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20 Astounding Gorilla Tattoos You’ll Learn To “Ape-reciate”

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A universal symbol of strength, resilience, dignity, and compassion, a glorious gorilla makes for an unforgettable tattoo design. When carefully planned and properly placed on your body, a gorilla tattoo can make you feel like the leader of your family, friend group, or even work group.

We’d argue that gorilla tattoos resonate with a lot of people and that’s why we’re witnessing a sudden surge of first-timers and seasoned tattoo-getters opting for tattoos featuring these gentle giants.

Whether you’re planning on getting a small and simple ode to your favorite ape or a big and bold statement tattoo that stretches across your entire upper and lower back, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gorilla tattoos to ensure you’re on the right track on your next appointment.

1. A traditional gorilla tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @adriantattus

Traditional tattoos are a great choice for people who prefer classic motifs, bright, bold colors, and black outlines. This traditional tattoo features a black gorilla head complete with red and yellow details that guarantee to leave an impression on everyone who sees your ink.

2. A three-eyed gorilla tattoo on the thigh

Credit: @tattoos_by_jnorm

We’ve got another traditional tattoo coming your way! This traditional tattoo features a black gorilla head with three yellow eyes, yellow teeth, and a red mouth. The three-eyed gorilla represents leadership, authority, and an all-seeing entity that can lead the way.

3. A tattoo of a gorilla with a crown on the shoulder blade

Credit: @paulmurphy_tattoos

What about a tattoo of a gorilla wearing a crown? When working on the design of your tattoo, don’t shy away from experimenting with elements that amplify or completely chnage the meaning of the tattoo. A crown, for example, can be seen as a symbol of authority, legitimacy, tradition, or victory which works wonderfully with the symbolism of a gorilla tattoo.

4. A neo-traditional gorilla tattoo

Credit: @jonan.rod

Neo-traditional tattoos are similar to traditional tattoos but tend to have more complex color palettes and more variation in terms of the design or the motif of the tattoo. What’s great about this gorilla tattoo might be the way all the chosen colors work together to create a piece that’s unique, never-before-seen, and eye-catching.

5. A sticker sleeve gorilla tattoo

Credit: @mercury.tts

Sticker sleeves are quickly becoming one of the biggest tattoo trends we’ve ever seen. A sticker tattoo of a gorilla might be a great way for you to pay homage to your favorite ape without going all out or spending hours and hours at the tattoo parlor.

6. An abstract gorilla tattoo on the leg

Credit: @renatofirminoo

Abstract tattoos are perfect for people who prefer modern, minimalistic tattoo styles over the more traditional ones. Abstract tattoos focus on evoking emotion rather than creating a hyper-realistic depiction of a tattoo motif which means they’re great for people who want to make a statement and be heard.

7. A gorilla tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @marcoklose_official

We’re going big and bold, baby! What’s great about upper arm tattoos seems to be the fact that they’re wearable and versatile because they provide you and your tattoo artist with plenty of real estate to work with. This tattoo features a realistic gorilla that looks like a dream come true (or better yet, a nightmare come true).

8. A full-sleeve gorilla tattoo

Credit: @myskow_slawomir

When you’re on the hunt for a true statement tattoo, you can always opt for a full-sleeve tattoo complete with a gorilla, a tiger, and foliage that serves the purpose of filling out the black spaces of your sleeve. What do you think?

9. A gorilla tattoo across the entire upper and lower back

Credit: @marc_studio_ink

What about a gorilla tattoo that stretches across your entire upper and lower back? When you’re willing to “go big or go home,” you might as well opt for a full-back tattoo and watch everyone lose their collective minds at your decision.

10. A tattoo of a gorilla on the neck

Credit: @allied_tattoo

Neck tattoos might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’re a great way to ensure your thoughts, ideas, and ink inspirations are on display at all times. A neck tattoo of a gorilla might not be your mother’s favorite, but it’s a surefire way for you to become the talk of the town – and that might be exactly what you’re interested in.

11. A gorilla tattoo on the chest

Credit: @babyfaceoneill

Whether you wear tank tops or V-necks, chest tattoos are a great way to make you look cooler than you really are. A screaming gorilla head tattoo might not seem timeless or effortless, but you truly can’t go wrong with a traditional tattoo motif that’s been around for decades and decades.

12. A tattoo of a gorilla head on the thigh

Credit: @micablancotattoos

A blackwork gorilla head on the thigh? Absolutely!

Blackwork tattoos are any tattoos created by using black ink only, but they’re typically a lot more bold than “regular” tattoos. Blackwork tattoos are perfect for when you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

13. A gorilla tattoo on the head

Credit: @usatraditional

Listen, you might not be ready for a head tattoo, but you must hop on that trend ASAP! Whether you’re hoping to conceal you’re balding head with a bright tattoo or thinking of shaving your head for the sake of a gorilla tattoo, you can see why we’re freaking out over the concept.

14. A tattoo of a gorilla on the hand


Why not get a gorilla tattoo on your hand? Hand tattoos are almost always on display and that’s why they’re a favorite among experienced body art enthusiasts. Hand tattoos allow you to express your creativity and show the world what you’re capable of.

15. A three-headed gorilla tattoo on the chest

Credit: @jab_sangin_tattoo

We showed you a smaller and simpler chest tattoo, but what about a work of art that stretches across your entire chest? This tattoo features three screaming gorilla heads created in black ink, with little to no detail. This is a great example of the look you can achieve with a little more time and effort, too.

16. A gorilla tattoo on the side of the neck

Credit: @skingrafter

When you’re adamant about getting a neck tattoo, a behind-the-ear tattoo, or a tattoo that’s close to your face, we suggest opting for something like this. This tattoo might not be big, but that’s not a big deal, either – this tattoo is a detailed depiction of an angry gorilla with blood-red eyes and sharp teeth.

17. A tattoo of a gorilla and a dagger

Credit: @lewiscarter_tattoos

Traditional tattoos oftentimes feature a dagger or two, and for a good reason, too. Dagger tattoos can be seen as symbols of betrayal, loss, and danger, as well as protection, sacrifice, and bravery.

18. A tattoo of a gorilla wearing a crown on the thigh

Credit: @blvck_shak

Gorillas and crowns are the perfect match, aren’t they? With a tattoo of a gorilla on your thigh, you can remind yourself of who you are and what you’re capable of without letting the entire world know you’re rocking a large tattoo on your body.

19. A realistic gorilla tattoo on the inside of the arm

Credit: @onurzaferz

Realistic tattoos require a lot of time, effort, and energy, but they’re worth your while. Whether you opt for a big and bold forearm tattoo or a tiny wrist tattoo, the style of the tattoo can make or break the end product.

20. A gorilla tattoo on the forearm

Credit: @sacredgallowstattoo

We’re ending the article with yet another forearm gorilla tattoo! Whether you’re a first-timer or someone who can’t stop experimenting with body art and body modifications, you can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship behind a forearm gorilla tattoo.