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22 Gorgeous Lamb Tattoo Ideas To Symbolize Innocence And Purity

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The lamb is an ever-present symbol in Christianity. It symbolizes innocence and purity but is there more to it? Your new ink is a way to tell a story so when you’re thinking of getting a lamb tattoo, you can give it any meaning you want. The real issue lies in choosing the design that speaks to your heart.

Besides its religious meaning, a lamb can also signify rebirth. It’s a symbol of a new beginning. At the same time, it can represent forgiveness or even tenderness.

All in all, your new tattoo can have any meaning you want. It’s your ink and you can make it personal.

So no matter why you choose to get a lamb tattoo, the truth is that you’re going to wear it with pride. This piece of art on your body will tell your own story everywhere you go. Even if you decide to engrave this tender animal onto your skin simply because you’re in love with its sweet nature, you have every right to do so.

Now, the tricky part is choosing the design. As you’re scrolling through the internet, you’ll stumble upon a ton of options. But you need that special one that’s going to make you scream “This is it!”

Does this article have the tattoo you’re looking for? Let’s find out!

1. Tiny little lamb

Credit: siobhan_april_ink

Realistic, small, and simple – that’s how we would describe this tattoo. It’s a perfect match for those of you who don’t like big and bold designs.

2. Chained lamb

Credit: elzavanhouden

Lambs have been sacrificed in the name of religion for a while. But sometimes, even the most obedient lambs resort to resistance. If that’s the meaning you’re looking for then this tattoo is made for you.

3. Traditional-style lamb tattoo

Credit: rutattoos

Not everyone is a fan of tattoos that look like tattoos, but somehow, we still love this style. If you’re into traditional tattoos as well, then maybe you should consider this one.

4. Angel lamb

Credit: tendertattzz

A lamb is a symbol that can work great when done in a fine-line style. This is one of the ideas on how you can achieve that simple and clean look.

5. Devilish lamb


Here we have another fine-line tattoo. We love this devilish lamb that’s acting all tough but is probably a real softie on the inside.

6. Fine-line lamb

Credit: luna__tattoos

How about making things different by adding some contrasting details next to your lamb? In this case, we love the red and black color combination that makes this tattoo somewhat different.

7. Adorable lamb

Credit: sam.inky

Thin black lines that create the outline of the lamb in combination with black hearts – it’s definitely an adorable combination. What do you think about it?

8. Minimalistic lamb

Credit: blairmasco

It doesn’t get any simpler than this one. If you’re looking for a tattoo that won’t make people stare every time you walk into the room, this is the design for you.

9. Tiny lamb queen

Credit: dontlookdarla

This little lamb queen looks adorable. Also, thanks to the shading and intricate details, this lamb’s wool looks so real.

10. Lamb on fire

Credit: ecemkyncu_

Here we have another idea on how to bring some contrast into your design. Again, the combination of black and red ink works like a charm as you can tell from the picture above.

11. Lamb and a saying

Credit: tatubuny

We love this design for a couple of different reasons. First of all, this adorable little lamb looks so sad that you want to give it a hug. And second of all, we love the saying above it. We all heal ourselves and can’t rely on others to rescue us.

12. Lamb with a bow

Credit: ladybirdtattoos

Maybe you can get this cute lamb with a bow. If you want to be extra, you can make its bow red so it stands out more.

13. Lamb friends


Are you looking for a tattoo to celebrate your close friend? Two little lambs having fun together is a perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you.

14. Girl with a lamb

Credit: killedbysofa

This tattoo is a bit bigger in size than some of the other ones on the list. However, its style is quite similar due to the fine-line method that you can’t go wrong with.

15. Lamb illustration

Credit: patttattoos

Another cool idea is to get a tattoo of a lamb’s head only. We love this design since it’s filled with intricate details that make this lamb look like an illustration.

16. Simple lambs

Credit: kitstattoo

Are you a huge fan of simple tattoos? This outline of three little happy lambs could be your cup of tea then. Designs such as this one are made for people who don’t like to complicate their tattoos.

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17. Lamb doodle

Credit: zap.mommy

Another interesting option is a lamb doodle such as this one. It looks like a drawing that you make in your notebook as you’re bored in the class. This is a quirky option for all of you who love to have fun with your tattoos.

18. Lamb and the Moon

Credit: gumi.tattoos

This tattoo is so neat that you have to love it. We also love this design since it can tell any story you want. Even if every person in the world were to get this tattoo, we’re sure that all of them would have different meanings.

19. Holding a lamb

Credit: statlew_

This tattoo looks like a quick drawing of an artist. Some may think it’s nothing special while others may be impressed by it. Which group do you belong to?

20. A real piece of art

Credit: erin_elizabeth_ink

Are you a strong believer that tattoos are a great way to show your artistic side? We love this tattoo since it’s one of a kind and it looks like a real piece of art.

21. Hiding behind a mask

Credit: knoteyetattoo

This design represents two contrasting symbols. It tells a story that you never know what’s hiding underneath the mask.

22. Lamb’s face

Credit: dallasconte

We come to the end of the article with another simple but realistic design. The lamb’s head could symbolize anything you want and is a perfect choice when you don’t want to complicate things with a ton of details.