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21 idee di tatuaggio con l'anguria per una sensazione estiva sulla pelle

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As you take a bite of a cold and refreshing watermelon, memories take over you. You go back to your childhood, you think of summer days with the family, and with each taste, you get younger and more emotional. Who would’ve thought that food could do that to you? It’s no surprise that you want to get a watermelon tattoo to remind you of some of the best days of your life.

It may seem like an odd choice, but getting a tattoo of a watermelon is a fun way to make a certain memory last forever. It’s also a perfect design that will make you think of summer each time you look at it.

Le angurie sono luminose, succose e gustose. Quindi, avere qualcosa di simile sulla pelle può facilmente illuminare anche le giornate più buie.

No matter why you’re looking to get a watermelon tattoo, we support you completely. We love the idea of fun and quirky tattoos that not everyone would go for.

That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the coolest and freshest options so you can see what your next ink could look like. Here are our choices.

1. Tatuaggio a linea sottile con anguria

Credito: roxy_shetatts

Watermelons are bright and vibrant but maybe you don’t want your tattoos to be like that. Don’t worry as you can always opt for something more toned-down such as this fine-line design. Even though it’s created with black ink, you can still feel the taste of the watermelon in your mouth.

2. Anguria succosa

Credito: tatuaggio_piatto

We’re not sure if anyone could resist this tattoo. It literally makes you want to take a bite of watermelon. It’s small in size but highly detailed and realistic which looks just amazing.

3. Piccolo spicchio di anguria

Credito: mica.tatuaggi

Here we have another similar version of a previous tattoo. The main difference is the size of the watermelon wedge. Other than that, they’re practically the same style.

4. Anguria minimalista


We’re aware that not everyone is a fan of colorful tattoos so we wanted to introduce some black and gray options as well. This tattoo is perfect for all of you who are still not ready to wear a huge watermelon on your skin.

5. Ghiacciolo all'anguria


Admit it! You’re craving a watermelon popsicle right now! This brings us back to childhood so if you’re looking to make those memories everlasting, this is the way to go.

6. Fetta di anguria semplice ma carina

Credito: kdroszcz_tattoo

Maybe you love black tattoos but you’re also willing to experiment with a touch of color. This tattoo balances your two inner battles perfectly. As a result, you’re going to get this simple but adorable design.

7. Anguria a inchiostro nero

Credito: karlb_tattoo

Black ink only! If this is your motto, then we have a tattoo that’s going to work for you. Just because you’re looking to ink a watermelon on your skin, it doesn’t mean that you have to go all crazy with the colors.

8. Tenere in mano un cocomero


Throwback to those days when you were sitting on the porch, the sun was shining bright and you were holding a piece of watermelon ready to bite into it and savor every piece of it. Even though it’s made with black ink, this tattoo envisions that scenery perfectly.

9. Anguria lavorata a punti


Lo stile del tatuaggio Dotwork è probabilmente uno dei metodi più difficili e lunghi che si possano scegliere. Ma il risultato finale sarà sempre sorprendente. Questo tatuaggio lo dimostra.

10. Anguria astratta

Credito: tease_84

Would you consider getting an abstract watermelon tattoo? We love the combination of thin black outlines and a mixture of red and green ink done in a watercolor style. In the end, you get a unique tattoo that’s going to remind you of summer all year round.

11. Fetta di anguria

Credito: inchiostro nuvoloso

This sticker-like tattoo is a great option if you’re looking to combine a number of different tattoos and turn a part of your body into a patchwork. You’ll feel like a beautiful art canvas!

12. Anguria divertente

Credito: uwujkawaszka

We love this funky watermelon tattoo since it’s unique and quirky. It’s definitely not for everyone but if you love to have fun with your tattoos, then you’ll love this design.

13. Tatuaggio tradizionale con l'anguria

Credito: asmodeustattoo

Are you a fan of traditional tattoos? Then we have a fun take on this style. It’s definitely a design that’s going to stand out on your body.

14. Ode a Frida Kahlo

Credito: missquartz

Viva la Vida was the last painting by Frida Kahlo and it featured colorful watermelon as one of the main elements of it. If you’re a fan of Frida’s work, you may consider this design as a tribute to her.

15. L'estate sulla spalla

Credito: renelle_tattoo

This one is only for the brave ones! We know that tattoos such as this one require a level of commitment but if you’re ready for it, then you’re surely going to love this colorful design.

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16. Insalata di frutta

Credito: coniglio_ossidiano

Prendereste in considerazione l'idea di farvi un tatuaggio con diversi tipi di frutta? Una combinazione di fragole, mirtilli e anguria creerà una vera e propria macedonia sul vostro corpo, ma ci piace il suo aspetto.

17. Anguria appena raccolta


This looks like one juicy watermelon that’s been freshly picked out of the garden. We love how it looks on the skin and thanks to all the details, it truly feels like a real watermelon.

18. Design croccante e pulito dell'anguria

Credito: rio

Everything about this tattoo screams perfection. It looks so clean and neat that you’ll want to get it on your skin and proudly show it to everyone.

19. Anguria eccitata

Credito: deku_tats

If you’re into cartoon-style tattoos then you may like this one. It’s fun, exciting, and vibrant – three things we love about tattoos.

20. Anguria alta

Credito: giff_tih

Are you obsessed with watermelons to the point that you can’t stop eating them, no matter how hard you try? Get this tattoo to embrace your love for this tasty fruit.

21. Anguria pixelata

Credito: madame.liesl

And finally, we have one more quirky option that’s fun and amusing. This pixelated watermelon could be exactly what you’re looking for if you love different and unique tattoos.