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20 Epic Mickey Mouse Tattoo Ideas Perfect For Disney Fans

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A Mickey Mouse tattoo is a great way to celebrate your inner child and remember all those peaceful moments in life when you didn’t have to worry about anything. However, it’s also a perfect choice for all the Disney lovers who were (or still are) obsessed with this famous cartoon character.

A great thing about getting a tattoo of Mickey Mouse is that you can’t go overboard. Be as creative as you want, play with the design you like, and eventually, choose a tattoo that will make you smile every time you look at it. If you’re struggling with figuring out what you like the most, here are some ideas that may help you out.

1. Tiny Mickey Mouse

Credit: creativewolftattoo

When you want to keep things simple, this design is everything you need and more. A small tattoo such as this one will satisfy your need for simplicity and you’ll still get to wear your favorite mouse on your skin.

2. Dotwork Mickey Mouse

Credit: gogo_centuryink

Dotwork is such a cool technique that requires a ton of patience and skill but the end results are always captivating which is what matters the most. Just find a tattoo artist who loves to play with this style and enjoy your new favorite tattoo.

3. Classic Mickey Mouse

Credit: pineywoodstattooparlor

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a classic tattoo of Mickey Mouse. With all the little details that make him who he is, you’ll be proud to get this engraved on your body.

4. Outline of Mickey’s head

Credit: myflytat

If you’re looking for a tattoo of Mickey but prefer feminine designs and don’t want something that will be too obvious, then this is what you need. An outline of Mickey’s head is a subtle choice that still has the meaning you’re looking for. But when you create that outline by using flowers, things get even better.

5. Sticker-like Mickey Mouse

Credit: kerryh_tattoos

This sticker-like tattoo is probably the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. It’s such a fun idea that will go perfectly with Mickey Mouse.

6. Mickey and Minnie

Credit: arantxink

Ah, Mickey and Minnie! Probably the cutest mouse couple you’ve ever seen. If you’re obsessed with their romance or think that a tattoo of Mickey isn’t complete without his other half, then this is the design for you.

7. One-line Mickey

Credit: unotattoonyc

Yes, Mickey is a fun character who always wears vibrant red shorts. That being said, he may not seem like the easiest thing to tattoo when you prefer minimalistic designs. But that’s about to change with this tattoo.

8. Vibrant Mickey Mouse

Credit: tiz_tattoo

If you, on the other hand, aren’t afraid of colors and would like to keep things vibrant and bright, then you’ll love this design. It’s definitely a fun piece that will steal the attention.

9. Mickey peeking through


We love this idea and believe it’s a perfect choice for all of you who still feel like children on the inside. When you’re willing to have fun with your tattoos, this is what you can get.

10. Cheerful Mickey Mouse

Credit: cgualtieritattoo

Here we have another fun choice for all of you who aren’t afraid of colors. This tattoo brings out Mickey’s character and shows who he actually is.

11. Distorted Mickey Mouse

Credit: batchisdead

Do you like your tattoos to be a bit different? Are you tired of classic and traditional designs that everyone seems to be going for? Then this distorted Mickey is exactly what you need to spice up your body with some fun ink.

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12. Adorable Mickey Mouse


We’re aware that not all of you fall for cheesy and cute tattoos, but that doesn’t mean that we’re going to miss the opportunity to present you with this piece. It’s a great option when you’re a romantic at heart looking for something simple and easy.

13. Mickey with a quote

Credit: _ink.yan_

If you love quotes and believe that they’re the best way to express your emotions, then this is a design you should consider. Besides the classical Mickey, you can always include a fun quote in the design that will tie everything into a meaningful tattoo you’ll be proud to wear.

14. Mickey’s head

Credit: 3pitattoo

Just because you’re looking for a tattoo of Mickey Mouse, it doesn’t mean that you have to get a full-body portrait of him. He’s so popular that even getting his head will be more than enough to give you the meaning you’re looking for.

15. Mickey the magician

Credit: xienna_tattoo

If the classic Mickey doesn’t seem interesting enough, then the magic Mickey will save the day. This is a fun take on the usual designs that everyone seems to get. It’s just that this way, you get to celebrate your favorite character in a slightly different manner.

16. Traditional-style Mickey Mouse

Credit: cgualtieritattoo

Traditional-style tattoos are always a good choice for all of you who like to make it obvious that you have a tattoo on your body. Now, flowers are a common detail in these kinds of designs, so why not add them next to your Mickey? That way, you’ll make your new ink a bit unusual and different.

17. Old-school Mickey

Credit: delicatesen_tattoo

Now, you can go old-school and still keep things black and gray. This bold design shows exactly what you can get when you find a tattoo artist who can turn your wishes into reality.

18. Mickey Mouse with geometrical elements

Credit: mattiadubbioink

This is a classic design of Mickey Mouse with added geometrical elements that make it slightly different. It’s a great option for all of you who like geometrical tattoos but don’t want to go overboard with details.

19. Couple tattoo

Credit: sheanicoleelliot_tattoo

Matching Mickey and Minnie tattoos are probably one of the best options for all of the couples out there who are looking to celebrate their love and commitment. We love it!

20. Mickey Mouse mugshot


Last but not least, we have a slightly unusual choice that’s totally different from everything we’ve given you so far. This mugshot tattoo is completely out there and is such a fun and unique idea. We know it’s not for everyone but maybe it’s exactly what you’re looking for.