

Here we have another ankle tattoo that’s a bit bigger than the previous one. This way, you can see which size you prefer more and get a better look at how it’s going to fit on your leg.

Credit: mothmanderstattoo

Now, just because you’re getting a tattoo on your ankle, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose something simple. This design is proof of that. If you’ve served in the Navy, we’re sure you’re going to like this one.


Credit: irenavrtovec

The area underneath your collarbones is another great spot for nautical stars. Perfectly symmetrical and well-proportioned, they’re going to look like they always belonged there.

Credit: donalfptattoo

A sailor is never lost as long as he follows the compass. In the same way, you’ll never be lost in life if you know what your final destination is. This tattoo will remind you of that each time you look yourself in the mirror.

Credit: dexteradeitattoo

If two nautical stars on your chest don’t seem enough, you can always add the third one. It will fit perfectly in the middle of your chest.


Credit: joelrhystattoos

A neotraditional nautical star may seem like a weird choice but it will look great (if you love this tattoo style, of course). You can also add some additional elements that you like to decorate the stomach area.


Credit: zizi_tattooer

Finally, we present you with an option that isn’t for everyone, but it certainly looks stunning. Your neck is a perfect spot for smaller tattoos, so you can always choose to fit your nautical star there. You can opt for a classical design or spice things up with a colored version. It’s up to you.