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21 Best Grinch Tattoo Ideas To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

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We truly believe that no one can get tired of classical Christmas movies and for all the ink lovers out there, they can be a source of inspiration. When looking to get a new bodily decoration, you may opt for your favorite character. So, would you consider getting the Grinch tattoo?

Besides his grumpy appearance and the fact that the majority of people see him as a villain, the Grinch is actually not a bad guy at all. Honestly, we all have our moments so being in a bad mood doesn’t make him a bad humanoid, right?

Also, it’s important to mention that his wish to steal Christmas comes from the fact that he doesn’t like how superficial this holiday has become. You’ve surely felt the same way about it at some point in your life, right?

So, the Grinch is definitely a relatable character and even if you don’t understand his behavior best, you at least appreciate the fact that he can always make you smile. It’s not surprising that people could re-watch movies about him multiple times without getting bored.

If you’re looking to get the Grinch tattoo for any of the reasons, you’re probably torn apart with the design you should pick. Should you go with something bold and daring that represents the Grinch to a tee or should you stick with the black and gray tattoo style?

We bring you some of our favorite Grinch tattoo ideas that will definitely make you laugh. They’re certainly a unique way to celebrate your love for Christmas and this famous movie character.

All-time best Grinch tattoo ideas

Credit: crybubbleink

Sometimes, we all feel like the Grinch. As the world keeps rambling about something, the only thing you want to say to them is “Blah, blah, blah!”. If you can relate to this, then we have a tattoo for you.

Credit: sarahdtattoos

Are you looking to ink a baby Grinch onto your skin? And do you want your tattoo to actually look like a tattoo? This is a design that gives you exactly that.

Credit: rospnroll

When you love the Grinch but don’t feel the same way about colorful tattoos, you can always stick with the black ink. The natural grumpiness of his face can be portrayed even without the usage of colors.


Do you love realistic black and gray tattoos? Then you’re going to love this Grinch one. You can already tell that he’s plotting something mischievous.

Credit: tattfletch

Sketch-style tattoos may be your cup of tea but you assumed that this method wouldn’t work well with the Grinch’s character. Well, this design proves you otherwise.

Credit: erinodea

“Santa bye, bye” is an iconic scene from when the Grinch was still a little baby. Even then, he wasn’t the biggest fan of Christmas. If this incident always makes you laugh, then you’ll love this tattoo.

Credit: luytattoo

You don’t have to get the Grinch’s face in order to satisfy your need for a tattoo that represents him. His hairy hand holding a Christmas tree decoration will be enough to get you in the mood.

Credit: rachelsmithtattoo

Would you consider getting a tattoo of some of the most important characters in the Grinch movie? Besides the grumpy, green humanoid, your design can also include Cindy-Lou Who and Max, the dog. Sounds like a cool idea, right?

Credit: sterile_garbage

We believe there’s not much to say about this adorable baby Grinch. It’s another cool option for your new tattoo that will look great on any part of your body.

Credit: hhorlandotattoo

What about a full-body Grinch, looking like he already knows what he’s going to do next in order to make the world a quieter place so he can enjoy the calamity of it?

Credit: lenkainkart

This grumpy, Monday vibes Grinch will be relatable the whole year long. You’ll understand how he feels every time you have to wake up early for work.

Credit: kaybowmantattoo

Do you want a tattoo that will represent the moment when the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes? This design shows exactly that.


What makes this Grinch tattoo unique is the style of it. The watercolor style works so well with this design and brings a character to it.

Credit: barath.anna

Is this the Grinch getting into the Christmas spirit? We love this big, colorful representation of our favorite holiday movie.

Credit: weird.yus

This design proves how a splash of color can change any illustration and bring life into it. We love this simple but captivating tattoo.

Credit: inkproject29_

Do you wish to get a matching Grinch tattoo with a dear friend? This is definitely a great option that will make you smile every time you look at your wrist.

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Credit: sol_aguiar_tattoo

Do you love realistic tattoos? Then you’re also going to love this one. We’re obsessed with all the details and the devilish look on the Grinch’s face.

Credit: deedia_lala_tattoo

We know that the majority of ideas on this list are done in color but we can’t ignore the fact that the Grinch looks ten times more real that way. So, this is one more option on what you can get when you don’t mind carrying a green humanoid on your arm.

Credit: jayvoscott

This is another realistic version of the Grinch, but this time, the focus is on his face. We appreciate all the details and fine lines that give him life and attitude that he certainly doesn’t lack.

Credit: cyncityink

A cartoon-style Grinch peeking through a wreath? Honestly, we love this idea since it’s fun and adorable. Plus, it perfectly depicts the moment when the Grinch realized the actual point of Christmas. And that’s definitely one of the most important parts of the movie.


Who says that you have to get a tattoo of the Grinch when you’re looking for something to represent this iconic movie? You can always go with a special line that sticks with you. You can even get a matching tattoo with your friend if both of you are obsessed with the same scene.