20 ideias espantosas de tatuagens de teias de aranha tecidas com tinta

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We’ll start this article with a statement: a spider web tattoo is more than just a prison tattoo. Even though it has been popular among prisoners, especially when placed on the elbow, that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a different meaning.

This tattoo can signify life struggles and a will to start a new chapter. It can tell a personal story so it’s up to you to use it in your own way and give it a new meaning.

If you’re still willing to get a tattoo of a spider web then keep on scrolling for inspiration.

1. Creepy spider web

Crédito: trem.art

For a darker and edgier feel, you can opt for a design such as this one. It relies on shading and the dotwork as ways to introduce some detail in the design.

2. Web of love

Crédito: miss_preciouss

Your new tattoo doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy. If you opt for this design, you’ll be proud to show the two spiders making their own web of love. Isn’t that such a beautiful story to tell?

3. Blackwork spider web

Crédito: lovegood_tattoos

Now, due to the placement, this is the traditional spider web tattoo that has been popular among prisoners. Who knows, maybe you’ll be interested in it and consider getting it (maybe even just for fun).

4. Spider web with floral details

Crédito: ruslana_tattoo

When you’re looking for ways to give a spider web tattoo a new meaning, you’ll be impressed when you stumble upon this idea. It’s pretty, detailed and elegant. Who would’ve thought you could get all these things from a notorious spider web?

5. Fine-line spider web

Crédito: jakobbelbin

If you’re into simple tattoos that rely on thin and sleek lines, this is the solution you’re looking for. It will fit perfectly on your shoulder but you can always play with the placement and check how it looks on some other parts of the body.

6. Web and tarantulas

Crédito: gemhawktattoos

We know that some people are obsessed with tarantulas and since you’re looking to get a spider web tattoo, we thought we should present you with this option as well. Black and gray tarantulas on the fine-line web could be exactly what you’re looking for.

7. Heart-shaped spider web

Crédito: tuckerxtattoos

You can always make a spider web more appealing by giving it the shape of a heart. This is such a simple design but it still has the meaning you’re looking for.

8. A traditional-style spider web tattoo

Crédito: micablancotattoos

This is another prison-style tattoo due to its placement. Done in a traditional style, it introduces a pop of color to the design. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for.

9. Colorful spider web

Crédito: alex290_tattoo

Are you willing to get a colorful tattoo that plays with the traditional looks and the meaning of these types of tattoos? If the answer is yes then you’ll be impressed with the uniqueness of this particular design.

10. Dreamy web tattoo

Crédito: roxietattoos

This is a more subtle version of a spider web tattoo that looks almost like it’s made for a cartoon. Thin lines and all the tiny details give it character and dreamy vibes.

11. Spider web and a rose

Crédito: sillylittleduck

Prove us wrong but we truly believe you can make flowers a part of any tattoo design. In this case, the popular rose is placed inside the spider web, giving it a more romantic feel.

12. Web and spiders

Crédito: dreainks

This is a cool tattoo that’s high in detail but what will make it even more special is if you opt for this exact placement. Have you considered getting a sternum tattoo? Maybe you didn’t even know you wanted it before you saw this one.

13. Abstract spider web

Crédito: octattoo_

If you’re into abstract tattoos then this could be a good choice. It doesn’t feel completely unreal which could be something you like but at the same time, it’s slightly different from the traditional designs we’ve already shown you.

14. Spider web and yin and yang

Crédito: e_victoria

You can add yin and yang in the middle of the spider’s web to make your tattoo different and give it a new meaning. It’s a cool idea that will remind you of the importance of balance in life.

15. Drippy spider web

Crédito: fresh_flower__

When looking for a completely different approach, you can opt for this drippy web that plays with your mind. Thanks to the shading and the highlights this piece looks too real. Is that something you’re interested in?

16. A “spooky” tattoo

Crédito: maladja_tattoo_art

Well, there’s nothing spooky about this tattoo. If anything, it looks adorable and we’re sure some of you will fall in love with it, especially if you’re obsessed with the blackwork style.

17. Pink spider web

Crédito: beekachuu

If you want to go all out and get a tattoo that’s completely different and totally unique then this pink web is the solution. It’s extremely girly and out there but what we love the most about it is that it shows how much fun you can have with tattoos.

18. Hanging spider

Crédito: joytattoo_

We’re obsessed with this realistic web and the spider hanging from it. It’s definitely an idea worth considering when you like tattoos that look too good to be true.

19. Intricate spider web

Crédito: baronart_juliet

Are you looking for an intricate tattoo that has a lot of details but still doesn’t seem overly aggressive? We believe this design ticks all of the right boxes in the best way possible.

20. Making the web

Crédito: friedraven_tattoo

You could also opt for the tattoo of a spider that’s making its web around the thorns. It has a darker feel and could be a great idea if you’re into edgier designs.