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23 Forearm Tattoos For Men For Your Next Tattoo Appointment

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Forearm tattoos for men can be so creative and unique! If you’re looking for something that will completely transform your look and commemorate your personality with ink on your skin. Then, you’re at the right place.

Throughout history, warrior have tattooed their forearms to represent the battles they’ve gone through and their victories. This way, they were able to establish who was the strongest and most feared of all the warriors.

I know that you’re probably not looking for that kind of recognition in society, but you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing that will let your personality shine through. Because of that, we have some ideas that can definitely inspire you and your next ink.

Geometric forearm tattoos for men

Source: @ulassyesilyurt

Geometric tattoos have something enchanting about them. For example, this tattoo is done with such fine lines, but the images that were incorporated into it are astounding. The whales are the darkest parts of the tattoo and that’s the most eye-catching thing here.

Source: @odb_blackwork

This geometric tattoo has different squares that are in the background. However, the giraffe is quite weird, especially with the tree that’s coming out of her neck. The circles that are above the tree are representing the sun and sunshine. There aren’t many stark, but the tattoo has some very pretty shadows.

Source: @coralsicobotattoo

When you’re searching for forearm tattoos for men, you’re probably also thinking about the different elements that you’d want to incorporate into the tattoo. If you’re a musician, then you’d want something to represent that.

This drum set is amazingly done. The details are immaculate and the minimal shading really makes the tattoo look clear.

Source: @odb_blackwork

You probably didn’t think of a statue of a woman as your tattoo, but now you could consider it. This tattoo has some geometrical details around it, but the main piece is the woman. Do you see the way the moon is shining? The negative space around it is surrounded by a light layer of ink that makes it look quite realistic.

Source: @mikegtattoo

For nature lovers, it’s quite important to have that commemorated on your skin. This tattoo is like a mirror that’s set between the tree and its roots. The ink is quite black and that’s what makes it stand out so much.

Skull forearm tattoos for men

Source: @stevegormantattoo

Skulls are a very masculine image, especially if there are other masculine things incorporated into the image. This one is quite dark, the skull, the snake, and the rose are well incorporated into this tattoo.

Source: @fantinitattoo

Now, that’s a gorgeously composed skull tattoo. This is one of those forearm tattoos for men that make an amazing centerpiece for any next tattoo you may want to get. The snake is perfectly intertwined with the skull and the entire look of the tattoo is very gory.

Source: @scoobstattoo

There are so many different designs put into this tattoo that it’s immaculate. The clock and the eye at the top, then we have the skull in the middle and the owl/butterfly that’s at the end of the forearm.

Compass tattoos for your forearm

Source: @jettjansky

People who love to wander and travel tend to get a compass tattoo to commemorate their love for this particular lifestyle. Because of that, you should probably look into getting one yourself. The map behind the compass is a wonderful touch, just like the rope, the palm trees, and all the other details.


This is a similar compass tattoo. It incorporates a map, a rope, and two compasses. The entire tattoo is so pretty and the contrast is amazing. The fine lines are what give this tattoo such a clean look.

Animal forearm tattoos for men

Source: @scoobstattoo

Adding animals to your design would be great. Especially when we’re talking about dangerous and predatory animals, such as a tiger in this example. The tiger is quite dark, but the face of the woman is very light, so it’s a wonderful contrast.

Source: @inkfortheskin

I know that snakes aren’t that scary to some people, but it’s one of those tattoos that could create a gorgeous tattoo to give enough space for other details that you want to add to your design. Especially, when the snake is flowing so perfectly down the forearm.

Source: @josh_stew_art

This lion tattoo is immaculate. If you’re looking for forearm tattoos for men, then this is one that will definitely pop up in your search. The lion symbolizes strength and loyalty, so if those values are important to you, then this is the right design.

Source: @jessshawtattoo

Also, adding different animals to your tattoo could create a gorgeous image, such as this one. The owl and the tiger are quite different. However, that’s why it’s so special! The tiger is strong, and he’s a protector, while the owl is intelligent and wise. They’re both hunters, but have different ways of hunting. So, the tattoo is quite dark to represent the masculine energy behind it, but the message is clear.

Source: @willvianatattoo

Another lion tattoo, but this time it has religious images and a compass at the bottom. The eyes of the lion are blue, which is a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the tattoo. The amount of detailing in this is praise-worthy.

Japanese images as tattoo ideas

Source: @laurmonftattoos

Japanese-style tattoos are unique, and I’d recommend seeing if any of these designs suit your taste. This flower is very detailed, the shadows are so well done that they give this design so much depth. Even the little leaves around it are made out of negative space, so that the shadows could create an illusion of leaves being there.

Source: @thejadetyger

A Japanese warrior is a representation of strength and loyalty. Even if you’re not really interested in the meaning, you can still appreciate the gorgeous image that it’s representing. This demon warrior mask is breaking apart to reveal the beautiful face of a woman.

Source: @prettyboytatt

Japanese demons are also quite important to their mythology, and they’re very often used for forearm tattoos for men. Here you can see that the tattoo has a lot of black ink incorporated into it, but the lighter side of the demon mask is catching your attention immediately.

Other interesting forearm tattoo designs

Source: @rachaeljones_tattoos

A mandala tattoo represents someone’s love and need for harmony. Mandalas are usually done with symmetry in mind. That’s why it’s one of those forearm tattoos for men that could be done easily and still be gorgeous. This mandala is perfectly balanced, and the shadows are creating a gorgeous effect.

Source: @rockrollg

The theater masks are a wonderful addition to the rest of your tattoos, especially if you’re an actor who wants to show off his love for this craft.

Source: @maxwelllacroix

If you’re someone who loves mythology, then you should really choose your forearm tattoos to represent your love for those stories. Here you can see Odin on one forearm and on the other is a Valkyrie. All of the wonderful details add to the artistry of this design.

Source: @tattoosbycris

One of the most popular tattoo choices is a sacred heart tattoo. There are no outlines on this heart, but the butterflies are outlined with such fine lines. The rest of the tattoo is done with saturated black ink.

Source: @fantinitattoo

You can also add colors! When you’re looking for forearm tattoos for men, you don’t have to choose black and gray tattoos only. You can always add some color to make it look prettier. Here, the white and red look like actual magic that’s coming from the tattoo.