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Ladybug Tattoo Meanings And 25 Irresistible “Inkspo” Ideas

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Whether you’re thinking of getting your first tattoo or adding to a growing collection of animal tattoos, we suggest you give ladybug tattoos a try. We’re bringing you everything you need to know about ladybug tattoo meanings, as well as a few of our favorite ladybug tattoo ideas we found on Instagram.

A ladybug tattoo can carry a myriad of meanings, but these crawling creatures typically represent good luck, protection, and harmony. Moreover, the red color that’s specific to ladybugs represents passion, power, and positive energy. Might we add that ladybugs are symbols of friendship, too, which makes them perfect for matching tattoos? With that out of the way, scroll down for some irresistible “inkspo.”

1. A ladybug tattoo with flowers

Credit: @georgia_tattoos

What’s great about ladybug tattoos seems to be the fact that they’re extremely wearable and versatile.

You can make them your own with different symbols and ornaments. You can change their meaning and make them work wonderfully with your vibe, too. A ladybug tattoo with flowers, for example, can represent love, peace, and joy.

2. A ladybug tattoo with hearts

Credit: @gabbytatuajes

What about a ladybug tattoo with hearts? Whether you’re looking to surprise your significant other with a special tattoo or remind yourself that you’re worthy of love, you can get a tattoo of a ladybug with little hearts in place of spots.

3. A ladybug tattoo on the upper arm

Credit: @perm.deco

If you’re looking for a “regular” ladybug tattoo, you came to the right place! It’s up to you to decide whether you want to go with the fine-line, black-and-gray design or prefer to add some color to your tattoo.

4. A tiny ladybug tattoo


A tiny ladybug tattoo might be a great option to consider for a first-timer or someone who simply prefers modern, minimalistic tattoos. A tiny ladybug packs a punch, whether we’re talking about the meaning of the tattoo or the overall vibe.

5. A tiny colored butterfly tattoo


Why not opt for a tiny colored butterfly tattoo? Colored tattoos might be a little more expensive than black-and-gray ones, but they’re worth every penny because they’re *that* adorable. What do you think?

6. A ladybug tattoo with a mantra

Credit: @hugomarques_tattooer

If you want to make your ladybug tattoo more meaningful, you can always add a letter, a number, or a mantra that means something to you. It’s up to you to come up with something that will complement the tattoo and make you feel like you’re doing something special for yourself.

7. A ladybug tattoo on the back of the neck

Credit: @kho.tattoos

A ladybug on the back of your neck? Absolutely! If you’re scared of getting yelled at by your boss or getting judged by your mother, you might want to opt for a tattoo you can easily conceal or reveal. A back-of-the-neck tattoo can help you with that.

8. A ladybug tattoo with a forget-me-not flower


Ladybugs and flowers are the perfect match, don’t you think? Whenever you’re unsure of how to make the tattoo more “your own,” you can add your birth flower or a flower that carries a special meaning to you. A forget-me-not flower is typically used to express your everlasting love for someone, for example.

9. A ladybug tattoo on the back of the leg

Credit: @alchemistsvalley

If you’re looking for an eye-catching piece, this is the right tattoo for you! Whether it’s the placement or the fact that you get three different ladybug tattoos in one, we believe this is one of the best ladybug tattoos you can get.

10. A simple ladybug tattoo

Credit: @bdenn97

Why complicate things? Get a simple ladybug tattoo that represents everything you’ve been through and everything you’re capable of. With clean lines and a style that suits you the best, you truly can’t go wrong with a ladybug tattoo.

11. A ladybug flash tattoo

Credit: @cursed_teddy_tats

We can’t help but recommend flash tattoos, too! Whenever you’re struggling to come up with a creative design, you can get your tattoo artist to show you some of the flash tattoos available at the tattoo parlor. A flash tattoo of a ladybug with a face sounds pretty intricate and interesting, doesn’t it?

12. A two-faced ladybug abstract tattoo

Credit: @dintran

We can say the same thing about a two-faced ladybug tattoo! Abstract tattoos are perfect for people who vibe with modern, minimalistic styles and concepts. After all, abstract tattoos are up for interpretation and that’s what makes them intriguing.

13. A blackwork ladybug tattoo

Credit: @zebrav_ink_tattoo

If colored tattoos aren’t your thing, you might be interested in getting a blackwork ladybug tattoo. Blackwork tattoos are typically defined as tattoos done in black ink, although they’re sometimes tied with intense, intricate black ink tattoos, too. Before you decide on the final design, consider getting a blackwork tattoo.

14. A tattoo of two ladybugs with hearts


What’s better than a ladybug tattoo? A tattoo of two ladybugs! Whether you embellish them with little hearts, flowers, or spots, you can get creative and come up with a design that reflects who you are.

15. A ladybug sticker sleeve tattoo

Credit: @taiyo__lee

What about a ladybug tattoo as a part of a sticker sleeve? Sticker sleeve tattoos are becoming more and more popular because they’re a great way for you to build a sleeve without committing to a big, blackwork piece. With flowers, ladybugs, butterflies, and little words that mean something to you, you’re going to end up with a work of art.

16. A ladybug wrist tattoo


A realistic ladybug wrist tattoo might be the cutest tattoo we’ve ever seen! If you’re interested in a tattoo that looks so real you’re tempted to play with it, you probably found your match. It’s sweet simple, and subtle, and it’s everything you need and more to stand out and attract attention.

17. A tattoo of two little ladybugs

Credit: @peaudvoyou_

With that out of the way, though, a realistic tattoo of two ladybugs takes the cake! Whether they represent you and your boyfriend or remind you of a childhood friend who got you through a tough time, we’re pretty positive that you can’t go wrong with a tattoo of two tiny ladybugs.

18. A ladybug hand tattoo

Credit: @caonarte

A hand tattoo seems like a great way to go, too! If you want your tattoos on display at all times, opt for a wrist, hand, or even a finger tattoo. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a great way to wear your heart on your sleeve – or your hand.

19. A tattoo of a ladybug with leaves


Ladybugs are adorable on their own, but you might want to add a trinket or two to amplify or completely change their meaning. Leaves are a great example of that. Leaves represent different stages of life, transience of life, or even all the things you need to go through to get where you want to be.

20. A traditional ladybug tattoo on the knee

Credit: @mirandajoontattoo

We can’t forget about traditional tattoos! Defined by bold, black outlines and a limited color palette, traditional tattoos are quite recognizable. Depending on your personal preferences, you might be interested in getting a traditional tattoo of a butterfly on your knee, thigh, or hip.

21. A ladybug gap filler tattoo

Credit: @rosiegul_tattoo

If you want to fill the gaps in your existing tattoos, you can opt for shading, dotwork, geometric lines, or small and simple tattoos that work wonderfully with the rest of the “bigger” tattoos. It’s a great way for you to tell a story with your tattoos, too.

22. A matching ladybug tattoo

Credit: @mimroest

Ladybug tattoos are perfect for matching because they represent love, friendship, and devotion to one another. Whether you get one with your partner, your BFF, or your favorite family member, you can commemorate your relationship permanently.

23. A ladybug chest tattoo

Credit: @sondy.tat

A ladybug chest tattoo might not be on top of your priority list, but that needs to change. Chest tattoos are delicate, daring, and oftentimes dainty, and they’re perfect for people who aren’t afraid of showing off their tats. Contrary to popular belief, chest tattoos are on-trend, too.

24. A ladybug tattoo on the back of the arm


A ladybug tattoo on the back of the arm might seem pretty straightforward, but that’s exactly why you should consider getting one. A back-of-the-arm tattoo offers you and your tattoo artist plenty of space to work with and enables you to choose whether or not you want to show off your tattoo.

25. A ladybug tattoo with delicate details

Credit: @anti.madiii

We’re ending the article with one of the cutest, cuddliest ladybugs on Instagram! When working on the final design of your tattoo, don’t shy away from playing with symbols and elements that can make your tattoo a lot more appealing. A leaf, a dot, or a heart can go a long way.