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21 Alluring Violet Flower Tattoos For A Delicate Expression

Flower Tattoos

We seek inspiration from the things that surround us. That’s why nature and its elements are a common motif in body decoration. For that same reason, violet flower tattoos have been growing in popularity, especially among women who are looking for a delicate but meaningful way to express themselves through ink.

To some, this gorgeous flower represents innocence and modesty while others see it as a pure symbol of love. No matter what, we appreciate it for its beauty and support your decision to wear it on your skin. That’s why we present you with mesmerizing design ideas that may inspire your next visit to the tattoo artist.

1. Vibrant violets

Credit: vox_von_vader

Let’s start with a simple design that will easily fit everyone’s style. This tattoo only attests to the beauty of your favorite flower and there’s not much not to like about it.

2. Rose and violets

Credit: _rony_tattoo

A great thing about floral tattoos is that you can always play with the choice of flowers you wish to wear on your skin. Maybe you like the idea of getting a violet and a rose tattoo and guess what, here’s how you can do it.

3. Violets and forget-me-nots


Forget-me-nots are another adorable flowers that go well with violets due to their color. The combination of blue and green will look amazing right next to each other.

4. Watercolor violet

Credit: milky_tattoodles

The watercolor style is a perfect option for floral tattoos. It allows the artist to play with different shades and adds some dimension to the initial sketch. Just be careful and find a person who’s skilled in this style since it takes a lot of practice.

5. Violet flower

Credit: cerennkarakus

If you’re looking for a simple and small violet tattoo, then you can always opt to get just a flower, without any stems or leaves. That way, you get your preferred design without complicating details.

6. Tiny violet

Credit: shuriktattoos

There’s something feminine and delicate about tiny tattoos such as this one. We truly believe that they’re a great option, especially when you don’t feel comfortable going with something big and bold.

7. All things purple

Credit: misslaceytattoos

Purple is such a fun color since it has the calamity of the blue and the passion of the red shade. It’s a color of independence, mystery, and creativity and if you choose a design such as the one in the picture above, you’ll be proud to wear it on your body.

8. Bouquet of violets

Credit: jessierose_tattoos

This traditional-style bouquet of violets is a great option for all of you who prefer your tattoos to look like tattoos. Bold black lines and vibrant colors are what make this design unique and interesting to the eye.

9. Single-stem violet

Credit: eliluciitattoos

Honestly, there’s not much to say about these designs since they’re all so beautiful. At the end of the day, it’s hard to end up with an ugly tattoo when such an elegant and delicate flower is the main star of the show.

10. Infinite loop of flowers

Credit: suya_ink

Family is such an important part of your life, and sometimes, you want a tattoo that’s going to celebrate it. In that case, choose the favorite flowers of your close family, turn them into an infinite loop and you’ll get a perfect body decoration that will mean so much to you.

11. Phases of blooming violet

Credit: takeme2atlantis

We’re in love with this design since it uses such a creative way to present your favorite flower. It’s definitely an appropriate choice if you’re looking for a smaller tattoo.

12. Crayon-style violet


As you can already tell, it’s all about finding the style that works for you and enjoying its beauty on your skin. Crayon-style tattoos may not be as popular, but they certainly steal the show. This tattoo is such a fun idea, perfect for all of you who always felt like you liked things that were different and quirky.

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13. Violets and face outlines

Credit: hongzo_tt

This tattoo is an artistic expression. That’s the best we can do to explain its uniqueness. It’s definitely a cool idea if you want your tattoo to become a symbol of love and devotion.

14. Neo-traditional violet


Neo-traditional tattoos have that something-something that makes them appear so powerful and unique on the skin. This design proves that. Even though the flower in the picture isn’t purple, you can always change it up and choose the shade you like the most.

15. Purple and blue violet

Credit: anita_olivetti

When you start to explore the options you have with a violet flower, you probably assume that there won’t be many variations. It’s just a flower, right? It’s supposed to look the same, no matter what. But as you can see, there’s always something your tattoo artist can do to make your tattoo different from everything you’ve stumbled upon.

16. Realistic violet

Credit: koreanhammer

Realistic tattoos will always be the show-stoppers since they require you to take a second look before you realize it’s just ink on the skin. We love this design since it perfectly portrays the beauty of violets.

17. Violets and mushrooms

Credit: technicolorcourtney

If you want to get a violet tattoo but are looking for something different and out there, you can always add some mushrooms to your design. We know it’s not the usual choice but somehow, it works.

18. Blackwork violet

Credit: kamiladaisytattoo

All of the previous designs have played with color but for the last few options, we wanted to keep things in the range of black ink. That’s why we added this impressive tattoo that will definitely make you stare. It’s perfectly executed and if you opt for it, we’ll totally get why.

19. Black and gray violet

Credit: stienevsart

Of course, you can keep things simple even if you opt for black ink. A black and gray style will use thin lines and the dotwork to give you a tattoo of your dreams.

20. Bouquet of flowers

Credit: sharp_pokes

This is another beautiful option that can include your favorite flowers. Since it’s done in a fine-line style, it won’t be too overpowering for all of you who prefer more simple designs.

21. Violet drawing

Credit: ahmatattoo

If you have a child who loves to draw violets, you can always bring one of those drawings to your next tattoo appointment and turn it into a piece of art on your skin. This tattoo will certainly become your favorite one and it’s such a cute way to honor your kid.