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24 Goat Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Trip To The Tattoo Parlor

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A goat tattoo is something that has a lot of misunderstanding tied to it. Of course, some people see it as evil and a representation of the dark lord, but it’s actually not the true meaning behind the goat.

The symbol of the goat was reimagined when the new religions wanted to ban Paganism. In the beginning, the image of the goat symbolized power, fertility, and the female reproductive system.

There’s even a story from Greek mythology that says that Dionysus emerged as a goat in order to flee from Mount Olympus.

Whatever your understanding of the goat is, you’re here now, and you’re looking for something to ink on your skin next. There are so many options out there for you, which is why you should consider some of these examples as inspiration for your personal design.

Traditional goat tattoo

Source: @darrenfoxtattoo

The traditional style of tattooing is still popular among people, even though the images are quite big, with bit patches of color, and thick outlines. Just like you can see in this goat tattoo! There aren’t many details, but the shading of the colors really flows perfectly with the rest of the image. I mean, the third eye in this one tells a special story.

Source: @derniersommeil

In this photo, you can see that there is some texture that was added with those small strokes throughout the tattoo. Some of the pink shadings really add a special color to the whole image, and the yellow teeth are a nice touch.

Source: @jamiehodgsontattoo

Even though the colors in his tattoo aren’t as vibrant as they would usually be in a traditional tattoo, the art style is mistakenly traditional. The pastel colors give an authentic feel to the whole image.

Source: @diamonddavetats

This is an interesting design choice for a traditional tattoo. It has all the characteristics of a traditional tattoo, but the lines that are supposed to represent the fur have their own shading. Also, the blue eyes are an interesting color choice.


A goat head of a human body is quite a common thing throughout religions and mythology. That’s why this tattoo is a great inspiration for your own design, it’s unorthodox, but it’s also something that everyone will understand once they see it.

Black and gray goat tattoos

Source: @natjuniperart

Black and gray tattoos are becoming more and more popular each day. A goat tattoo in this style can look quite dark, but it’s also a great way to show the details and texture in the image. As you can see in this example, there are many options, and the fur looks quite flowy.

Source: @pepperspicy

This is a realistic tattoo of a goat that you can also opt for. With the flowy lines of negative space at the bottom of the tattoo, it looks like a mystical being. The only part that has a little bit of color are the eyes, which are red.

Source: @1780.ttt

This is a smaller tattoo that would be great for people who don’t want to do something huge for their goat tattoo. This tattoo is completely done in black ink and that adds some personality to the design. The sun above the head of the goat has a Paganistic meaning because the goat and the sun both represent the male energy in Paganism.

Source: @trenaman_tattoo

If you don’t want to add a spiritual meaning to your goat, you can opt for a simple design of a jumping goat. This one actually looks like it’s having a lot of fun jumping through fields. The texture in its fur is perfectly done, and it’s very detailed. Especially considering the shading.

Source: @laestacanegra.tatt

If you want a lighter goat on your skin, then maybe this would be your choice. There’s still texture in this tattoo, even though there aren’t many lines in the fur compared to the previous examples.

Creepy goat tattoos

Source: @ludo_mortuus

Okay, let’s be honest. You can do a lot with a goat tattoo that can look creepy. I mean, the animal itself is creepy. So, if you want something with dark imagery, this is perfect for you! This tattoo is obviously a goat because of the horns, but the tongue, the third eye, and the big teeth really make it look like a satanic image.

Source: @adambeatty

The skull of a goat isn’t necessarily a creepy sight, but some people may consider it so. Skull tattoos are quite popular, and they represent the passing of life and the afterlife.

Source: @klimshakhnin

This example could be more up your alley if you want to add some spiritual meaning to your tattoo. The symbolism in this tattoo is quite special, and the skulls that are adorning the goat give it a spooky feeling. However, the lines are so crisp and clean that they make the tattoo look very light.

Source: @bk_tattooer

It’s easy to connect this image with a satanic symbol. However, it’s more Pagan because of the crescent moons that are connected to the head. The lines around the main image add a certain background to the whole tattoo.

Source: @siemka_tattoo

In this tattoo, the artist has obviously been playing around with dark and light shading. It adds a lot of depth to the whole design, and the small details, like the sigil on the nose, the feathers, and the skull are perfect for this tattoo.

Source: @ludo_mortuus

Adding a couple more horns to your goat tattoo really adds some sort of personality to the whole design. This tattoo wouldn’t be considered creepy if it wasn’t for the long tongue that follows the flow of the fur around its head.

Source: @zebra_ink_

If you want to create more depth in your design, then you may want to make a bit of a contrast between the goat and the horns. In this tattoo, the horns are much darker than the rest of the tattoo. Also, the animal skulls in the background add to the creepiness of the image. The geometrical shapes are also a nice addition.

Source: @iannbeneteli

Considering that the goat has been seen as a familiar of witches and a symbol of satanism, why not fall into that whole story and do exactly that as your next tattoo? The cauldron and the upside-down cross make this tattoo look scary, but the warlock is the goat. You have everything you’ve been looking for in one design!

Cute goat tattoo

Source: @fede7fd

Your goat tattoo doesn’t have to be serious or scary, you can do something adorable and feminine without losing the meaning of the tattoo. I mean, just look at this tattoo! It’s adorable! The whole design is done in pastel colors, and there isn’t much shading done to break down those colors.

Source: @pure_foolery

How about a funny goat in a cute sweater? If you’re more into patchwork tattoos, then this is the way to go. It’s lighthearted and you still have an image of a goat tattooed on your skin.

Source: @emshorttattoo

A baby goat is always a great idea! I mean, just look at this guy. You get the symbolism of a goat tattoo without the creepy background. This tattoo is done with a very dotted style, where there are no harsh outlines or shadings, everything is very light and flowy.

Source: @daemontid

This is a very simple tattoo, there’s no shading involved, only a couple of parts where you can see the blackout shapes, like the legs, and the horns. This is a small tattoo of a cute creature, there’s no mischief in this design.

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Source: @inkedskunk

Goats can look luxurious, too! When you look at this curly goat, you can’t help but consider it to be your next tattoo. The shading is easily done, with all the little specks of blue peeking through, and the yellow adds a wonderful contrast to the rest of the design.

Source: @theelectricant

A baby goat tattoo would look perfect on the thigh. This tattoo looks quite realistic because of the amount of texture that you can see in this design. The most noticeable parts are the eye and the little horns at the top of its head. Those just add to the cuteness of this baby.