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25 Heartbreak Tattoo Ideas To Share Your Feelings

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When you fall in love, the way you see the world changes completely. You’re suddenly happier, more optimistic and you look at life through rose-colored glasses. But when that one special person breaks your heart, everything turns gray. If you’re currently grieving your failed relationship, the chances are that you’re looking to get an “I’m going through a heartbreak” tattoo.

You’ve been disappointed and you no longer believe in love. Your heart has been torn into pieces by the one person who was supposed to protect it. So, what do you do from this point on? How do you heal and go back to your old self?

The truth is that you’re never going to be the same person you once were. But you’re definitely going to be wiser.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s going to engrave this experience onto your body forever, then you have a ton of options to choose from. We’ve made a selection of some of the best heartbreak tattoos that will help you deal with all the pain of a failed relationship.

1. “Baby this love kills”

Credit: lost.ritual

When your rose-colored glasses break, you may realize that you fell in love with the idea of a person. This tattoo symbolizes exactly that.

2. Skeleton heartbreaker

Credit: lana_here_tattoo

This person had your heart but instead of taking care of it, they decided to break into pieces. Honestly, they were dangerous for you from the very beginning but you were too in love to see that.

3. The moment when your heart got broken

Credit: mike_end

Did your partner cheat on you? If you’re aware of the pain of being cheated on, then this tattoo is exactly what you need.

4. Trying to mend the broken heart

Credit: ianreynold

Are you doing your best to mend your broken heart? Are you trying to fix the damage even though you know it won’t be easy? This tattoo will remind you to keep on working on it, even when you feel it’s useless.

5. Stabbed heart

Credit: nicoleelisaart

When someone breaks your heart, it feels like you were stabbed with a dagger. It’s the worst pain ever, but you’re going to make it through.

6. Falling into pieces

Credit: brightbluetattoo

After a heartbreak, you may feel like every part of you is falling into pieces. If you were to present that through a picture, it would look something like this.

7. Broken by a clown

Credit: swamplost

You probably feel like a fool who fell in love with a clown. This tattoo is a visual representation of your current emotions.

8. Love hurts

Credit: brycenadeautattoo

It doesn’t get any more obvious than this one. Love hurts! It’s as simple as that.

9. Split into two


You probably tried to protect your heart by securing it with a wire but still, someone managed to split it into two. If this is how you feel right now, then you’re going to like this tattoo idea.

10. Simple broken heart

Credit: eric_moore_tattoos

Are you looking for the simplest way to describe how you’re feeling after the heartbreak? This is the way to go when you’re not a fan of big and detailed tattoos.

11. Tearing it apart

Credit: mr.fishliquor

Now that you look back, you feel like you gave your heart to a character from a cartoon. It’s no surprise that they tore it into pieces.

12. Fixing a broken heart

Credit: drmyk122

After being hurt numerous times before, you still went ahead and gave love another chance. But you ended up with the same disappointment, experiencing the same pain you were trying to forget. If that’s exactly how you feel, then you may like the idea of getting this tattoo.

13. Barely holding

Credit: judilda

Do you feel like your heart is barely holding? That’s how you know that you’ve been through a terrible heartbreak.

14. Stabbed way too many times

Credit: luckydogtattoos

Throughout your life, you gave people chances and believed in the power of love. But all you got in return were stabs aimed directly at your heart. That realization hurts.

15. Shattered into pieces

Credit: johnnytrendkill

Do you feel like your heart is made of glass and all others did was try to break it? This tattoo symbolizes that perfectly.

16. Like a sting of thousands of thorns


When someone breaks your heart, it feels like a sting of thousands of thorns. This simple black and gray tattoo shows that better than any words could.

17. A broken chain

Credit: miranda.tattoos

You put your heart into chains, trying to protect it from unnecessary pain. But someone still managed to ruin your plans and left you with indescribable pain.

18. Heartache

Credit: katemcleodart

Are you looking for a bigger tattoo? Something that will help you cope with all the pain you’re feeling right now? This one could be a good choice.

19. Locked heart

Credit: blvckmoontattoo

You put a lock on your heart but it wasn’t enough. You still went through a heartbreak and how you’re feeling right now is something you don’t wish for anyone. We feel you and believe that this simple tattoo will be a great representation of your personal experience.

20. Falling apart

Credit: misssadheart

After everything you’ve been through, all you want to do is lay in your bed and cry. And honestly, your heart feels the same way.

21. Trying to romanticize the heartbreak

Credit: scurvy_dan

Do you believe that your heartbreak was just an experience you had to go through in order to grow as a person? Then you’re going to love this design since it describes your point of view to a tee.

22. Vast darkness of a broken heart

Credit: inkbyciro

Do you feel like your heart has turned into a vast darkness? The only thing you’re certain of is that it keeps bleeding, no matter how hard you try to fix it.

23. Can’t stop crying

Credit: darekriley

This tattoo will be your reminder that laughter must come after all the tears. No matter how terrible you’re feeling right now, it’s all going to pass. And with each dark day in your life, you’ll have proof on your body that you’re going to get through it.

24. Damaged

Credit: beattytattoo

When you’re trying to intensify the meaning of your tattoo, you can always combine the visual with the verbal. This design shows how you can do that.

25. Broken way too many times

Credit: edinson_esn

Has your heart been broken way too many times? Have you been giving love chance after chance but it was all in vain? You can easily show that through a tattoo that’s going to represent everything you’ve been through.