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22 disegni di tatuaggi di limoni per aiutarvi a spremere la giornata

Tatuaggi sul cibo

Forget words and scrips that mean something to you, portraits of your dog, and symbols that represent who you are. We know what you really want to get permanently etched on your body – food. Whether you’re a foodie or a lover of all things fruit, it’s okay if you really want to get a lemon tattoo.

What’s the tea with lemon tattoos, anyway? A lemon tattoo can represent a million meanings, depending on the style of the tattoo you opt for, other elements you decide to add, and your relationship with the succulent, sour fruit. A lemon tattoo typically represents a lively spirit, vitality, youth, and energy.

When you take a look at the fresh trend that’s adding a zesty twist to conventional tattoo styles, you might be surprised that the citrusy symbols are making a mark on the tattoo landscape. With that in mind, though, lemons come with layers you need to peel back to see the full picture.

For what it’s worth, lemon tattoos have always been a thing. Lemon tattoos have always stood out amidst traditional tattoo symbols like roses, skulls, and anchors, with their vibrancy and novelty. Get inspired by a few of our favorite lemon tattoo ideas and make your next ink good enough to bite into.

1. Tatuaggio di un ramo di limone con fiori di limone

Credito: @clairedaisytattoos

Quando decidete di farvi tatuare un limone, prendete in considerazione la possibilità di completare il disegno con elementi che possano amplificare o cambiare completamente il significato del tatuaggio. Un semplice tatuaggio con un limone può essere efficace, ma un tatuaggio con fiori, foglie e rami di limone può fare la differenza.

2. Un tatuaggio colorato a forma di limone

Credito: @noemesystattoo

When choosing between a blackwork tattoo and a colored tattoo, do whatever works for you. Colored tattoos are a great way for you to go for something big and bold that’s guaranteed to attract attention and make you the talk of every family get-together.

3. Tatuaggio di un limone colorato sulla cassa toracica

Credito: @peter_sparkler_tattoo

We’d argue that the placement of the tattoo can change the style of the tattoo, the overall design of the tattoo, and even the meaning of the tattoo. When you opt for a ribcage tattoo, for example, remember that not everyone’s going to be able to see the work of art – which can be both a good and a bad thing.

4. Il tatuaggio di un ramo di limone con un colibrì

Credito: @zihong_tattoo

What’s the best way to make your tattoo go from drab to fab? Add a couple of elements that complement the design and the meaning of the tattoo. A lemon branch tattoo with lemon blossom already looks lovely, but when you add a happy little hummingbird to the design, you get a work of art.

5. Un tatuaggio di un limone con una faccia

Credito: @phoebetattoos

What about a lemon with a face? When you’re bored of basic tattoos that don’t necessarily spark joy, you might want to experiment with something a little more creative and, dare we say, crazy. A tattoo of a lemon with a face can be your way of expressing your creativity and playing with your tattoos.

6. Un tatuaggio al limone a linee sottili

Credito: @tattoo.mariah

We can’t forget about fine-line tattoos. Fine-line tattoos are all the rage these days because they’re much more simple and subtle than the traditional ones, and they’re getting more and more popular thanks to celebrities opting for elegant and effortless tattoo styles. Fine-line tattoos might be right for you, too.

7. Tatuaggio di una fetta di limone

Credito: @xenia_tats

A lemon slice tattoo can be a great addition to a sticker sleeve, especially when you’re working on a food-themed or fruit-themed tattoo. Whether you opt for a fine-line tattoo, a realistic tattoo, or something a little more traditional, we’re sure you’re going to love your lemon tattoo.

8. Un piccolo tatuaggio a forma di limone

Credito: @itsjustpermanent

A tiny lemon tattoo might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but something you’re not looking to “go big or go home” – you simply want to get a little tattoo of a symbol or a motif that means something to you and be on your way. A tiny lemon tattoo on the arm sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

9. Un tatuaggio a linee di limone

Credito: @lucyvalentinatattoo

We can’t help but obsess over line-art tattoos, too, especially because they’re extremely wearable and versatile compared the the more traditional tattoo styles. A line-art tattoo of a lemon can be as simple as a one-line lemon behind your ear or as complex as an outline of a lemon branch complete with leaves.

10. Tatuaggio di un ramo di limone con fate

Credito: @poonkaros

If you’re interested in working with your tattoo artist and coming up with a work of art that’s reflective of you and your personality, you might want to go for something a little more elaborate. It’s a chance for you to complete your tattoo with something you really like – like a fairy, for example.

11. Un piccolo tatuaggio a forma di limone sulla cassa toracica

Credito: @monkeynoma_tattoo

We already raved about ribcage tattoos, but we didn’t mention the possibility of getting a super small tattoo that’s going to ensure you don’t cry throughout the entire process. Ribcage tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart, but you can 100% handle a tiny tattoo of a lemon on the ribcage.

12. Tatuaggio di un limone a punti

Credito: @emma.tattoos

Whenever you’re unsure of the style of tattoo you want to go for, do your research and make sure you have all the deets before you make up your mind. A dotwork tattoo, for example, consists of a bunch of dots that come together to create a work of art – what a great concept, right?

13. Tatuaggio di un limone lavorato a nero

Credito: @bloodclubtattoo

We can’t forget about blackwork tattoos, either. While blackwork tattoos typically refer to all tattoos done with black ink, they’re known for their depth and bold presence. Blackwork tattoos can range from minimalist to intricate and complex designs, depending on your personal preferences.

14. Un tatuaggio al limone morbido e sottile


If blackwork tattoos aren’t your aesthetic, you might want to go for a soft and subtle lemon tattoo. It’s a great way for you to experiment with diferent styles and symbols, but it’s *also* a chance for you to explore the world outside of traditional tattoos.

15. Un tatuaggio a forma di limone grande e audace

Credito: @hey_maks_tattoo

When life gives you lemons, you might as well get the biggest, boldest lemon tattoo you’ve ever seen. A statement lemon tattoo can be challenging when you decide to add a lot of other elements, but you can have a statement lemon tattoo without them, too. Go big or go home.

16. Tatuaggio di un limone sulla clavicola

Credito: @tatuatore_chow

A lemon tattoo on the collarbone might sound a little silly, but when you’re obsessed with lemons and you want the entire world to know that – you go for a collarbone lemon tattoo. Work with your tattoo artist to come up with a design that complements the curvatures of your body and you’re good to go.

17. Tatuaggio di un limone sul lato dello stomaco

Credito: @by_vas

A small, simple lemon tattoo on the side of the stomach might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you go for a blackwork tattoo or a realistic, colored tattoo, we’re sure you can come up with a design that’s going to make you smile.

18. Tatuaggio di un limone sulla gamba

Credito: @comeunamolletta_tattoo

What about a lemon tattoo on the leg? When we’re talking about tattoo placements, lemon tattoos are typically situated on the arm, the shoulder, or even the back – but rarely on the leg. A leg tattoo of a lemon branch with lemon blossom can be a strikingly stunning piece.

19. Un tatuaggio di un ramo di limone con un'ape

Credito: @haree_ink

Why not add a bee to your lemon branch tattoo? A lemon branch tattoo, especially a colored one, can be quite a statement piece on its own. Add a bee and you get a tattoo that represents hard work, dedication, and cooperation – as well as your love of all things lemon.

20. Tatuaggio di un limone sulla spalla

Credito: @mumi_ink

You can’t go wrong with a lemon tattoo on the shoulder, that’s for sure. Whether you go for a minimalist, micro tattoo of a lemon with a little leaf or an entire composition consisting of a branch, a bunch of leaves, a blossom, and a big, bold lemon – we’re sure you’re going to adore your tattoo.

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21. Tatuaggio di un limone sull'avambraccio

Credito: @ns_tattoo_boutique

A fine-line or line-art lemon tattoo on the forearm can make you feel like a million dollars. Forearm tattoos are popular, and for a good reason, too – they’re easy to conceal and reveal, and they’re perfect for a sticker sleeve. For whatever reason, forearm tattoos are every tattoo artist’s favorite, too.

22. Un tatuaggio astratto con un limone

Credito: @_lovelycanvastattoo

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with an abstract tattoo. Whether you’re searching for something appropriate for a modern minimalist or a type of tattoo that’s guaranteed to raise a question or two, go for an abstract tattoo – of a lemon, of course.